Top 10 Best Sleeping Masks

Top 10 Best Sleeping masks to Buy in 2020

Research has shown that a good night’s sleep is essential to maintaining our health. The problem is that there are many external factors contributing to the decline in quality of sleep, for example, excess lighting in the environment.

To resolve this issue, brands like Viva Comfort and Ortho Pauher develop excellent options masks to sleep. If you want to discover how to pick them, be sure to check our tips below. Then see our ranking of the 10 best sleeping masks on the market!

Why Use Sleeping masks?

Top 10 Best Sleeping Masks To Buy In 2020

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the body that has the function to induce sleep. Our body understands that melatonin should be produced when there is no natural light of day, so production begins in the evening, as the sun begins to set.

This natural cycle, however, is often hampered by the presence of many artificial lights, such as mobile, TV and lamps. As it is not always possible to leave the environment totally free of these illuminations, the sleeping masks help a lot, since they prevent eye contact with light.

Including a study by the National Sleep Foundation has confirmed that when using sleeping masks the individual experiences an increase in the length of your REM cycle. That is, the main reason for you to use this item is the improvement in the quality of sleep that it can provide.

How to Choose the Best Mask Sleep

Below we will explain important points about the sleeping masks as making it comfortable, what the ideal format and the best fabric. We’ll also show some cool extra features that you can find in some masks. Check out!

Make sure the piece is Anatomically, This ensures it fits perfectly to the face

completely prevent the entry of light is the main function of sleeping masks. It turns out that for the mask to be 100% effective in this regard, it must necessarily be anatomical. That is, the product should be developed with design that allows the perfect fit on the face.

When we speak of perfect fit, we refer not only to the eye region, but also to that most “altinha the nose.” If the mask does not follow the nasal dorsum, surely will a small opening to allow the entry of a little light. So remember to check this point.

3D Model Keeps Eye Mask Far, offering more comfort

Typically, sleeping masks remain very close to the eye. This makes some people feel uncomfortable with the feeling that your eyelashes and eyes are “stuck”. If this is the case, we suggest the 3D version!

As this version has the inside more “hollow”, do not touch the eye. That is, when using sleep mask 3D, the free movement of the eyes and eyelashes is guaranteed. The model is perfect for use by women during travel, since the lack of eye contact does not damage the makeup.

Prefer Soft Tissue and Hypoallergenic, the Eye Region is very sensitive

The sleep mask will touch the skin in the area of ​​your eyes for many hours. Choose an item developed with quality fabric is essential for this area do not get angry. After all, it is very thin and sensitive, not being ideal contact with rough materials.

100% cotton fabrics or satin are the best options, especially if your skin is easily sensitized. If not find a mask with these tissues, it should at least be made of soft synthetic material. Even better if it is also hypoallergenic, it decreases the chances of allergies.

Analyze Clasp type, It Must Be Able to Keep the Mask “Presa” the Face

By analyzing the types of locks present in the masks, you will find that the most common are the single elastic or Velcro tape (this appears mainly on 3D models). If elastic, it is important that it has a clip setting for the mask fits perfectly to your head.

It is also interesting to opt for dual elastic fasteners for even more firmly to the part face. Already the Velcro fasteners are easily adapted to the heads with different diameters (children, adolescents and adults). Just be careful to not be too thick Velcro, this may bother at bedtime.

Anti-Dark Circles Gel and Headset, Some Have Masks Features Extras

Some sleep masks have extra functions. A good example is the headset, a differential that usually pop up a few models. To use, you simply connect it to Bluetooth. Then choose a song to help you relax and fall asleep.

We can also cite the support gel pouches, present in the inner part of many shades. The gel bags when used at low temperature are excellent for reducing dark circles. Choose a mask with space to put them quite simplify the implementation of this exchange in the eyes.

Another extra item that usually appear in sleep masks are bioactive crystals, items that generate infrared heat through the heat of our body. Infrared is used to generate bio-stimulators of collagen production, thus contributing to reduce sagging skin and dark circles.

Do not Forget to Check the Size to Best Fit

The default size of sleeping masks is around 20 cm wide and 9 cm. These measures ensure that the item covers the entire tip area of ​​an eye to another (long) as well as eyebrow height to the most “altinha” nose (height).

Masks with extra features, however, usually have a larger size. Those with headset, for example, are longer since they need to “catch” of the ear so that the user can listen to the phone.

Sleeping masks with Fofas Prints are Perfect for Gifting

Some sleep masks have cute designs, fun phrases and even different design. They are perfect models for presentar loved ones, after all, the best gifts are those that, in addition to cute, are useful and promote well-being.

Just do not forget that, despite the aesthetic is important since it is the design that will surprise the gifted, the mask must follow the same quality standards mentioned above. Also, do not forget to check out the likes of gifted person, so you will know which model to please.

Top 10 Best Sleeping Masks

It’s time to choose one of the 10 best sleeping masks. Check out our rankings and analyze all options, see which has more to do with you and apply the tips presented above!

Top 10 Best Sleeping Masks To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Sleeping Masks To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Sleeping Masks To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Sleep Masks

Top 10 Best Sleeping Masks To Buy In 2020

Sapo Tapa 3D Eye Sleeping Mask

Viscopauher sleep mask

Sleeping 3D Anatomical mask

Black Mask Mask Sleeping

Flamingo Sleeping Mask Red

Sleep Mask with pouches Gel

Sleeping Bioactive Infrared Mask

Sleeping mask Tapa eye with Bluetooth Headset

Ultralight Tapa Nylon lining eyes with Velvety

Surly Kitten Sleeping Mask

Other Information for Your sleep

Have a restful sleep is totally related to the quality of human life. Some items, in addition to sleeping masks, end up helping a lot. Thinking about it, we selected some tips products to improve your sleep. Check out the links below and check out!

Very cool find that you can improve sleep quality with simple tips, is not it? So what are you waiting to buy your sleep mask? To begin, try to choose an anatomical option, so there is no frestinha to get light.

Then always make sure the model is 3D or not. The fabric is also very important to choose a very soft, and if the part has extra features, even better. Finally, if you plan to gift someone, do not forget the cute and unusual designs prints are always successful. Good shopping!