Top 10 Best Vacuum

Top 10 Best Vacuum to Buy in 2020

With an ever-race routine, have a vacuum cleaner is essential to keeping the house always quite clean. The good news is that brands like Philco, Britain, Arno and Electrolux offer various models. To help you choose the best for you, we made a guide to choosing the ideal vacuum cleaner. In it you will find tips and essential details for this choice.

We talked about the most suitable vacuum cleaners for people with respiratory problems on conventional and vertical models and even on vacuum cleaners that suck water. It is a must. It does not stop there! We also ranqueamos the top 10 market vacuum cleaners. So it will be easy to choose the best for you, is not it? So check it out!

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner

The technology applied in vacuum cleaners evolves every day making the home cleaning needs are met in an increasingly more efficient. However, before anything, you need to know to evaluate at the time of purchase of your vacuum cleaner. Check the topics below and get inside.

Choose Type Vacuum Cleaners by size

There are two main types of vacuum cleaners: conventional and vertical. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each type and choose the most suitable for you.

Among the vacuum cleaners of conventional powder available on the market there are those who gather only dust and that can collect dust and water as well. On models that suck water, we’ll talk later. About that suck just dust, the important thing to know is that they tend to be more powerful, robust, durable and tracking multiple nozzles for different types of cleaning.

In addition, some models have a very large dust collector, with more than 2 L, which prevents constant stops to empty the collector. This greatly facilitates cleaning those days when you intend to make a full cleaning in every room of the house! However, one must keep an eye on, as there are models with small reservoirs too.

In conventional models, it is also necessary to check the machine’s weight, especially if you need to climb stairs with him. Models with more than 3 kilograms may end up leaving the tiresome cleaning!

Top 10 Best Vacuum To Buy In 2020

One of the biggest advantages of the upright vacuum cleaner is that it need not be mounted for use, take out of the closet or laundry room, plug in and use. In addition, they are super light and some brands offer compact models that can be undocked from the vertical cable and function as a portable vacuum cleaner for cars and furniture.

You can also find vertical models to the battery, which are more portable and easy to use anywhere, even if there is no outlet nearby. However, the suction power of these models is usually lower and there is always the risk of the battery end up in the middle of cleaning. So, they are indicated only for smaller cleanups, as collecting crumbs after a meal.

Although there are quite powerful vertical models, in general, upright vacuums have a lower suction power than conventional. Moreover, being smaller, your tank needs to be cleaned more often. If your home is small or if you need a wildcard model to clean the car too, prefer the vertical models.

Prefer Vacuum Without Bag Dust Collector

There are three types of waste collectors in vacuum: disposable bag collector, washable plastic bag collector that does not use bag. The disposable bag collector is made of paper and whenever is full, needs to be replaced with a new one, which means you have another expense to spare. Moreover, not always easy to find a bag compatible with your vacuum cleaner.

Already, washable bags are made of cloth and should be washed regularly to ensure smooth operation of the vacuum cleaner. Empty them after full is a task that requires very careful not to again spread the dust in the air. And over time, the bag goes dark, as with a ground cloth, and leave it with a clean face will become increasingly difficult.

The most practical, and the format adopted in most modern models is the bagless vacuum cleaner collector. It stores in a plastic dust collector, which can be removable or not. In these devices the container emptying is much faster, clean and practical. So, they are the best choice!

Choose Capacity Agreement with the size Cleaners

Top 10 Best Vacuum To Buy In 2020

Regardless of the device’s power, the fuller is the dust collector, the lower the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Thus, it is essential to choose a vacuum cleaner with adequate capacity to their need for dust collection, it will avoid you having to empty the dust collector frequently.

If your home is small or you just use the vacuum cleaner for minor cleanups, a model with more than 1 liter will suit you well. Models between 1 L and 2 L, will meet people who use the vacuum cleaner in a few rooms or those that sweep the house before vacuuming. Now, if your home is large and you use the vacuum cleaner as a primary method for collecting dust, choose models with 2 liters or more.

