Aldi Employee Dress Code

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

Grocery store and retail careers can be hard work, with employees constantly on the move and interacting with customers.

Because employees represent the most visible face of the company than anyone, it is only natural that employers expect them to look polished, clean, and approachable.

With their reputation for above-average pay, you might be wondering if employees at grocery chain Aldi have to dress above-average for work. This is the Aldi dress code.

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

What’s the Aldi Dress Code for 2022

Aldi has three main components to its employee dress code. These are Aldi polo shirts in basic colors, plain, solid colored pants, and steel-toed feetware. Aldi has a traditional image and its employees must reflect it. Although tattoos, dyes for hair and jewelry are forbidden, some are acceptable in moderation.

Let’s talk more about Aldi’s dress code. Permittable pants are allowed, along with tattoos, hair dyes, piercings, jewelry and other body parts. The Aldi dress code and reasons for variations may be found at other stores.

Aldi workers need steel-toe boots

Working at Aldi is hard work, as any employee will tell you. Each day brings new trucksloads with goods. Employees are cross-trained to handle almost all tasks in the store. Stocking, as well as unloading, will be on your list of jobs.

For every worker to be able to protect their feet at work, they will require steel-toed footwear.

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

Can Aldi Employees Have Tattoos?

People spend a lot of money on their tattoos, so it can be a point of contention when their workplace requires them to cover it up.

Aldi lets its employees have tattoos displayed on their arms. Aldi stores employees are more likely to wear short-sleeved polos than long-sleeved. It is therefore unnecessary for them to cover their arms with extra clothing (like an undershirt).

Managers of stores must approve tattoos. Also, tattoos with a racist, sexual, or political message should not be exposed.

A manager at each store may also take care of neck and face tattoos.

Can Aldi Employees Have Dyed Hair In Bright Colors?

Although the Aldi employees handbook may be vague on bright hair color, you can rest assured that it will cover your favorite hot pinks and purples as well as greens, yellows, and blues. Are strongly discouraged.

It is not a guarantee that your experimentation with color will result in you being fired.

Aldi corporate does not have the final say. For example, in bigger cities where hair color is common it may be more acceptable and accepted by patrons.

A Connecticut Indeed commenter noted that blue-tipped hairs were allowed by coworkers.

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

Can Aldi Employees Have Visible Piercings?

While ear piercings may seem innocuous nowadays, Aldi employees are sometimes found to be wearing their facial tattoos at work on a case-by–case basis. However, some complain about inconsistency in the policy.

These piercings include septum, nostril, and septum. However, these cases are most commonly performed by district managers or store managers.

It’s best to talk with your Aldi employee before considering a facial.

Furthermore, the risk of it closing down is increased if you are forced to perform the piercing outside work hours.

However, jewelry manufacturers do offer clear plugs that can be used to protect new piercings.

Are Aldi Employees Allowed To Wear Jewelry?

Aldi workers are permitted to wear conservative, tasteful jewelry. For example, you can wear simple necklaces or earrings that are just below your collar.

The larger jewelry, including statement necklaces or earrings with hoop features, can be a danger to employees’ safety. Employees may get their jewelry caught in something.

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

Aldi employees can wear leggings or jeans?

Aldi employees have the right to wear jeans while at work. Jeans fall within the dress code if they are of a solid colour, without rips, tears or have an elastic waist.

In the matter of leggings I looked all over for a clear answer but could not find it.

However, I have witnessed employees at Aldi, which is near me in Pennsylvania, wearing leggings instead of pants. This indicates that the way leggings are dealt with will vary from one store to another.

Aldi allows employees to wear shorts

Although there was no conclusive information about employees wearing shorts in stores, I did find some comments on message boards that suggested shorts were allowed at Aldi during summer.

Aldi has a very conservative image so you could assume that the dress code will discourage any shortening or showing, and no tears.

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

Are You Ready to Wear a Aldi Job Interview Dress?

Now that I have covered what you should wear, how about when you go through the process of applying for the job and get hired?

Aldi recommends business casual attire for interview (a good rule is to dress one-level higher than the dress code at work; it’s better to overdress than to under! ).

These are business casual pants, for both men or women.

Similarly, if you have been invited to an open house for applicants, business casual would be an appropriate dress code.

Aldi may be a good place to start if you’re looking for employment.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi’s dress code does veer toward the conservative, but individuals stores – and the managers who get the final decision when it comes to issues not covered in detail in the employee handbook – will vary when it comes to matters like dyed hair, tattoos, piercings and even pants.

    Are You able to dye your hair at Aldis?

    Aldi is a conservative and clean-cut company and its employees should reflect this. Excessive tattoos, hair dye and jewelry are strictly forbidden, though they are permitted in moderation. Please read on to find out the Aldi guidelines and what might be happening at other stores.

    Can Aldi Employees Wear Shorts?

    5 answers. Regular associates are known to wear navy blue shirts. Grey shorts are preferred by managers. Management is also expected to wear black slacks, but emplolyees can wear regular work jeans as long as they aren’t ripped.Jul 14, 2016

    Can You Have Tattoos At Aldi?

    They are permitted. Piercing the face is not permitted. No facial piercings. Tattoo’s are allowed as long as they are not offensive.Apr 29, 2017

    How do you dress to work at Aldi

    You should generally wear business- or professional attire. The suit jacket might include slacks that have a shirt or tie, as well as slacks. It could also refer to a blouse and/or dress for women.

    .Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

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