Top 10 Best Tico-Tico Saws Buy In 2020

Top 10 Best Tico-Tico saws Buy in 2020

The hacksaw is one of the leading and most versatile cutting tools. It allows you to perform with ease and precision curved cuts, straight, chamfers and slots. However, it is essential to pay attention to some specifications to choose the best jigsaw. Power exchange facility and blade angle adjustments, among others, are important points when choosing.

The jigsaws DeWALT, Skill, Bosch and Makita are references in the market, but in our ranking top 10 you will also meet other great brands that offer excellent models for professional use or hobby. At the end of the article we also talk about how to choose the right blade for use with your hacksaw. Check and make work better and better!

Serra Tico-Tico or Circular? What Should I Use?

Top 10 Best Tico-Tico Saws Buy In 2020

When it comes to the cutting tools jigsaws and circular saws are the most popular. However, some beginners may end up in doubt about which of the two is better to acquire first. The answer is simple: the saw hacksaw! This is because this type of saw is much more versatile and will allow you to do many types of cuts in various materials.

With a hacksaw can cut wood, metals and plastics in a simple and practical manner. Just choose the power and the right blade. She also makes bevels, tears and plunge cuts, cuts that the circular saw can not do. Circular are good for straight cuts, you can do them with more speed, but fret also makes straight cuts, then the versatility wins.

Also, while the jigsaws are safe and easy to use circular saws require a little more training and technique to perform perfect cuts. All these features make the hacksaw one wildcard tool, which can be useful in many situations, indispensable for those who like to put their hands dirty. Do not waste time, here’s how to choose yours!

How to Choose the Best Serra Tico-Tico

Before investing in a hacksaw is very important to check some technical specifications. Therefore, the following will explain why you should keep an eye on details such as power, speed control, angle adjustments and blades. In addition, we also talk about usability, highlighting points as exchange of blades and special functions of the tool. Check out!

Top 10 Best Tico-Tico Saws Buy In 2020

In the market you will find two types of saw hacksaw: the wired and mobile (wireless). The saws can be very useful for those who need to work in places with difficult access to outlets, as in works and preparations for events. However, wireless models are usually much heavier, underpowered and need to be recharged often.

Therefore, fret wired saws are the most recommended. After all, in addition to lighter, they do not offer the risk of unexpected stop in the middle of a cut! In addition, the wired models tend to be more powerful and therefore are faster and cut thicker materials with ease. So if you have an outlet nearby, always prefer a model with wire!

Prioritize models with at Least 400 Watts of Power

Top 10 Best Tico-Tico Saws Buy In 2020

The more powerful is the hacksaw, the easier to cut and work more thick and hard materials such as metals, for example. In the power cord with equipment is measured in Watts, as in portable models the power is measured in volts.

If you really need to cut material away from an outlet, choose a jigsaw with at least 18 V. With regard to equipment wired, if you will use your saw only hobby, a model with 400 W power should suffice, but if it is for professional use, a minimum at 550 W power is most appropriate.

Adjustments speed Provide More Accuracy

Top 10 Best Tico-Tico Saws Buy In 2020

The speed of the jigsaw is measured in GPM (strokes per minute). In general, the models work with a maximum range of 3000 GPM, which is a good speed to do any cutting project. However, to ensure a good finish and accuracy in your cuts, you can adjust the speed is essential.

For example, wood is better to use higher speeds for longer metal, cut more slowly, with an average speed or low will bring better results. Therefore, the speed control directly in the equipment is essential. For those who always works with the same materials 4 levels it is already great, if you need more flexibility prefer 6 or more levels of speed.

Tilting forward / Orbital Positions in 3 Offers More Power in Court

The conventional movement of the blade in a hacksaw machine is straight up and down. However, the forward tilting machines, also known as orbitals, cause the saw to make a motion similar to a pendulum. This feature ensures greater speed and efficiency in the courts.

Some models saw fret not have this feature, which is a disadvantage, since there are quite affordable models with up to 3 levels of orbital adjustment. A point of attention is the finishing piece cut with the use of orbital adjustment is not so clean. It may be necessary to sand the workpiece after cutting. Anyway, it is a function that can streamline their work.

Prefer Machines Do Cortes Angle

The base angle setting is an important function that can greatly facilitate the routine cuts with the hacksaw. With this setting it is possible to make precise cuts diagonally with almost no extra effort. By convention, the models have settings between 0 ° and 45 ° to right and left. Allowing to change the angle in a practical way.

This feature significantly increases the cutting possibilities and delivers better finish to its angled cuts! The good news is that many models, cheap and expensive, have this function. So even if you do not make angular cuts often prefer a machine with this type of adjustment. After all, there’s no telling if you will need it in the future, is not it?

Saws with blades without Key Exchange are More Practice

Top 10 Best Tico-Tico Saws Buy In 2020

In some jigsaw models it is necessary to loosen a screw to change the blades, in this case, one should always have a screwdriver or allen around. Nothing practical, is not it? The best models have snap locks to slide thus just only unlock to substitute another blade.

Attention to acquire specific blades for models fitting, they are known as standard “T”, the most widely used format, but some options also keeps the hole for the conventional plug. Appreciate the practicality, choosing models saw hacksaw with locks for fast change of blades.

Extra functions Ensure Greater Accuracy in Cortes

Some special features offer greater precision in the work. The stepless speed buttons, for example, minimize the stress during cutting. As for the models with built-in light illuminate the cut line, making it easier to work in the dark, an option that hobbyists and professionals will love! Not to offend the work surface, saws with shoes coated in plastic are an option.

Another valuable feature is the built-in dust blower. It cleans the cutting area forward and ensures better visibility. Alternatively, some models allow coupling a conventional vacuum cleaner machine, it can also be interesting. If you can invest a little more in the jigsaw, prefer models with additional features!

Top 10 Best Tico-Tico saws Buy Online

Now that you know all the specifications of this tool, you are ready to choose yours. Selected the top 10 market jigsaws and organize the following ranking. Check to learn more about each model and choose the ideal for you.

Comparison table of the Best saws Tico-Tico

How to Choose the Right Blade

If you already have a little experience with the use of the saw hacksaw and are looking to cut materials other than wood, or even cut your wood so better finished, you must purchase appropriate blades. Usually the manufacturer’s website you can find a table with the most appropriate blade for each material thickness and cutting style.

The longer blades and large are best for long, straight cuts, since the shorter and narrow, ideal for small and curved cuts. The spaced and large teeth cut faster, but leave burrs, since the smaller teeth provide a smoother finish.

The blade for wood usually has larger and more spaced teeth, but if you want a finer finish, it is better to prefer blades barging large and small teeth. For metals, the mountains usually have small teeth and more of well, that makes it easy to cut harder materials. Since plastics are cut with blades of medium teeth.

Now that you know the minimum power that a hacksaw need to have, the type most practical engagement for changing blades and what are the main functions of adjustment, it became much easier to choose the best saw for you, is not it?

In our ranking, we list the top 10 models of jigsaws available for purchase online, certainly one will be suitable for your use. So do not take too long already and make your purchase! Whenever you need, come back to remember what are the main features of a great jigsaw!