Make sure the range of the apparatus It matches with the size of your house

Top 10 Best Vacuum To Buy In 2020

Not only is the dirt storage capacity that must be assessed according to the size of your home, another important factor to be taken into consideration is the range, ie, the area that the cleaner reaches without the need for making exchange . For this, you need to check the length of the electrical wire and hose, both vary greatly from one model to another.

To assess the scope, it is important to be aware of information that brings the container or manual. Some brands indicate the size of the “reach” in meters in the conventional model. In these cases, it is considering the sum of the electrical wire size over the hose. Others bring only the “wire size”, ie the size of the hose has not yet been considered.

This means that a device that indicates “reach” of 5 m, for example, covers a slightly smaller area than other conventional model indicating the “wire size” of 5 m, as it also includes the extension of the hose. However, the vertical models that do not have the hose, worry only about the size of the wire. Evaluate well as this means faster cleaning.

Respiratory problems in the family? Prioritize the HEPA filter

HEPA is an American acronym for “High efficiency Particulate arrestance” which in a free translation means “High Efficiency Particle Separation.” It is a technology used by air conditioners in hospitals to maintain the purity of the air.

Many brands available in the market offer models of vacuum cleaners of various sizes and prices include the HEPA filter at the air outlet, preventing tiny particles of dust sucked be released back into the environment. More protection for homes with allergy sufferers or respiratory problems. The filter removes 99.9% of impurities and mites.

But do not forget: to ensure optimal functioning of the HEPA filter, it must be replaced periodically. As the disposable collector bag, HEPA can be found in accessory shops. It is another expense, however, it is an investment that is worth to protect the health of your family.

Some models also aspire Water, worth checking out!

Top 10 Best Vacuum To Buy In 2020

Among the variety offered in conventional designs, there are those that besides solid waste also aspire liquids and wet dirt, vacuum cleaners are called “water and dust.” They are usually major appliances and more storage capacity and therefore, despite the benefits end up occupying more space and are heavier.

Therefore, the functionality is indicated only if you need to speed up cleaning areas that are often washed as kitchen, bathroom, gardens and balconies. In addition, they can also be used to unclog sinks and drains. Another advantage is that if the water collected is not very dirty, it can be reused to wash other rooms. The environment thanks!

Functions and Accessories Extras Provide Even More Convenience

The vacuum cleaner is an ally in the cleaning of the home that can, and should, be used in the whole house, up on the fridge! Typically, the devices come with different types of accessories such as nozzles and extensor tubes. There own nozzles to reach under furniture to upholstery aspire to clean furniture, for corners and many others.

Evaluate your needs and make sure the cleaner comes with the type of nozzle that you will need. When in doubt, the more nozzles, the better. Already the extensor tubes only follow conventional models and will be useful only if you need to aspire very large rooms or need to reach the ceiling.

There are also devices with blowing function, it can be useful for cleaning keyboards, light grills, fill balloons or inflatable mattresses, among other things. In vertical models, articulated devices facilitate access to difficult areas.

Top 10 Best Vacuum to Buy Online

As you can see by now, there are many details to note when choosing the ideal vacuum cleaner for your home and family. Therefore, in addition to the above tips, we will list the best handsets available in online stores, see our rankings below. Surely you will find the best vacuum cleaner for you!

Top 10 Best Vacuum To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of Best Vacuum Cleaners

Cyclonic Red Black A4V-BR

You saw that to choose the ideal vacuum cleaner for your home you should take into consideration the size of the space, frequency of use, who will use and even your health and your family. Evaluate and what their needs and priorities.

With the tips and the list of the best vacuum cleaners available in the market, above. By doing your research at the online stores, you do not focus only on price and find all those confusing technical information. Now, you know exactly which details to follow. Choose one of the models of our ranking and leave your home clean, beautiful and healthy!