Top 10 Best Serves

Top 10 best serves to Buy in 2020

The sake is a very popular drink in Japan, which is appreciated by many Brazilians! This delicious alcoholic fermented may be taken in doses or mixed to create cocktails, such as caipirinha. If you want to know more about this traditional Japanese drink, come with us!

There are several types of sake, choose the best can be challenging especially with the names in Japanese. But everything is under control, we will explain what a dry or sweet sake, junmai, guinjo or honjozo. It will also be easy to choose a new drink to enjoy with our selection of the top 10 sakes!

Top 10 Best Serves To Buy In 2020

Sake is a Japanese traditional drink made with three ingredients: water, koji and rice. This is a fermented drink where alcohol is obtained from rice, koji is used to speed up this process. Finally, water is used to balance the sake which on average has 15% alcohol.

Many people find that sake is a distillate, but in Japan this drink is even produced in breweries. If there is regular consumption, as well as beer, sake is here the basis for many cocktails. So, get to know and enjoy all the flavors of this delicious brew!

How to Choose the Best Sake

Choosing the best sake to appreciate and enjoy good times is easier than it sounds, especially with our following tips. Consider the source, rice polishing, the type and also choose between dry and smooth. Finally, explore different scents in sakes.

Evaluate Drink Place of Origin

Top 10 Best Serves To Buy In 2020

If you are willing to have a drink with as much history as the sake of it, the first step is to assess its origin. The creation of remote sake to Japan III century, that is, this ancient beverage has a lot of tradition! Evaluate the place of origin to know a little more about sake.

Of course, the reference is to the Japanese sakes, however, does not disregard national sakes. Several national sakes are made with fine ingredients and according to traditional Japanese standards, then rate also buy at least one to try!

Choose Category As Rice Polishing

Top 10 Best Serves To Buy In 2020

In some labels rice polishing is not even mentioned, but especially in imported sakes this attribute is valued. Polishing is the process that removes the fat and protein from rice husk, to give priority to the starch fermentation, it enhances the aroma and softens the sake of flavors!

The polishing in the production of sake, guarantees the use of the best of the rice. The more polished rice is, the greater the proportion of starch and noblest is the drink with more aromas and delicate flavors. better understand each category:

• Daiguinjo (super premium): 50% or more of rice polishing;

• Guinjo (premium): between 40 and 50%;

• Special (e s Pescia l): ¥ t been 30 e 40%;

• Honjouzou and Junmai (Traditional): less than 30%.

Prefer the type of Purity Junmai-shu to Choose a drink More Traditional

Top 10 Best Serves To Buy In 2020

There is a multitude of types of sakes as the production method, be aware of the names of each. For example, the last two denominations related to the category and polishing also refer to types of sakes. When alcohol is from 100% rice sake is called junmai-shu!

But when 10% is added to the distilled alcohol during fermentation is called honjouzou – here also referred to as honjozo. With up to 20% added distilled alcohol is called futsushu. If you are looking for a purer and traditional drink, give preference for the sakes of junmai-shu kind!

Lightly Dry prefer one is Starting

Top 10 Best Serves To Buy In 2020

As well as all drinks, there are dry versions, soft or sweet sakes. However, Brazil is more difficult to find any kind of sweet sake. So if you’re starting to consider the dry options, but with a slight scale. The rating values ​​range from -10 (extra sweet) to +10 (extra dry).

The well dried sakes (+3 to top) are for those who are good cup and enjoys striking flavors, ideal to enjoy! If you are beginning to taste sake fetch drinks with lighter scales (up to +3) and even neutral (+ -0), it will be easier to take!

Consider Try New Aromas of Sake

The aromas are part of sake tasting. To explore new experiences, it is worth considering the drinks that enhance the aroma as a prominent attribute. A good tip to try are the citrus flavors, offering light weight and improve sake drinking experience on hot days!

Know now what the best sakes to drink at doses pure or mixed into cocktails, choose the most suitable drink to your taste and enjoy!

Comparison table of the best serves

As drinking sake two forms Different

Sake is a versatile drink, besides being used in cooking to prepare dishes, it can also be served in different ways. You can drink sake in icy doses or even mix in a “saquerinha” our traditional caipirinha.

Cold dose or Room Temperature

To highlight the aromas and enjoy the traditional way to drink sake prefer cold in doses between 8 and 13 ° C. Here in Brazil you can consider drinking the dose at room temperature, especially in winter. Serve in a glass ceramic or very thin glass such as glasses of wine slowly and enjoy!

He learns to Prepare a Delicious Sake Caipirinha

Sake is naturally sweeter than other beverages used in cocktails, especially the slightly dried (smoother). Therefore, when mixing in saquerinha consider not add sugar in the recipe. Learn to prepare a delicious now and strawberry kiwi caipirinha!

You will need: 1 kiwi, strawberries 3, 180 ml of sake, 1 teaspoon of sugar (from dry sake +3) and crushed ice. Peel the kiwi and place along with the strawberries in the cup, add sugar and macerate. Place the ice, sake and mix with a thin spoon from the bottom up. Now just enjoy!

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Now you know more about this traditional Japanese drink. The sake refers traditions governing the culture of Japan, so for those who enjoy an alcoholic drink full of history, is the right choice. It is ideal to know about rice polishing and also the classification of sake, from dry and smooth.

In this article we explain what you should consider to choose the best sake. Also we list the top 10 of the moment, for you to fill your cellar or give someone. In the end, still we present a delicious recipe of caipirinha. So share this interesting article with your friends!