What Age Does Amazon Hire?

What Age Does Amazon Hire? (15, 16, 17, Warehouse + More), Inc.
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U.S.: 950,000 (Jun. 2021)



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Amazon, an e-commerce retailer which has transformed online shopping for consumers, is the name most commonly associated with the retail business.

What Age Does Amazon Hire? (15, 16, 17, Warehouse + More)

Amazon’s customers are very interested in working with the company. You may be curious what age does Amazon hire?

  • It was something I had to learn so I started researching.
  • Amazon Hires In 2022 What Are the Age Limits?

    Amazon only hires people 18 years and older as of 2022. Amazon says they do not employ teenagers under the age of 17 due to safety issues. Once they reach 18, teenagers may apply to be a driver or warehouse worker at Amazon. In order to be allowed to work legally in the U.S., all employees must meet the minimum age.

  • For more information on Amazon employment age requirements including how old Amazon employees warehouse workers to hire and if teens are allowed to work in the Amazon warehouse, please read this article!
  • What Age Does Amazon Hire? (15, 16, 17, Warehouse + More)

    Amazon Hiring 15-Year-Olds and 16-Year Olds

    Amazon doesn’t hire high school students looking for summer jobs at 15 or 16.

    Amazon’s vast warehouses house a lot more heavy equipment than you might think, and pose a danger to workers younger than 18.

    While teens aged 15 and 16 have to wait a few years to work at Amazon, many other stores will hire them.

    Kmart Target Best Buy Best Buy American Eagle Outfitters and Target are just a few of the many options for students looking for work after school. Local supermarkets and small business shops offer high-schoolers the chance to get paid and have a positive attitude.

    When it comes to the hiring of minors, FLSA and state labor laws are strict.

    Amazon’s size and complexity makes it difficult to maintain safety of minor workers and enforce labor laws.

    Amazon will instead hire 18+ only. This is much more efficient and cost-effective.

    Amazon warehouses will be less unsafe for adult employees if they get the training and support that they need.

    Is it possible to work at Amazon if you are 17 years old?

    Amazon’s age restrictions extend to 17-year-olds too.

    Amazon shouldn’t hire anybody younger because of the stringent labor law.

    Amazon might not be an option for 17-year olds searching for work. But, it is good to know that many other companies have a policy of hiring teens.

    McDonald’s. Walgreens. Walgreens. Dollar Tree. These are only a few of many well-known establishments that allow applications from under-18s.

    Amazon may also require applicants with a GED or highschool diploma.

    Even for teenagers who graduated sooner, Amazon requires that they wait until the 18th to apply.

    What Age Does Amazon Hire? (15, 16, 17, Warehouse + More)

    What Age Does Amazon Hire Warehouse Workers?

    This warehouse is only open to those 18+. There are complex systems of technology and machinery that ensure efficiency.

    The thousands of available positions in Amazon warehouse locations are open to anyone who turns 18 after which they will be eligible for many different roles including customer service job opportunities, team member and operation manager roles.

    Amazon’s minimum wage is $15 per hour, so it’s an attractive place to work for those coming out of high school or close to graduating.

    You will need to give your name and address if you are applying to Amazon’s warehouse near you.

    Not only will you need to give your contact information but you also need confirmation of your educational status.

    Amazon warehouse jobs have a lot to offer. The majority of employees, aged 18+, can get basic qualifications.

  • According to Amazon’s official job site,, all applicants “must be able to understand and adhere to all safety requirements.”
  • Amazon Fulfillment Centers are open to anyone 18 years old and over who is interested in working in a warehouse environment that offers competitive wages and benefits.

    Amazon, unlike other stores, is open to hiring. If you are willing and capable of working hard, you may be hired for a role in a warehouse.

    What Age Does Amazon Hire Delivery Drivers?

    Amazon’s delivery drivers require that you be at least 21 years-old to apply.

    Amazon requires delivery drivers to be at least 18 years old in order to provide insurance. However, it is more comforting for drivers who have been driving for many years than those just getting their license.

    Amazon Delivery Service Partners drivers do not need an extra driver’s licence, but they need to provide proof that their minimum age is 21.

    Amazon regularly advertises for these delivery driver jobs, and if interested applicants meet the minimum age requirement and pass their background check and drug test, they can get started quickly.

    You can find more information in our posts related to Amazon background checks policy, Amazon dress code and Amazon’s pay policies for workers.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon offers its employees a competitive starting salary of $15 an hour. With bonuses, raises and other benefits, it is quite an appealing deal.

    Amazon is a company that hires people 18 and older, even though teens often look for jobs as teenagers at the ages of 15-16 or 17.

    Amazon is best to hire adult workers than minors, due to federal and state labor laws. Amazon cannot hire students in high school, but adults can apply at any moment for thousands of open jobs with their high school diplomas or GED.

    Amazon warehouses have a minimum of 18-year-old workers, and Amazon delivery drivers need to be aged 21.

    Amazon Warehouse: Can a 17-yearold work?

    You have to be 18 +. Amazon employees begin at 16

    What is the best age to start working in a warehouse as a 17 year-old?

    Warehouse picking/Packing Operatives Must Be 18 Years or Older*

    Amazon: Are You 17 at Amazon?

    No, the required age to work at Amazon is 18. Amazon only requires that you have completed a high school degree. Amazon has a variety of temp agencies that meet lower standards.

    Are 16-year-olds allowed to work in a warehouse?

    How old is the minimum age to work in a warehouse? Warehouse jobs are not available to anyone below the MSLA age, unless you have been given work experience by your school. You will need to be at minimum 18 for most part-time warehouse jobs.

    .What Age Does Amazon Hire? (15, 16, 17, Warehouse + More)

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