Top 10 Top Bluetooth Speakers (To $ 150) 2020

Top 10 Top Bluetooth Speakers (to $ 150) 2020

How about enjoy music in a sound box bluetooth portable, powerful and high quality sound, paying up to R $ 150? Great idea, right? With bluetooth speakers JBL, OEX, Multilaser, among other brands, you connect your smartphone or computer and take your music anywhere you want, without worrying about wires!

In this article, we explain how you can choose the best bluetooth speaker for up to R $ 150. You should notice some technical specifications to find the most appropriate box to use style. Also prepared a ranking of the top 10 models of the moment, will be much easier to choose your new Bluetooth sound box. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Speaker (to $ 150)

To choose the best bluetooth speaker in this price range, it should be noted the main places where you will use it. For example, for outdoor you need a powerful Bluetooth speaker, but besides the sound quality, note the size and weight, battery life, extra features and even design. Keep reading and find out more about it!

Choose Power Agreement with use. To Local Small, 5 W is Enough!

Top 10 Top Bluetooth Speakers (To $ 150) 2020

The power value in watts (W) of bluetooth speaker shows how much power the device has to reach more decibels (increase volume). A bluetooth speaker powerful, with more than 10 W, is ideal for outdoor environments such as swimming pools, parties and gatherings in camps since the bass could move and the sound will be sharp, even increasing the volume!

If you want to use the box in closed areas such as the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, a bluetooth speaker of 5 Watts is enough. After all, if you use a powerful Bluetooth speaker in an enclosed area, serious cause noise and the sound will be very distorted. Evaluate the unit’s power as the site of use!

To Watch Movies, Prefer the Stereo Sound System

Top 10 Top Bluetooth Speakers (To $ 150) 2020

A stereo system allows the audio to be played by two different channels. That is, you can tell when a sound comes from the right side, left side or both sides, providing a sense of depth and direction of sounds.

Models without the stereo function (also called mono) mix the sounds into a channel, which makes it feel to know where it comes from each reproduced sound. For a more complete experience when watching a movie, you should preferably play the audio in a stereo system because you will have much more immersion in the scene, knowing where it comes from each sound.

For Use Outside House, Speaker Prefer a Bluetooth Waterproof

The Bluetooth speaker can be carried anywhere! If you like to listen to music in the bathroom it is better than the box is water resistant, but to take on the beach, on the barbecue or pool, this protection is even more important and it better be more powerful. Since out of the house, you have less control over what might happen to the speaker!

If taking the set to any location at risk for wet or damage the device, especially outdoors, it is best to buy a bluetooth box that is waterproof and dust resistant. The advantage is that this protective layer prevents ingress of solid and liquid, but attention to the different levels of protection.

To identify the level of protection, make sure the Bluetooth sound box has the IP acronym (Ingress Protection). This acronym represents the levels of protection against dust and water. There are many models to $ 150 to have this specification, but the best have at least IPX4 level, which guarantees protection against splashing water.

If this functionality is important to you, we recommend you check out the selection of Bluetooth speakers waterproof we did. Just click the link below.

Prefer Portable Up to 350 g for Carrying Anywhere

Top 10 Top Bluetooth Speakers (To $ 150) 2020

If you are looking for a box of sound portable bluetooth, to take on the beach or trail, the size and weight make all the difference, does not it? There are bluetooth speakers that are small and light, but have good power, sound quality and are still waterproof.

Many models of bluetooth speaker have cylindrical shape, which takes up less space in your backpack. There are also models with carabiner, ideal for you to hang in the backpack, the tent or anywhere you like! On weight, prefer to 350 g, this range are powerful models for use in outdoor areas, and they are easier to take anywhere!

Choose Batteries with Minimum Duration 4 Hours

Top 10 Top Bluetooth Speakers (To $ 150) 2020

Among the cheaper options of Bluetooth speaker, the models have lower battery life. A battery that lasts up to 4 hours is sufficient for those who use little in the same house. If you intend to use your box away from home for a long time, it is best to choose a battery that lasts for 6 hours or more.

Also check the inputs and Other Features

In addition to reproducing sound from other devices via a Bluetooth connection, the speaker can also play via the auxiliary cable (P2) or memory card (Micro SD). Therefore, it is important to check the machine inputs to have more versatility to use it. In addition, see also the extras, they make it much more useful box!

Some models have FM radio function and feature remote control, for example. In addition, many boxes costing up to R $ 150 have the Hands Free function, which allows you to answer phone calls by the microphone of the speaker. This function is perfect for you to use your phone without stopping what you’re doing!

Want Combine Style and Performance? Choose the Design

Some speakers can easily be used as a decorative piece of your bedroom or living room, combining functionality with design. There are models in animals format, bluetooth speakers made to hang on the wall and appliances with LED lighting, perfect to brighten the environment.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers (to $ 150) to Buy Online

Now that you know how to choose a perfect Bluetooth speaker for your use, check the list of the 10 most expensive options available to buy online! There are bluetooth speakers waterproof, with the radio function and well-powerful, all for up to R $ 150, very cheap is not it? Check out!

Top 10 Top Bluetooth Speakers (To $ 150) 2020

Table Comparison of Best Bluetooth Speakers (to $ 150)

Sound Bluetooth box waterproof Go 2

Speaker 10W Bluetooth – SP204

Speaker Bluetooth French Bulldog

Speaker Bluetooth Extreme PBS04BT

Loudspeaker Bluetooth BT2000B / 00

Sound box Bluetooth Waterproof Mini Water Speaker SP-225

Lamp Speaker Bluetooth A090ALB

Now, you already know excellent bluetooth speakers that cost no more than US $ 150. Just choose one of the models listed in the rankings and start to enjoy music at home or with your friends, anywhere. Here we explain what are the main aspects to choose the ideal bluetooth speaker for your use.

In the ranking have sound box models bluetooth powerful to hear in open areas, waterproof to stay near the pool and laptops, to place easily everywhere. Do you enjoy the best sound for a lower price. We liked this economy? Share with your friends this article!