Top 10 Best Survival Mobile Games In 2020

Top 10 Best Survival Mobile Games in 2020

In the gaming world, find multiple formats. Survival games, for example, are one of the most attractive people through exciting stories of characters fighting for their lives against zombies and monsters. To venture in these stories, you can download the application by phone.

Among the best known titles are the Left to Survive, Stormfall and The Walking Dead. There are many versions available, including free. To help you download the perfect game, indicate the top 10 mobile survival games on Android and iOS systems. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Survival Game for Mobile

At the moment it is to download a game, you may have difficulty in choosing the right option. After all, there are many versions available. Therefore, we have prepared the following list to choose the best game of survival elements.

Choose Game Genre that will suit you Tickle

Top 10 Best Survival Mobile Games In 2020

A survival game can be enjoyed in various ways, according to the available approach. However, each person prefers a specific genre. Before downloading the game, find out which is more your type.

The strategy genre stimulates the thinking ability of who plays, with the goal of completing the available missions. In the game of role playing, RPGs, the player chooses a character with a particular class level up as time played.

Being fast, action games have conflict situations and stimulate the quick thinking of who plays. Already the adventure, are focused on the main character in the plot of the story. Within these two genres, there are the shooting games, very popular among the survival games lovers.

You do not have to pick just one, but to increase the chances to really have fun with the chosen game, check the genre!

Find out which camera perspective suits you

Another important detail to note is figure out which camera perspective in character. You can choose the games in first or third person. Each of these methods has different advantages.

The game in first person, called the FPS, happens from the perspective of the character’s eyes. It is as if you were in his place. Only the hands and arms or dummy objects are visible. Therefore, the aim is more accurate to perform the actions of the game. It is very common in shooting games.

In the case of the game in the third person, the TPS, the camera is positioned behind the character, in order to facilitate the most panoramic view of the scenery. Thus, it helps in identifying enemies and items available for maps.

Single-Player or Multiplayer: What is the Best Option?

Top 10 Best Survival Mobile Games In 2020

Another interesting point to consider before downloading the app, is to check which mode available. There are single-player game that you enjoy alone, and the multiplayer, with other people around the world. These formats have different advantages and you should choose according to your preferences.

The single-player game is interesting to be flexible and allow pause, even if it is in the middle of the match. Some of them do not depend on internet connection to play. This way, you get to entertain anywhere without worrying about spending your mobile data.

Already in multiplayer mode, you will have fun online with people around the world, whether friends or strangers. In certain situations, the artificial intelligence of the game is predictable. Thus, playing with other people makes the game more exciting!

Games with translation into Portuguese Facilitate Understanding

Top 10 Best Survival Mobile Games In 2020

Brazil is one of the major gaming consumers in the world. Because of this, the game developers are increasingly concerned to bring content to our language. There are apps, not only with the translated interface, but also with dubbing.

And if you do not understand other languages, such as English, you enjoy and download games translated into EN. That way, you do not try to guess what is written on the mobile screen. Your only concern will enjoy this fun!

Be Aware of age advisories

Top 10 Best Survival Mobile Games In 2020

Usually games with the survival theme are suitable for older people, for presenting heavier content such as the use of weapons and violence. But if you are in search for a lighter game, there are games of this type which are for children.

The indicative classification is available in the apps in order to facilitate the inappropriate content filter. However, parents and caregivers should always be aware of the issues that minors consume the phone.

Make sure there space in the memory of your Mobile Phone Install Game

Top 10 Best Survival Mobile Games In 2020

It’s very frustrating when you’re about to download a game, discovering that does not have enough memory on the phone. To prevent this from happening, be aware of the size of the game. Both the App Store and Google Play show amount of megabytes or gigabytes that applications have.

Play a map with great resolution or open world is quite fun, but may be heavier to download. If your device is low on space, prefer games with less than 300 MB, but without interfering in their experience.

Check for Acquiring Need Premium Game Version

Most games have a free installation but with paid elements. Any weapons, character or map of the part can be charged separately, as a way of developer have the financial return for the game.

Already in other cases, there are ads and this can disrupt your gaming experience. Therefore, always search on the game before downloading, to avoid problems. The official store apps show the reviews of those who have already installed the program. Do not forget to check out!

Top 10 Best Survival Mobile Games

Now that you know how to evaluate and choose the best survival game, it’s time to check the 10 games listed for you to enjoy. Follow the links below to download for Android and iOS systems. Enjoy!

Comparison table of the Best Survival Mobile Games

Check Memory Cards not for Missing space on your Mobile

If you enjoyed these survival gaming options, be sure to download. However, your phone will need enough storage space. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the best Micro SD card to expand your phone’s memory. Click this link!

Now that you know how to choose the best mobile game of survival, it will be much easier to decide among so many options available in the market. Check out the parental rating and the memory space that the game will take on the device.

Whenever you want to download the other games on this list, be sure to access this article again. We just prepared for you to leave you entertained and satisfied. Good fun!