Does Aldi Drug Test

Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

Founded 10 July 1946




(split in two parts in 1960, renamed to Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd in 1962)




Theo Albrecht

, Germany (Aldi Nord)


, Germany (Aldi Süd)
Number of locations






Convenience shop
Revenue Increase


121.1 billion (2021)



Trader Joe’s

(Aldi Nord)



It’s exciting to land a new job. However, before you are allowed to start working, most companies will require extensive paperwork. This includes drug testing for just over half the US businesses.

Aldi is known for its clean, professional brand and excellent reputation for treating employees with respect. This is the information you should know.

Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022?

Aldi employees have confirmed that Aldi drug tests new hires in 2022 and occasionally can drug test existing workers, if necessary. Aldi’s pre-employment drug test is typically done by urinalysis performed at an offsite testing center.

  • Aldi’s drug-test policy has many details. This includes what kinds of drugs they check for, where the tests will take place, as well as what changes might happen in states legalizing cannabis. Continue reading
  • What is the Aldi Drug Testing?

    Aldi’s corporate handbook includes these words:

    You are not allowed to work or operate Company equipment or vehicles.

  • Illegal drug use or possession is strictly prohibited on the company’s premises.
  • It is appropriate that the company drug tests new hires to determine if there are any drug-related issues in the workplace.

    Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

    Are All Hires Subject to Aldi Drug Testing?

    Judging by sources who have been hired, it is safest to assume that everyone will be drug tested as part of their pre-employment at Aldi.

  • Aldi’s career website lists all job descriptions. They include this: “Employment might be contingent on ALDI’s receipt a job-related drug testing, motor vehicle report, or reference check.
  • It couldn’t be stated more clearly. Do not assume you will be drug-tested by Aldi just because someone told you.

    Aldi does their drug testing in a way that is easy to understand.

    Aldi drug tests are conducted in many different ways.

    The hiring manager directs potential employees to an offsite third-party testing facility. This will take place during a second interview or third one.

    At a location like this, the test will take place at a set time and at a date agreed to. You will not be supervised while the sample is being taken.

    The second possibility that has circulated is that upon arriving for an interview, potential hires were then surprised with trips to the off-site facility to get spontaneous drug tests.

    When a company like Aldi states that they promote a drug-free environment, it’s important to take them at their word and be prepared for an unannounced test at any point.

    Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

    Aldi can test for which drugs

    Aldi performs urine tests to determine if you have any of the following drugs: marijuana, opiates (cocaine), and methamphetamines.

    Additionally, since Aldi used a urinalysis for testing, it is considered very accurate for picking up these substances.

    What Happens if Your Aldi Drug Testing Results Are Positive?

    A negative test will result in you being disqualified. It is most likely that you will get your results via regular mail within days. Aldi can expect to be contacted by the lab by facsimile in the meantime.

    If any of these conditions were found, you are likely to not hear back from your hiring manager.

    Aldi can be an attractive company so it is tempting to apply again. However, you should avoid using drugs before applying. Some sites recommend waiting at most six months before applying for another job.

    Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

    Does Aldi Drug Test Current Employees?

    Aldi is known for drug testing current employees. Aldi knows that once employees are hired, they will be using company property frequently so it is important to ensure that the environment is drug-free.

    Aldi states that testing will only take place if someone is able to provide good reasons for them to believe they have been using drugs in the past.

    Aldi does not want anyone to have a bad time. Safety is paramount in shops, where heavy equipment and machinery is the norm and many customers go through them every day.

    Aldi Drug test in states where recreational or medical marijuana is legal

    As more states legalize medical marijuana, this is an emerging and complicated situation.

    Aldi Corporate has not yet made any official statements, however there’s been some discussion on sites such as the Aldi Subreddit. Users claim that Aldi now denies hiring/firing based on positive THC tests, in line with changing marijuana laws.

    This is to ensure that the rules are uniform across all state stores.

    A handful of people from states that legalize medical marijuana have stated, among other things that THC will be detected in the drug test results and that medical reasons for it were provided at their interview.

  • Some users claim that Aldi no longer drug tests non-management hirings.
  • Aldi, however, hasn’t made an official statement nor amended the employee handbook, regardless of what individual claims may be.

    These policy changes may be made in the near future and in compliance with federal law, but they are not something worth risking.

    Aldi might offer you a job if you read about it. You will learn the reasons why Aldi costs so little, how to dress in Aldi and if Aldi can be traded.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi conducts drug testing on both current and potential employees. This is part of the company’s strict anti-drug policy. Potential employees who go through the Aldi hiring process must expect to have a drug test administered before being officially hired.

    Does Aldi Drug Test New Hires?

    Does Aldi perform drug testing? They perform drug testing.

    Aldi is a drug-testing specialist.

    According to the employees at ALDI, the drug test is performed on the urine sample. This test checks for THC, opiates and PCP in the urine. For drug tests, people may sometimes use synthetic urine. May 4, 2021

    Are you required to undergo drug testing before being offered a job?

    A majority of companies require that all potential employees pass drug tests before finalizing a job offer. This policy is common in well-respected companies and is mandatory for all job applicants. May 15, 2020

    Does Aldi Do Random Drug Test?

    Yes. ALDI can perform pre-employment drug testing, and tests in some other circumstances. However, the company will not randomly test employees.

    .Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

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