Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque

Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

Even though the German grocery store chain fell a little behind on their schedule, they continue to work towards the goal of 2,500 stores.

  • Arizona has now got its first Aldi shop. This may have you wondering: When will Aldi be available in New Mexico or Albuquerque. Below is the right answer!
  • Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

    How Many Locations are There for Aldi in New Mexico And Albuquerque

    Aldi may open shop in New Mexico and Albuquerque if they choose to go after The Land of Enchantment.

    Albuquerque is home to nearly 500,000 people in the urban area and just over half million within the boundaries of the city.

    There are many areas in the city that look good for Aldi stores, like Quigley Park, Nob Hill and Loma Del Rey.

    Santa Fe is the state capital and also located in Albuquerque.

    Santa Fe is New Mexico’s 4th largest city. It has an approximate 85,000 population. There are tons of tourist activities for the many historic sites.

    What Is The Closest Aldi To New Mexico And Albuquerque?

    Aldi’s closest store to Albuquerque lies in Gilbert (AZ), which is approximately 320 km southwest.

    Unfortunately, Texas’s locations are grouped easterly away from the TX/NM boundary.

    Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

    Shoppers Want to Shop in Albuquerque or New Mexico Other Than Aldi

    Albuquerque residents and new Mexicans may not have Aldi yet but they have many popular alternatives.

    There are 6 locations at the Sprouts Farmers Market, one in Albuquerque and 3 throughout the rest, with two locations in Santa Fe.

    In NM there are two Whole Foods Markets: Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

    In the state there are 23 Albertsons Markets, two of which are in Santa Fe. Ten others can be found in Albuquerque’s metro area.

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  • Conclusion
  • Aldi isn’t done growing the U.S. and their current building plan may have passed New Mexico.

    The future will show, but I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect that New Mexico would finally have at least a couple of Aldi stores as the company moves on to its next phase.

    Aldi opening new stores in 2022: Where?

    Aldi U.S. hopes to add approximately 150 additional stores by 2022. In addition, the company will continue its expansion in the Gulf Coast area. Aldi U.S. intends to make the United States the 38th State. Aldi U.S. of Batavia, Illinois announced Tuesday it will open a Lafayette store on February 10, 2022. This is the first Louisiana location for the company.

    Is Aldi Going Out Of Business 2022?

    Although many chain restaurants, retailers and restaurant chains have shut down, the pandemic did not appear to have affected Aldi nor its business model. Aldi, according to 2020’s article, is set to surpass the US as the largest supermarket chain by volume of stores in 2022. “Jul 12, 2021

    Aldi not in All States

    These States and Territories don’t have ALDI sites – Idaho and Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska.

    Is Aldi’S owned By Trader Joe’S

    ALDI & Trader Joe’s share no parent company and have no joint ownership. They do have a shared family heritage. Albrecht Diskont at that time was ALDI.

    .Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

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