Top 10 Best Webcams

Top 10 Best Webcams to Buy in 2020 (Logitech, Microsoft and more)

Most notebooks have integrated webcam, but the quality of the videos is not always the best, is not it? If you want a webcam to make videos and transmissions with excellent image reproduction and movements, certainly it is best to purchase the equipment separately.

Brands like Logitech, Microsoft and Multilaser have the most sought after models. But before making the purchase, it should be noted factors such as resolution, frame rate, type of focus, among others. Thinking about it, we prepared a guide of choice and a ranking of the 10 best webcams on the market!

How to Choose the Best Webcam

One of the most important factors in choosing the best webcam is resolution. However, there are many other aspects that can make all the difference to get a quality model. Check now all you need to take into account!

For Best Image Quality, choose the minimum resolution of 720p (HD)

Top 10 Best Webcams To Buy In 2020 (Logitech, Microsoft And More)

Although not the only important factor, the resolution is certainly the first thing that we should consider when buying a webcam. But you know what resolution is right for you? See below the main resolutions of market models and their indications:

For most uses, the models 720 p will serve perfectly, with no noticeable loss of quality for “Full HD”. But if you intend to cast to be played on amplified screens, you may want to opt for models 1080 p.

Prefer at Least 30 FPS for Best Motion Playback

Top 10 Best Webcams To Buy In 2020 (Logitech, Microsoft And More)

A video is made up of a succession of still images that pass by quickly give the impression of movement. These images are the famous “frames”, and FPS means “frames per second”. Ie, refers to the number of still images that make every second of video.

While the resolution indicates the quality of image resolution, the FPS rate indicates the playback quality of motion in the video. The more frames per second, the greater the sense of reality of the movements that the camera can transmit.

Market webcam best work with the rate of 30 FPS, but there are models with lower values. If you value the quality of motion transmission in your videos, always prefer the webcam with 30 FPS.

Models with Auto Focus Offer Greater Convenience

Top 10 Best Webcams To Buy In 2020 (Logitech, Microsoft And More)

One factor that often goes undetected when analyzing the models for sale is the kind of focus that has webcam. But this aspect can make all the difference for those seeking practicality. The market models have three types of focus: manual, automatic and fixed.

Manual focus is intended only for those who like to set it up your way, because you need to constantly adjust to the filming. Already fixed, as the name implies, keeps the focus stopped, being necessary to pay attention to the distance between the user and the camera to make the video.

Auto focus, in turn, is the focal point adjusted to the optimum position for the camera itself, which results in much more practical to make videos. In the case of webcams, this feature is undoubtedly the most interesting.

For Best Picture Collection, Opt for Glass Lenses

Top 10 Best Webcams To Buy In 2020 (Logitech, Microsoft And More)

The webcam lens is another aspect that goes unnoticed at the time of purchase, but it is important especially if you are seeking a model with the best picture possible. In this case, pay attention to the fact that there are models with plastic lenses and other glass lenses.

Glass lenses have the best performance in capturing images. So whenever you can, prefer webcams with these lenses instead of plastic. But unfortunately, this aspect is not always informed by the manufacturers specifications of their products.

Make sure the Integrated Microphone Webcam features

Top 10 Best Webcams To Buy In 2020 (Logitech, Microsoft And More)

Nowadays, most webcams in the market have built-in microphone for audio capture. However, not all of them have this feature, so it is important to be careful to avoid possible regrets.

If you already have a good quality microphone to capture audio from your videos, this factor can be dispensable. However, if you want a webcam with audio capture, look for models with stereo and reducing noise for better quality.

Check also the connections and Extra Features

Most webcams have USB connection, but there are great models with wi-fi, as the Mi Mijia, the Xiaomi. Being wireless and generally count with a lower FPS rate, they are more suitable as security cameras, but nothing prevents them from being used as perfect wireless webcam!

Another aspect that could end up being decisive in choosing your ideal webcam are the extra features it offers. There are models with super interesting features such as 360-degree rotation, night lights, shortcut buttons, face tracking, correction of light and clarity, Plug & Play, among others.

If you are in doubt between similar models webcam, can be a great idea to analyze the extra features that each offer and choose one that has the most useful features for you, is not it?

With the above guidelines, you are prepared to choose the ideal webcam security, according to the use and their expectations about the equipment. Now, it’s time to check our ranking with better models and also those with the best market cost-benefit!

Comparison table of the Best Webcams

Webcam LifeCam Cinema

Webcam LifeCam HD-3000

Warrior Maeve Webcam Gamer

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If you had questions about how to choose a webcam, now you understood why it is necessary to observe a number of factors beyond the resolution, is not it? Always know the rate of FPS, lens quality, type of focus and other aspects indicated in this article to be sure to be buying the best webcam.

Do not make the purchase without evaluating the models ranking. In it, we take into account the quality and cost-effective equipment on the market. And to edit your videos with ease Webcam also see our special article on the best applications for video editing!