Top 10 Best Smartbands In 2020 (M3, Xiaomi, Samsung And More)

Top 10 Best Smartbands in 2020 (M3, Xiaomi, Samsung and more)

The smartbands are wearables that keeps you always connected! This is one of the most popular accessories, it offers monitoring capabilities of the physical conditions and body exercises. The smartband facilitates knowledge about their health and conduct your daily exercise routine to a new level! But how to choose the favorite smartband?

The main brands that sell smartbands in Brazil are Samsung and Xiaomi. In this article you will learn how to choose the best smartband to put on your wrist, with practical tips and easy to understand. After that, we invite you to take a look at our ranking of the top 10 best smartbands to buy online. Do not waste time and check out!

What is the difference between Smartband and Smartwatch?

Top 10 Best Smartbands In 2020 (M3, Xiaomi, Samsung And More)

The smartbands are smart bracelets to be used for body monitoring and the activities performed by the user. These wearable accessories are small and have less technology involved than smartwatches. Of course, this makes the price of such wearable be more affordable. One detail is that smartbands depend on the smartphone to view their complete way data.

The smartwatch is a clock with intelligent features, so it is considered the pulse smartphone. Despite this accessory to connect with the smartphone in general, it does not depend on the device to function. You can use independently various applications, including body and monitoring activities. Are different products for different purposes!

If you want to have a healthier routine and track your progress accurately, but without spending too much for this, smartbands are perfect. Not to mention that they are usually much lighter than smartwatches, which makes them much more comfortable workout. Check out our tips below, and then buy the perfect smartband for you.

How to Choose the Best Smartband

Having a smartband on your wrist can mean living a life more orderly and healthy. But to choose the best option you also need to follow some rules. Evaluate the monitoring functions, the type of bracelet, screen size, resistance to water and dust, as well as the battery life and the operating system. He noted? Calm we will explain everything in detail now!

Evaluate Monitoring Functions

The smartbands and evolved over time new monitoring features have been added. Some people are meant to monitor only the health, others already want more information about the practiced exercises. You need to evaluate which monitoring functions are valuable for your daily before buying yours!

Top 10 Best Smartbands In 2020 (M3, Xiaomi, Samsung And More)

The sensors steps and heart rate are not a luxury item. These are basic resources in smartbands, simply because they have great importance. Both in physical activity as the day to day, counting the steps to help set goals and track progress in health care.

Already with cardiac monitoring smartband you get to keep in training heart rate between 60% to 70% of the maximum allowed, therefore you can improve your results. After all, the less oscillation heartbeat ensure a constant and effective performance!

Top 10 Best Smartbands In 2020 (M3, Xiaomi, Samsung And More)

The smartbands also provide an added layer of monitoring your health. Sleep monitoring capabilities can determine if you have had adequate rest if the night was agitated or quiet and how it can impact on your health. This way, you can adapt to achieve a higher quality sleep!

Moreover, with some smartbands you can monitor anywhere blood pressure. This feature is suitable for older people or have to worry about the pressure, for health reasons. Easily the smartband performs the measurement and records the data in the control of apps, making comparison of monitoring pressure deviations from day to day.

Top 10 Best Smartbands In 2020 (M3, Xiaomi, Samsung And More)

If you are focused and focused on losing weight, having a meter of calories burned in a workout it is essential to track your progress. This feature goes beyond with some control apps on your smartphone, for comparing the energy expenditure in recent days and check your progress.

With this monitoring function you can easily see if you are meeting or not your workout goals. The idea is to use this data as a motivation to assist in the success of your weight loss plan!

Top 10 Best Smartbands In 2020 (M3, Xiaomi, Samsung And More)

Other classic features that may be present in a smartband are measuring the distance traveled by the user on a bicycle, on the run or walk. With this function you can compare the performance of one day to the other, and this can give you ideas of how to stay more active and healthy, constantly.

And speaking of keeping more active, know that there are also models with sensors able to detect when the user is sitting or standing. So if you want to receive a scolding for being too long sitting in your office, keep an eye on features like this!

Prefer Silicone Bracelets

The smartband needs to be comfortable to wear, so opt for materials that do not suffer from sweat action, rain, sun and do not cause allergies. In this case, the silicone bracelets are made the reference, since they are extremely comfortable, durable, hypo-allergenic.

Some smartbands available in Brazil give consumers the possibility to exchange the device bracelet whenever you see fit. With this in mind, you can still make your style with different colors and patterns, just make sure the strap is replaceable or not.

Prefer with Greater than 0.6 inch Screen

All handling of smartband is done on the screen, you may prefer to use smaller screens on a daily basis, as they are more discreet. However, with a larger screen you can easily see what is displayed and can also handle more easily the touch. As a reference, choose fabrics that have more than 0.6 inches!

Choose with Water Resistance and Dust

Even if you do not use the smartband to measure how many strokes you gave to swim, it is essential that it have some kind of protection against damage caused by water. To make sure that the chosen model you will not stop working when in contact with liquid or even dust, keep an eye on “IP certification” and “ATM” of the device.

If the smartband has IP67 certification, for example, it will be immune to the action of dust and survive dives of up to 30 minutes at no more than one meter deep. The IP68 certification goes beyond, to ensure immunity to dust and dips in the water continuously, with about 3 meters deep. Since the ATM is specific to watches, the standard 5 ATM can handle rain, splashing and diving up to 50 meters.

Check the Battery Life

With little internal space, smartbands have tiny batteries that rely on a good optimization between hardware and software used. Therefore, we must pay attention to hours (or days) promised by the manufacturer and not only in capacity in mAH battery.

larger Smartbands tend to last longer in this regard, however, you may not like these models. As a reference, search for smart bracelets that have an average estimated battery autonomy between 5 and 7 days, this duration is convenient!

Check the Operating System and the Compatibility with Your Smartphone

What makes the experience of using the full smartband is its integration with the smartphone, as they are sent more detailed information for the synchronized device. It is rare only work within a branded ecosystem (the devices of the same company), but the manufacturer specifies the smartband connects with Android and iOS, which are the systems most commonly used in smartphones.

A good operating system compatibility smartband with the smartphone also enables the integration of notifications. This is very useful to see if new messages arrived or receive alerts applications, therefore, just check in smartband without removing the pocket smartphone!

Evaluate also how many activities the operating system allows you to monitor smartband. In general, newer models have compatibility with a wider range of physical activities and sports. So if you want to perform a very specific sport, make sure that it is included in the package!

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Top 10 Best Smartbands to Buy Online

With so many tips, we are sure you will find the best smartband for your day to day. But if you do not know where from, take a look at the products selected. Check out our ranking of the top 10 smartbands to buy online, and go around making the most of your routine!

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Understand to its activities one smartband is important is a key factor to feel satisfied. In this article, we explain why smartbands are perfect if you have never used any kind of wearable. The technological smartbands are cheaper, high-performance enhancements in monitoring sports and body conditions.

It is worth mentioning that if you are an athlete or need to keep an eye on health, it is interesting to have a more robust smartband on your wrist. In all cases the quality of life is improving! If you have questions or forget some detail, remember to return to this article. If you know someone who needs that item, share this article and help choose the best smartband!