Top 10 Best Stories Books Sleeping In 2020

Top 10 Best Stories Books Sleeping in 2020

Read a story to the kids before bed makes this very special moment! The family gathers together and dive into a new adventure in the distant realm of imagination. In addition to fun, reading is very important for the education of children. However, bedtime is not always quiet and the parents go crazy when children prefer to play to go to bed.

Therefore, authors like Carla Caruso, Tatiana Belinky and many others have written great books to help you with the routine of the night. But each age calls for a different kind of book, so we’ll show you how to choose the right book for your child. Also check our ranking of the top 10 storybooks to sleep and let the time much fun sleeping!

How to Choose the Best Storybook Sleeping

The books end up leaving the night of super special children, but for that moment to get even more attractive is important to prioritize books with certain characteristics. You want to know what are they? So, check out the following our tips.

Choose Agreement Book Content with Age Child

Each year the child learns new things about the world and herself. It also develops new motor and cognitive skills. All this makes your interests change completely from one year to another. So it is very important to consider the age of the child to choose a book stories to sleep. Check out our tips below and make the right choice!

Top 10 Best Stories Books Sleeping In 2020

Babies under one year fail to follow the content of the story but rather are interested in colors and sounds. So colorful and with sound features books are able to hold the attention of little more easily, even if they do not understand the meaning of history.

Musical books, ie, sound resources, win the hearts of children and also stimulate the auditory perception. But remember, when choosing this type of opt book for those with soft music, otherwise the baby can get hectic. After all, music has the power to change our mood, is not it? So use it in favor of the baby sleep.

Already books with colorful images work visual perception. However, it is important that the colors are not vibrant, also not to disrupt the child’s sleep. Look for shades of blue, for example. Another point that influences sleep is the tone, so to start reading use a pleasant tone, so the baby will feel quiet and fall asleep quickly.

Top 10 Best Stories Books Sleeping In 2020

From the first year the children are in the speech acquisition process, so it is common for them to use a feature called echolalia. This feature consists of repeating the echo of someone’s speech. For example, if you ask for a baby that age if he wants to banana, the answer will be “nana”, ie a part of the word you just said.

Thinking about it, and think of sounds and colors, it is important to choose books that encourage the repetition of words. Try reading books for the little ones who associate the images with repeated and easy words. This type of book ensures that reading gains pace, which may have the same effect as a lullaby, and help them in the development of speech.

Stories that contain onomatopoeia, ie, words that reproduce natural noises like atchim, buaaa, gulp, grrr, are also great to play with the sounds and hold the attention of little ones. It is interesting to choose books that have words like good night, yawn, turn a blind eye. So the child enters night mood and sleep quickly.

Top 10 Best Stories Books Sleeping In 2020

Children 2 years love to imitate everything, so it is interesting to choose books that allow them to identify with the story and the characters that compose it. If the book have pictures of other children sleeping is better! How small like to imitate, the images will encourage the child to bring the book’s context for your reality.

For example, a book with sentences like “and then the bear picked up the covered and covered” can cause the child also wants to cover. Taking advantage of the children’s interest by imitation, a great resource to keep their attention is to reproduce the lines playing the character.

It is important to know that at this age children are very fond of saying no to everything, so choose books that contain multiple stories or even purchase multiple books can help them take an interest in a story at bedtime. They will think “what will be the story today?” and they will want to go to bed early.

Top 10 Best Stories Books Sleeping In 2020

Unlike the 0-2 years of babies who value form of the book and the pace of the story, children 3 years and older already watching the unfolding of the plot. At this age the child will hardly fall asleep before the story ends, we recommend therefore that you previously stipulates reading time.

If the book chosen is small you can read it completely, now to the longer stories, how about reading a chapter a night? Thus the child sleeps thinking about the events and the next day goes running to bed in order to find out what happened to their favorite character.

Furthermore, the five years the small already attend kindergarten or school, so it is important that they understand the importance of sleep early. So read stories about passing the message that children go to bed early. Books where the characters yawn, itchy eyes and even sleeps at the end of history can also be a great option.

All Ages History Should Be Light and Walkable Images

Top 10 Best Stories Books Sleeping In 2020

The purpose of the book with bedtime stories is to induce the child to a “comfortable sleep”, so it is important that you read in a slow and gentle tone. In addition, the story should provide good and kind sentiments. This kind of reading is more effective than exciting stories, these end up leaving too little excited and astonished sleep.

As the stories, the images must pass the same sense of calm. The calm coloring books and soft touch help to relax the child and sleep well. The most suitable is that they have figures that refer, of course, the idea of ​​”good night”. Therefore, based on the taste of the children, choose books that contain stories where the main character falls asleep and elements such as moon and stars.

Top 5 Best Stories Books for Sleeping Children from 0 to 3 years

Now that you know how to choose the perfect bedtime book, it’s time to buy some copies for little ones. Next, we create a ranking of the best options. Meet now!

Table Comparison of Top Stories Books for Sleeping Children from 0 to 3 years

It’s Bedtime, Bichinhos

My Lullaby Stories Favorites

My Little Book of Musical Lullaby

365 Stories for Dreaming

Top 5 Best Stories Books for Sleeping Children from 3 years

From now on, we will show you the best books for children more grandinhas. After 3 years of age they are already able to understand the content of the story and need to learn about responsibility. Check out books working it!

Comparison Table Top Stories Books for Sleeping Children from 3 years

Create A Routine Night for Children

At a certain time it is important to create a routine able to demonstrate to the child that bedtime is coming. If you want your child to sleep at 9 am, for example, start at 8 pm nightly routine. A good idea is to ask for small keep toys, showing that the day ended. After that morninho about a bath? It promotes relaxation in the baby.

If the baby is older than 6 months after the bath one chamomile tea goes well. In addition to creating this routine, the environment must be calm and quiet. You can just leave the lamp on, so that the bright light not afraid sleep. Soft music will set the mood and even be the soundtrack of the story you will tell. Sweet Dreams!

See Also Other Books to Read Day

Reading is important at any time of day! Therefore, it is essential to encourage in children a love of reading. To help you in this task, we have created a page full of tips and amazing children’s books indications for children 0 to 8 years. To give just click on the link below, do not miss!

The hour of history should always be nurtured by parents, it offers many benefits to the child’s development, and bring the family. With our tips will be easier to buy the best options of books for that moment so special.

It has for all ages! The colorful and musical for babies up to 1 year, with repetition of words for the older ones and those with more elaborate stories. And remember, whenever you hit that doubt about which book to buy, come back and re-read our article. Make the night children a magical moment, full of tenderness and sweet adventure!