Top 10 Best Sunscreens

Top 10 Best Sunscreens to Buy in 2020

Previously, we only remembered the sunscreen time to go to the beach. However, more and more people are understanding the importance of using the daily protector to prevent diseases, spots and other sun damage. Only not just use any product, it is essential to choose reliable brands like La Roche-Posay, Neutrogena and Sundown, for example.

With the wide variety of products on the market, finding the right sunscreen can be challenging, is not it? That’s why we created this guide with tips incredible choosing the right protector and also selected the top 10 best protectors for sale. At the end, we still count using properly guard. Check and keep your skin protected.

Why Use Sunscreen Daily?

Top 10 Best Sunscreens To Buy In 2020

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) for only 20 minutes is enough to dramatically reduce skin hydration and start browning process thereof, the famous tan. The effect is a small deterioration of the skin, which looks harmless but can cause wrinkles, blemishes, freckles and long term even cancer.

In addition to the ultraviolet rays, the light emitted by the lamps, computer screens and smartphones, called visible light can also damage the skin as blemishes, aging and even cancer. That’s right, your computer screen may cause some of the same damage caused by ultraviolet rays! So, even if you stay all day in the office, to protect yourself is essential.

The sunscreen acts as a barrier that absorbs or reflects UV rays, depending on the product, preventing these rays from damaging your skin. Now that you know the importance of sunscreen in your routine and that “prevention is better than cure”, that such check our tips on how to choose the right sunscreen for you?

How to Choose the Best Sunscreen

When buying a good sunscreen, it is important to keep in mind what is the ideal SPF for your skin, discover the product resistance to water and sweat, how easy it is to use it and it can be used in children . Here’s how to check each of these factors and make a conscious choice.

Invest in products with SPF above 30

Top 10 Best Sunscreens To Buy In 2020

The acronym FPS present in all sunscreens means “sun protection factor” and the number beside it shows how long your skin will be protected from sunlight. The account is simple but varies from skin to skin, the calculation takes into account how long the skin takes to redden when exposed to the sun multiplied by the sun protection factor.

For example, if your skin takes 10 minutes to turn red, using a protector FPS10, it will be protected for up to 100 minutes. However, it is important to take into account factors such as water, sand and sweat can reduce the protection offered by the product.

professionals recommend that the shield is reapplied every 2 hours, and thereby a shield with a shield with SPF30 or FPS60, need to be frequently reapplied in the same way. However, it is important that an SPF30 protector offers absorption of sunlight of 97%, while a FPS60 provides an absorption of 99%. The difference may be small, but very fair skin that extra protection is essential.

To Dive or Playing Sports, Water Resistant Prefer Products

Top 10 Best Sunscreens To Buy In 2020

The importance of a durable protective water goes beyond stay protected inside the sea and pool, it also keeps the product in place in the event of heavy sweating, how to practice an exercise or during a hot day. Remember that even in the case of resistant protectors to water, it is important to reapply the product every two hours.

Hydration or more Easy Application? Choose Product Type by Benefit Desire

Everyone wants practicality time to use a product, is not it? Especially when the use of this product is daily, so it is important to keep in mind what kind of product can facilitate your routine and avoid the use of well-known excuse “I did not have time.”

Top 10 Best Sunscreens To Buy In 2020

By having a more rounded consistency, protective cream offer, as well as protection from the sun’s rays, an extra hydration for the skin and can be used throughout the body. However, in general they are more suitable for normal to dry skin.

People with oily skin may end up feeling uncomfortable with products in cream, but if you still prefer this type of protection, the tip and avoid those with oil in the composition!

Top 10 Best Sunscreens To Buy In 2020

The spray sunscreen is absorbed by the skin so quickly and sequinha and can also be applied without the need to “Melar” the hand with the product. In addition, it allows the application in areas of the body that are more difficult to achieve. But as he is invisible on the skin and dries quickly, it is important to be careful not to forget to apply to any part of the body.

When choosing sunscreen spray also stay tuned to the product application instructions in the face. Some manufacturers recommend applying the first product in the hands and then the face, while others warn of the need to cover your eyes before applying. Some even not recommend use in the facial area. Keep this in mind.

In Children, Children’s Use Sunscreen

The children’s skin is more sensitive to the sun than adults, therefore, the smaller ones are more susceptible to severe sunburn that may increase the chance of the child developing skin problems in the future. So, opt for children’s sunscreens when the product is also used by children.

Because of the children’s skin is more delicate and sensitive children’s sunscreens are developed with a formula that provides greater protection and does not harm the skin of children. In addition, children should not use sunscreens designed for adults, but adults can use sunscreens for children developed normally. So if your skin is sensitive, this might be a good option.

Who indications tested and approved

Before going to the ranking of the top 10 sunscreens, see the indications of MyBest partners. They are professionals, experts and bloggers that indicate products tested and approved by them. It is worth checking!

Top 10 Best Sunscreens to Buy Online

Now that you understand what are the important points to consider when buying a sunscreen and stay protected from sunlight, check our ranking with the 10 best products and make your choice.

Comparison table of Best Sunscreens

Ideal Sun Hidrasoft FPS70

Beach and pool Kids FPS60

Solar Expertise Supreme FPS50

Sun Fresh Wet Skin FPS30

Sun Protect & Fresh FPS30

Using the Shape Right Sunscreen?

What many people do not know is that for the sunscreen to work correctly is necessary to apply a considerable amount of product and spread evenly on the skin, so it is always important to read the product usage recommendations. In general, it uses about one guard teaspoon for each limb.

In addition, protection offered by the sunscreen only lasts for a certain period of time, because of that there is the need to reapply the protector every two hours at least. Other factors that can compromise and effectiveness of the product, even those that are water resistant, is the intense sweating, into the water and dry the body with towel, so always reapply the protector after these activities.

Another very important point is to remain attentive to the validity of the product. Besides having compromised effectiveness, products with expired can cause irritations and allergies to skin. Do not use guards out of date, even if its appearance remain perfect. If in doubt, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Now you know the importance of using sunscreen daily and also how to apply it correctly, right?

So why not choose the ideal protector for your needs? See our ranking and choose among the best products available in the market. And do not forget, always choose children’s sunscreens when using them in children, okay? Caring for and protecting your skin properly gives to harness much more of the sun.