Top 10 Best Sd Cards

Top 10 Best SD Cards to Buy in 2020

The SD card is the ideal equipment to save thousands of photos and videos of their travel or photo shoots. Small and easy to transport, it also helps to capture the best angles of high resolution and transfer files quickly and securely to your computer.

Despite being compact, the SD card has storage capacities, varied and optimal read and write for different needs. To help you choose, we developed a guide to choose the SD card and a ranking of the top 10 SD card brands such as Sandisk, Kingston and Transcend.

Top 10 Best Sd Cards To Buy In 2020

Designed to enhance the memory of a mobile device, the SD card is essential in cameras and camcorders. Despite being a compact device that fits in the palm of his hand, he may have the capacity to store between 8GB to 2TB of images, videos and files in the camera.

But this is not its only function! A good SD memory card can also improve performance videos and footage. That’s because they can capture multiple frames per second, ideal for uninterrupted recording quality with 4K or higher and sequential images with quality.

How to Choose the Best SD Card

Ideal to expand the camera’s memory, the SD card is essential in the life of amateur photographers or professionals. But to choose the best card you need to analyze the storage, reading and speed of this equipment. Check out this guide more information and set the purchase.

Choose agreement with Storage Capacity

Memory cards more popular in the market are divided into two models: SDHC and SDXC. Each has a storage capacity and are suitable for different needs. Learn more about this and choose the ideal model you.

Top 10 Best Sd Cards To Buy In 2020

SDHC memory cards are ideal for storing photos and videos from digital cameras or automatic. They have a storage capacity of 2 to 34 GB. enough memory to store high-resolution pictures and record short videos in HD with a resolution of up to 720p.

This type of card has a cost-effective, so it is recommended for amateur photographers. So if you looking for a cheap card and enough memory to store your pictures, then this ideal model for you. But before buying, make sure your machine supports that card.

The SDHC card provides enough storage space to meet the needs of professional cameras. Available in 34 GB up to 2 TB, these devices can store thousands of high resolution images and long videos in HD, UHD 4K and Full HD.

However, the higher the capacity, the higher the price of the card. Therefore, the SDHC card is recommended for professional photographers who shoot video, and perform tests frequently. Opt for this card if you really need to have more memory and if your camera is compatible.

Understand what is and Class Bus

An SD card with good write speed is capable of recording videos without interruptions and capture high quality sequential images. A good reading speed, in turn, will make you spend less time transferring files. These speeds are indicated by the class and the bus. Better understand below!

You may have noticed the presence of small letters and numbers stamped on the SD cards, right? They determine the minimum write speed of that card. There are three recording speeds on the market: “SD Speed ​​Class”, “UHS Speed ​​Class” and “Video Speed ​​Class”.

The Speed ​​Class is one of the most popular. It is identified by the letter C and models ranging from C2, C4, C6 and C10, where the number states the minimum speed of the card. The most common is the ability to capture C10 with at least 10MB / s, ideal for recording HD videos of long duration.

Since the UHS is marked by the letter U with the numbers 1 or 3 inside it with minimum speed of 10MB / s 30MB / s respectively. It is present in most modern cards and can capture multiple frames per second, perfect for continuous shooting.

Finally, the Video Speed ​​Class Speed ​​is one of the fastest, suitable for devices that record videos in high quality. Give preference to those with dial up for recording 4K V30 or higher.

Buses determine the maximum speed at which the card will communicate with the device, either reading or writing. In the market there are memory cards with 4 different speeds. Are they:

The bus speed is directly connected to the SD class. That is, cards Class 2, 4 or 6 should be at least Normal bus speed (12.5 MB / s), while Class 10 cards should have at least High Speed ​​(25 MB / s). Already UHS1 and UHS3 must have speed USH-I or USH-II bus.

For camcorders, prosumer cameras or professional is recommended to choose a card with bus from 90MB / s. On the other hand, a bus card with up to 30MB / s is a good choice for compact digital cameras.

Protect Your Files: Prefer Resistant Cards Water and External Attacks

Top 10 Best Sd Cards To Buy In 2020

SD cards resistant to water, shock, x-ray and extreme temperatures are excellent for keeping your files safe always. Even if your camera is damaged, the videos and images can be recovered. They are excellent for those who shoot at outdoor events or travels extensively.

But external aggression are not the only threats of files from memory cards. Some viruses can delete photos and images permanently. To prevent this, some brands offer data recovery software. They are installed on the computer and recover the files.

Do not Confuse the SD card with Micro SD / Mini SD

Top 10 Best Sd Cards To Buy In 2020

When choosing your SD memory card, be careful not to confuse with other similar models, such as mini SD and micro SD. These last two are much smaller versions than the original and most widely used in smartphones, tablets, and some digital cameras.

To hit the purchase, make sure the body of the memory card does not have the indication “micro” or “mini”. Another foolproof tip is to check the dimensions of the device, usually the SD memory card are high and has more than 1.28 mm in length.

Top 10 Best SD Cards

Now we will list the top 10 SD memory cards in the market. Selected cards with major storage capacities and offer a good performance for cameras and camcorders. Check out!

Top 10 Best Sd Cards To Buy In 2020

Top 10 Best SD Memory Card to Buy Online

SD Extreme Pro SDXC U3

SD Extreme SDXC Sandisk

SD Transcend 64gb Class 10 sdxc

SD Sandisk Ultra

Cartao SD SDHC Sandisk Extreme 32GB

SD Sandisk Ultra Class

Cartao SD Kingston Canvas Select 32GB

SD Sandisk Ultra UHS-I Class 10 32GB

Cartao SD Sandisk Ultra 16GB 48MB/s

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There are many factors to consider when choosing the SD card, is not it? But compare the storage and read and write speed is indispensable to buy the best SD card to your computer for day to day.

Put into practice the tips you learned in our article and choose the memory card that will enhance the performance of your images and recordings. If there is any doubt, consult our ranking and choose a product!