Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken

Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken In 2022? (Surprising Finds)

Aldi, a German grocery chain, excels in earning trust from the public and providing high-quality chicken cuts at very low prices.

  • However, you may be wondering where Aldi gets their chicken. Are they running their own chicken farms? They might be amazed – and delighted!
  • Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken In 2022? (Surprising Finds)

    Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken In 2022?

    Aldi offers chicken under the brand Kirkwood. This includes chicken breasts (raw), drumsticks, and thighs. Also, Tyson’s frozen chicken products, such as chicken strips, or breaded fillets are available. Tyson products source the meat and then package it under Aldi’s exclusive label.

  • Now you might wonder how Aldi is able to sell so many chickens for less. Do they source ethically? What is the quality of their chicken? Keep reading!
  • Does Aldi Chicken Taste the Same as Tyson Chicken?

    Aldi’s Kirkwood brand chicken, which is sold in thousands at grocery stores all over the country, almost sounds too good for it to be true.

    However, this connection is not straightforward to draw. Food bloggers may have implied the truth or used carefully phrased statements like “I’ve heard …”” and “The rumors suggest that …”,” but it’s still far from being irrefutable proof.

    Let’s now examine the evidence.

  • Redditor 1 posted on the reddit r/keto stating that “Confirmed: Aldi Chicken a Tyson in Disguise”.
  • However, the claim was made by them and they even brought receipts.

    And you can indeed see that the boxes of chicken say “Tyson” on them. Although this is a great thing, it’s still not the same as the Internet.

    Two pieces of evidence from Tyson are the following.

  • First, a press release from Aldi in 2019 announced that they were recalling a certain chicken product; it begins, “In cooperation with Tyson Foods Inc…”
  • Aldi has a press release that concludes, “Consumers who have additional questions may contact Tyson Foods Consumer Relations ” It’s strange that Aldi directs customers to Tyson’s customer services if there wasn’t a direct link.

  • Second, an article on Tyson’s frozen chicken recall states that “in addition to Tyson, the recall now applies also to certain products sold under some store brand names, including: Associated Wholesale Grocers. Best Choice,’s Great Value, Aldi. Kirkwood brand
  • We can conclude from these three facts that Aldi’s Kirkwood brand chicken does indeed taste the same as Tyson brand chicken.

    Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken In 2022? (Surprising Finds)

    Aldi Chicken – Why are they so expensive?

    So, you may be asking yourself: How does Aldi get their chicken so cheaply? Does it have something wrong?

    It is fine. Aldi wouldn’t be in business selling chicken of lower quality to their customers.

    No, Aldi can sell their chicken for considerably less than grocery competitors because of their all-around business model.

    Aldi stocks 90 percent private label chickens, which is a great example of how they can save money on stocking large brands.

    Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken In 2022? (Surprising Finds)

    What is the best Aldi chicken?

    Aldi’s Kirkwood chicken will be exactly the same as Tyson chicken.

    Kirkwood Chicken is a great alternative to Tyson’s chicken.

  • Aldi chicken has been rated highly by Internet chatters. A commenter stated, “Whole Chickens are one of my staple Aldi foods, never had one bad.”
  • Although their boneless/skinlessthighs may sometimes have a few fatty spots, they are no different from most canned chickens you can buy at a grocery store.

    What Does The ‘Never Any!’ Label Mean On Aldi Chicken?

    Aldi offers chicken packaged under the Never Any! store label. This line also contains specialty products and meats like sausages, Hams, and Deli Meats.

    These Never Any! Items are described as premium quality and free of antibiotics, hormones added, artificial or other ingredients. USDA Certified and free of animal by-products. This means that the animals used to produce them are given vegetarian diets.

    These are Kirkwood chicken products. We can assume that they come from chickens of higher quality.

    Never Any! might be one source. One possibility for Never Any! chicken’s source is from local chicken farmers. Aldi’s reputation for buying beef, eggs, and milk from local farmers is legendary. This not only supports small farmers but also helps Aldi to keep their costs down.

    Aldi might have collaborated with local and regional farmers to procure the chicken for Never Any! line, though we can’t know for sure at this time.

    Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken In 2022? (Surprising Finds)

    Do Aldi Chickens Get Raised Ethically

    Aldi has a strong animal welfare policy. Read it here. Aldi’s efforts have increased in recent times to ensure humane treatment of poultry overseas.

  • Progressive Grocer says that the move may “serve to inspire other food retailers,” even those in the United States.
  • If you are interested in learning more, Aldi Instacart chicken and Aldi Red bag Chicken might interest you.

    You can also check our other posts regarding whether Aldi’s meat is Halal or good.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi Kirkwood Chicken brand is exactly the same as Tyson Chicken. It’s just that it’s cheaper due to Aldi’s cost cutting business model.

    Plus, they have Never Any! High-quality and affordable chickens are raised in ethically-sourced, humane conditions.

    Aldi’s chicken is worth a shot.

    Aldi’s Chicken: Where is it from?

    Aldi makes sure that every animal-based product sold under its Kirkwood brand is responsibly sourced. Aldi sources all chicken products including processed and frozen from Tyson Chicken Company. Aldi then packs and labels the sourced products. Jan 6, 2022

    Aldi Where Does Their Meat Come From?

    Most Aldi beef comes from local or regional farms located somewhat close to the store’s location. Thus, lower transportation costs help keep Aldi prices low. Their steaks include USDA Choice or Black Angus.

    Does Aldi Sell Kirkwood Chicken?

    Some people may recognize the Kirkwood Frozen Breaded Chicken Fillets as “Red Bag Chicken”, a name that is popularly used among ALDI enthusiasts. Frozen chicken breasts don’t contain any hormones, steroids or artificial ingredients. They are easy to cook and a great addition to any meal.

    Are Aldi Chickens Free of Allergens?

    All of Aldi’s organic and free-range eggs, as well as their free-range chicken, are RSPCA Assured, making them one of the largest retailers of RSPCA Assured free-range chicken in the UK. Aldi also offers Specially Selected pork loin cuts and salmon fillets. All are RSPCA Assured.

    .Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken In 2022? (Surprising Finds)

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