Aldi Vs Lidl: What’S The Difference

Aldi Vs Lidl: What’S The Difference In 2022? (Price + Products)

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Aldi is the German supermarket chain. Lidl, the rival grocery retailer has just claimed their US territory as of 2017. Lidl is headquartered in Virginia and now operates around 100 stores, as opposed to Aldi’s more than 2,000.

  • It is not surprising that Aldi and Lidl have very different pricing strategies. These are the most important facts you need to know about Aldi or Lidl.
  • Aldi Vs Lidl: More Similarities Than Differences
  • When comparing Aldi vs Lidl, there are many similarities such as both grocery stores selling private label products, a focus on passing on savings to customers, and store locations (10,000 Aldi stores and 11,200 Lidl stores globally). The Albrecht brothers started both Aldi & Lidl.

  • To learn more about the similarities and differences in prices, locations, quality, products sold, and much, keep on reading!
  • Aldi Vs Lidl: Price
  • A variety of sources have stated that while the price gap between Aldi and Lidl is pretty small, it does still exist. UK news media reported that Lidl had been named the most affordable supermarket!
  • Although several websites claim Aldi has beaten Lidl when it comes to low prices, I checked out a number of items and found that they were not the truth. I first looked at produce.

    A 12-oz bag of organic kale greens is $2.89 at Aldi; but a slightly smaller bag (10 ounces) was only $2.79, and on sale, it was only $2.29.

    Aldi offers three packs of green bell peppers starting at $2.19, while Lidl is selling them for $1.99 per each.

    It was quite surprising so I decided to look at pantry staples. Aldi has a 2-lb bag with light brown sugar, which sells for $1.29; Lidl offers the same.

    The price of extra virgin oil was the only thing that I noticed. Aldi sells a container for 18c per ounce while Lidl will cost you 22.8c. They are sold in two different sizes, and Lidl has the bigger one.

    Pure vanilla extract was another product Aldi beat Lidl on, a more expensive ingredient than sugar and flour. Aldi has two fluid ounces, which sell at $3.25 for Aldi and at Lidl at $3.39.

    While it would be difficult to compare all the items in every store, it seems clear that Aldi is more competitive than Lidl for a small number of products.

  • The price differences between supermarkets are there, although it is not as much as I had expected. Lidl is actually cheaper than Aldi in many categories.
  • Aldi Vs. Lidl: Locations
  • The difference in locations between Aldi and Lidl is perhaps one of the biggest discrepancies between the two.

    Aldi owns more than 2,000 retail stores in America, and they are located in 37 states. Batavia is Ill.

    Lidl has only 100 stores in America, having expanded in 2017 (with many more planned). Their headquarters is on the East coast with Virginia as their headquarter.

    Aldi operates 10,000 stores in over 100 countries. Lidl ranks second at 11,200 stores, distributed in 32 countries.

    Aldi has the US advantage, but when you expand the scope internationally Lidl’s stores outnumber them. Lidl also has increased its expansion. It plans to add 50 additional stores by 2021.

  • Aldi Vs. Lidl: Quality
  • Aldi is a brand that shoppers find attractive when they first try it. Aldi consumers who buy Lidl products are likely to be equally impressed.

    In some cases, reviewers preferred the quality of Lidl to Aldi, saying the produce looked fresher.

    This comparison comes as no surprise considering that Aldi’s produce section is often criticized.

  • Aldi Vs. Lidl: Products
  • Let’s look at some differences between Aldi and Lidl in terms of product. Lidl may simply carry items Aldi doesn’t, in many cases.
  • Lidl owns its bakery and makes fresh-baked bread. Also, fresh-baked literally refers to bread that is freshly made in the store and available for purchase on the same day.

  • Aldi has a wide selection of sourdough loaves, but they are not always pre-sliced. Lidl allows you to do that by offering fresh unsliced breads (with a commercial cutter if needed).
  • There is less plastic packaging for produce. One customer noted that although there were bags at Lidl, they seemed to have less or less impact on the produce bins. A third noticed that Lidl’s produce section was larger.

    Lidl offers bulk nuts! Lidl has the perfect place for bakers! You can purchase exactly how many nuts you require, and not more or less. If you’re a serious snacker, however, then you can order in bulk.

    International food – Lidl carries a surprising selection of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food, like ready-made falafel patties (boxed, too) and bottled tahini, as well as Turkish-style pizza, stuffed cabbage, couscous, and a trio of gelato flavors.

