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Amazon Prime customers get a lot of benefits including unlimited photo storage, Amazon Prime Video access, free shipping and many other perks, all for a very small monthly cost.

  • Amazon Prime purchasers may ask if Amazon is charging tax. Keep reading the article to find out what I found!
  • Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022?

    Amazon Prime Memberships are subject to tax in selected states. This change will take effect from 2022. Amazon will also charge tax according the customers’ tax laws and amounts. The difference will be calculated at checkout. Amazon does not charge taxes in all 50 states, so Prime Memberships are available to those who live outside of these areas.

  • You can read on to discover more about the states that Amazon Prime charges you tax. How Amazon calculates tax. What is the Prime membership price with tax?
  • Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In All States?

    Amazon Prime does away with the need to collect tax from all US states. Currently, 34 states in the US have to pay tax for an Amazon Prime membership, while the other 16 do not have local taxes added to their total.

    These are the states which must pay taxes for Amazon Prime.

  • Alabama- 4%
  • Arizona- 5.60%
  • Arkansas- 6.50%
  • California- 7.25%
  • Colorado- 2.90%
  • District of Columbia — 6%
  • Florida- 6%
  • Hawaii- 4%
  • Idaho- 6%
  • Iowa- 6%
  • Kentucky- 6%
  • Louisiana- 4.45%
  • Maryland- 6%
  • Michigan- 6%
  • Minnesota- 6.875%
  • Mississippi- 7%
  • Missouri- 4.225%
  • Nebraska- 5.50%
  • New Jersey- 6.625%
  • New Mexico- 5.125%
  • New York – 4%
  • North Carolina – 4.75%
  • Ohio- 5.75%
  • Pennsylvania- 6%
  • Puerto Rico- 10.5%
  • Rhode Island — 7%
  • South Carolina: 6%
  • South Dakota- 4.50%
  • Tennessee- 7%
  • Texas- 6.25%
  • Utah- 6.10%
  • Vermont- 6%
  • Washinton- 6.50%
  • West Virginia- 6%
  • Wisconsin- 5%
  • Wyoming- 4%
  • Amazon Prime Members who are interested in purchasing an Amazon Prime subscription are encouraged to review this list. You will find out if the state they live in has to charge tax for their membership fees.

    Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    How does Amazon Prime calculate Tax?

    Amazon determines how much tax they will charge for each purchase.

  • The identity of the seller
  • The type of item or service purchased
  • Time and whereabouts of fulfillment
  • Your shipping or delivery address
  • Amazon will calculate tax for an order they have fulfilled based the local law and the state in which it was placed.

    Amazon Prime can be a service so they may not calculate the tax as they normally would if they are required to.

    Amazon Prime customers should therefore be well aware of any tax that they will have to pay when purchasing a membership.

    Amazon Prime Price After Tax

    Amazon Prime purchases will result in slightly different totals depending on whether the customer lives in an area that has tax requirements.

    Amazon Prime is $119/year or $12.99/month if customers don’t have to pay taxes. Customers who are required to pay taxes may have to pay up to $130 annually, depending on their state’s tax rates.

    California residents, for instance, will have to pay an additional $8.60 in sales tax to Amazon Prime.

    Additional taxes that customers may have to pay include state and local taxes.

    Amazon Prime may have a higher price in different states, after paying tax. The base price, however, is the same: $119.

    For customers who want to know the exact price they’ll have to pay to get Prime membership, it is a good idea to compare the Amazon Prime base prices with their own state and local taxes. This will ensure that no surprises are caused when paying for Prime.

    Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    Amazon Prime Doesn’t Charge Tax

    Amazon Prime memberships come with tax, as required by The State Department of Revenue. Even though Prime memberships may not be available to all States, states that pay taxes are legally required.

    Amazon Prime customers were upset about the tax they had to pay for their Prime membership. Historically, however, memberships that are retail don’t require taxes.

    However, the RCW states that if component products or services are subject to retail tax, then the membership as a whole is a bundle transaction subject to retail tax.

    In other words, Amazon Prime memberships are subject to taxes because they provide a range of services like shipping and handling that can be subject to retail tax.

    What can I do to avoid paying taxes on Amazon?

    Amazon Prime members cannot avoid having to pay taxes. Customers must be in the one of the 16 US states not subject to tax to get Amazon Prime.

    Amazon allows customers to purchase any other items without tax. This is provided that the customer lives in an area where Amazon doesn’t charge sales tax.

    We have posts about Amazon Prime that will help you learn more. These include how to cancel Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime trial without credit card. How many Amazon Prime can be used on different devices.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon Prime charges tax in 34 of the 50 US states. The base price for an Amazon Prime membership is $119 per year, but it can cost up to $130 per year depending on the amount of tax that customers are charged in each individual state.

    Amazon computes taxes based on where the order was placed and the applicable tax laws in each state. Amazon Prime is an online service that requires shipping, so there might be some slight differences in the tax costs.

    Amazon Prime Memberships: Are there any taxes?

    Do you have to pay tax for Amazon Prime membership fees Yes, Amazon Prime membership fee is subject to state sales tax. This tax doesn’t apply across the US. Amazon Prime member fees must be taxed by 34 US states, and District of Columbia.

    Amazon Prime 2022: What is the Cost?

    Current Prime members will see the updated prices effective after March 25, 2022. This date is the date for their next renewal. Upcoming updates: Prime member prices for the month will rise from $14.99 to $139, with Prime memberships costing $139 each year.

    .Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

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