Top 10 Best Wash And Dry In 2020 (Lg, Samsung, Midea And More)

Top 10 Best Wash and Dry in 2020 (LG, Samsung, Midea and more)

No doubt the wash and dry machines represent an enormous practicality in everyday life of any family, large or small. That’s because this appliance eliminates the time required for drying clothes in the sun, or even the use of a separate dryer to do the job.

In this segment, some brands has stood out for the quality of its products, such as Samsung, LG, Brastemp and Electrolux. To help you in choosing, we create a full content, with important points to note before purchase and a top 10 best wash and dry. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Wash and Dry

Choose a dry lava and involves a lot of details that go beyond the size and washability, as many think. Thinking about it, we have prepared a complete guide with everything you need to consider when buying, check out all the details below!

Choose Agreement Wash capacity with People Quantity

Top 10 Best Wash And Dry In 2020 (Lg, Samsung, Midea And More)

The first thing to note when choosing your wash and dry is the ability. The more the machine behave kg, more parts can be cleaned at once. It is also important to remember that a larger capacity machine will be able to wash larger and heavier pieces, such as blankets.

Making an average, a person can clothing soiling 1.5 kg per day. After all, also possibly wash bedding, bath and table. This amount can vary widely, but in general, a family of three people with a 11 kg machine would have to wash clothes 2-3 times a week.

Another important detail to pay attention is the fact that, in general, the drying capacity is less than the wash and may be up to 40% lower in some cases. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider this detail to avoid having to remove a part of the clothes at the time of drying.

Opt for Models With Good Variety Wash Programs

Choosing one wash and dry with a good selection of washing programs is to guarantee efficient and effective cleaning for each tissue type. In general, the greater the variety of programming the machine has, the easier it is to take care of the clothes in the right way.

Thinking about it, the washes and dries considered premium is normally equipped with 6 wash programs or more. With this variety of settings you can choose to provide programs, eg for heavy cleaning, delicate garments, removal of stains, among others.

Observe the speed of spin, That Can Save Much Time

Top 10 Best Wash And Dry In 2020 (Lg, Samsung, Midea And More)

The effectiveness of a drying dish and dry machine is directly linked to the spinning speed the motor can achieve. After all, the greater that power, faster and more efficient will be the completion of the entire process, which involves washing and drying clothes.

This speed is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute) and varies from brand to brand. A good reference to use when the choice is a maximum speed of at least 1100 RPM will dry well. In electronic machines we can adjust the RPM, which can also vary between different cycles.

A Wash and Dry with Inverter Motor Has Longer Life

Lava dry with common engines have a system of pulleys and belts that connect it to the drum where you put the clothes for washing. It is this system that the engine speed is transferred. The disadvantage is the need for maintenance and lower durability.

The great advantage of the technology is reversing motors which are directly connected to the washing tub, dispensing with pulleys and belts. This results in quieter operation, a lifespan much larger and less loss of performance, since the power is transferred directly.

Non Spending Too, Check the Water Consumption

Top 10 Best Wash And Dry In 2020 (Lg, Samsung, Midea And More)

Be aware of water consumption is always important, as well as being more environmentally friendly, it is a good way to keep track of spending on water bill, is not it? For this reason we use the INMETRO site to fill our tables with water consumption of the best wash and dry.

It is true that water consumption varies according to the size of the washer and dried, with the chosen cycle. For example, the fast rinse cycle tends to consume less water. However, for ease of reference, a machine with 11 kg capacity can consume 70 to 120-L per cycle at its maximum capacity.

Check if the laundry has space for Wash and Dry Chosen

Top 10 Best Wash And Dry In 2020 (Lg, Samsung, Midea And More)

Often the space dedicated to laundry and service areas in general are not very big, is not it? Porting to avoid problems regarding the installation of your wash and dry, be sure to check if the model you chose measures are compatible with the space you have.

Another important detail is to see if the place where you intend to accommodate the machine will allow the full opening of the door. The dimensions vary greatly depending on the machine capacity. A washes and dries 8 kg can measure 60 x 85 x 57.5 cm, while a 17 kg is 70 x 135 x 83.5 cm.

Make sure the voltage is compatible with your home

Top 10 Best Wash And Dry In 2020 (Lg, Samsung, Midea And More)

One of the main care when buying an appliance is to pay attention to the voltage of the chosen model, which should be compatible with the electrical grid that you have at home. This is because a machine connect the wrong voltage can result in the machine burns and even electrical accidents.

How to wash and dry, most models available on the market have specific voltage, with few multi-voltage options. Thus watch to choose the option compatible with your home or place where the machine will be placed, if 110 or 220 V.

Prefer machines with Front Opening

While many think that the lava opening system and dry, front or top, it’s just an aesthetic issue, this is not exactly so. Finally, the opening system influences the versatility, ease of use and the end result of the washing.

Few washed and dried with upper opening. They allow you to add more pieces in the drum at any time washing. However, these machines tend to wear more clothes and does not adequately dry the parts that are in the drum bottom.

Although we are more accustomed to washing machines with top opening in Brazil, washes and dries the front opening generally more effectively wash and dry the clothes uniformly. Some also allow you to pause the process to include more parts during washing.

Top 10 Best Wash and Dry

After seeing all that you need to consider to make the best possible choice, how about give a ranking prepared with the top 10 washes and dries on the market? All options listed here have excellent quality, and therefore can be a great option for you!

Comparison Chart of Top Wash and Dry

Master Titan washed and dried 17kg

Wash and Dry Samsung 16kg

Wash and Dry Samsung 15kg

Lava And Seca LG Black Lively VC2

Wash and Dry Touch LG Prime

Lava & Seca 11 Kg Ultimate Care

Lava and Seca Storm Wash

Prime Touch washed and dried

With all that we have seen, we are sure you will make an assertive choice when buying your wash and dry. After all, you simply observe the above details, such as washing and drying capacity available programs, spin speed and all others.

Do not forget that whenever you need you can recap this material and remedy any questions that may arise. Also remember to check in detail all listed option in our top 10 best wash and dry. And finally, if you like the content be sure to share with everyone you know!