  • Sushi – While Aldi does carry frozen sushi occasionally as an Aldi Find, Lidl sells sushi regularly in their refrigerated section (although this appears to be only in non-US markets). This selection is amazing. With packages titled “Sapporo,” “Osaka” or similar, the little containers contain a wide variety of pieces.
  • Frozen dinners – Aldi’s US store doesn’t have microwaveable meals. We could not ask for more. These are available at Lidl, which makes it easy to grab a quick dinner or lunch.

    Lidl boasts that it has 80 percent stock from its own private store labels, compared with Aldi’s 90%. But this seems like much less. Lidl sells many of the trusted name brands, such as King’s Hawaiian rolls (with Daisy sour cream), Wholly Guacamole and Green Giant frozen vegetable soups.

    Aldi doesn’t sell gift cards all year, so Lidl offers them. Gap Home Depot Ulta Ulta (and yes Amazon) are just some of the many stores.

  • Aldi Vs. Lidl: Store Experience
  • Apart from different products Aldi and Lidl sell, it’s a diverse experience inside the stores. Here are some key contrasts.

    Aldi shoppers don’t need quarters – There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at Aldi with a large haul of goods and having no quarter. Lidl does not rent out carts, so it isn’t an issue. Even better, if you just need a few items, you’re not stuck pushing around one of those huge guys. For easier mobility around Lidl’s store, Lidl offers half-sized carts.

    Lidl shops are larger than Aldi stores. Aldi shops average 12,000 sq.ft, while a typical Lidl is around 20,000 sq.ft.

    Aldi is known for their sitting cashiers, who are more efficient than standing ones. Lidl has standing cashiers.

  • Check-out also features a double conveyor belt arrangement. Every register is equipped with two conveyor belts. Two conveyor belts are attached to each register so that the customer can place their shopping cart while the cashier scans the items.
  • The cashier will scan the next person’s item if the shopper is faster than the cashier.

    Aldi shops can be sounded a bit like there is something missing. One of the ways Aldi keeps costs down is by not paying anyone anything for the rights to play music in the store.

    Lidl is, however, willing to pay to hear some songs so customers will most likely hear the familiar tune while they browse the aisles.

    Lidl’s rewards program includes myLidl (a similar program to the shoppers club) and an accompanying app. Available for Android as well as iOS. Shoppers can participate in “games” within the app.

    A reward is given to a customer who wins a game by spending a specific amount. This coupon will give them a discount on their next visit.

    Lidl stands out from Aldi by the fact that it has coupons both for general usage and to be used in winning monthly games. Aldi releases coupons very seldom (maybe once or twice per year).

    The app allows shoppers to order groceries, while Aldi also offers mobile grocery shopping via their partnership with Instacart.

    For more information, please visit: 23 Aldi Statistics, Trends, Facts & Stats, Aldi Cheaper than Walmart and Aldi Special Buys.

  • Conclusion
  • The differences between Aldi and Lidl, who are more like German cousins than siblings, are many and varied, despite their seemingly similar end goal: to the corner the market on budget-friendly staples, while bringing in higher-end shoppers with weekly specialty finds.

    Are Aldi and Lidl in America going to be overtaken by Lidl? While it is too early to predict, there will be benefits for customers as these two grocery giants compete in the US.

    Which is more expensive, Aldi or Lidl?

    Aldi came in second place to Lidl as the most affordable supermarket for 2020. Lidl came out as the most affordable supermarket, with a price of PS23.29 per 22-food basket, beating Aldi, which was at PS23.64. Jan 19, 2022

    Does Aldi have the same prices as Lidl?

    Aldi’s and Lidl’s supermarkets can be hard to tell apart. Both supermarkets sound very similar. However, they are both well-known for being affordable, offering discount copycat products, and having friendly checkout staff. … The basket featured both own-brand products, such as eggs and apples. It also included branded products such Hovis wholemeal bread.

    Comparison of Aldi and Lidl

    Aldi and Lidl may be unique because of their private labeled items but the latter is more popular. Lidl offers more promotions than Aldi. Lidl employs EDLP promotion for non-foods unlike Aldi. Lidl, which was established in 1930 is much older than Aldi.

    Two Brothers own Aldi and Lidl.

    Aldi and Lidl are both owned by Germans but their owners are not related. Josef Schwarz began his career in the grocery trade in the 1930’s. In 1973, he opened the first Lidl Store.

    .Aldi Vs Lidl: What’S The Difference In 2022? (Price + Products)

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