Month: November 2021

Sim Driver Review

Sim Driver Review <h2 Reviews Below are all the reviews for GolfWRXers' trip at The Kingdom Tester. Rob " osubuckeyes691 SIM is extremely good. It's not a magical 30 yards like everyone is talking about…

Titleist Tsi3 Driver Review

Titleist Tsi3 Driver Review <h2 Performance Titleist answers my biggest question about the TSi3 drivers: "Can a middle or high handicap player play it?" With both weighting (ATI 425 Aerospace titanium) and…

Titleist Ts3 Driver Review

Titleist Ts3 Driver Review <h2 Performance Two factors are driving the TS-drivers' rave reviews: low ball speed, and higher spin. Ball speed on from the TS3 is very strong, and, more importantly, it's robust. The…

Taylormade Sim Max Driver Review

Taylormade Sim Max Driver Review <h2 Performance With the SIM MAX, the SIM driver could be tested at the identical loft. This allowed me to see the differences between the two models quite clearly. The highest launch stood…

Best Lg Phone

Best Lg Phone Best Lg Phones LG has developed a solid reputation for developing some very interesting and attractive Android smartphones, even if it isn't one of the big boys in the space right now. LG has a wide

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review Titleist has experienced a lot of problems with their drivers in the past five or six years. Titleist's high standards are evident, so it is no surprise that performance does not seem to

Ping G425 Max Driver Review

Golf Insider Verdict - Ping G425 Driver Review I could go on for some time about how good the new range Ping G425 Drivers is in this review. The truth is that the verdict on this driver range is quite straightforward. This

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Taylormade Sim Driver Verdict I wouldn't have thought that the SIM would make the best model, but it was a great choice. The spin sometimes dropped too much for my slower swing speed. But the SIM Max truly impressed me

Titleist Ts2 Driver Review

Titleist Ts2 Driver Review <h2 Titleist Ts2 Driver Review, Photos And More: Clubtest 2020 ClubTest 2020 was the first time we reviewed and tested 28 different drivers. The Titleist TS2 driver results are below. Prices:…