Home Depot Appliance Return Policy

Home Depot Appliance Return Policy In 2022 (Full Guide)

Home Depot, the largest home improvement chain in the U.S., offers a range of appliances.

  • Is it possible to return appliances purchased at Home Depot? What can I say? This is all that I have learned about the appliance return policy at Home Depot.
  • Home Depot Appliances Return Policy for 2022
  • Home Depot only accepts appliance returns on smaller appliances, for which customers have 90 days to return as of 2022. Appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers cannot be returned if they have been damaged, defective, or misaligned. You must return the appliance within 48 hours from purchase.

  • You can read on to learn how appliances can be returned to Home Depot. Also, what appliances you are permitted to return and when you must return them.
  • Home Depot Appliance Return Policy In 2022 (Full Guide)

    Can I Return A Home Depot Appliance Without the Receipt?

    Home Depot will accept a return of an appliance but not the receipt. If alternate proof is available, like a packing slip or packaging material, you are allowed to send the item back.

    Alternatively, Home Depot may be able to retrieve your order from the system if you paid using a credit/debit card and made the purchase within 90 days.

    Home Depot will accept returns if the purchaser is not able to produce proof. However, they may issue a credit or store credit equal to the purchase price.

    Can I Return A Home Depot Appliance Without the Box?

    If you do not have the box for your appliance, online shoppers have noticed that Home Depot may still accept the refund if it is in good condition.

    You should keep in mind, however that Home Depot may not be able to refund your appliance without the box.

    Home Depot Appliance Return Policy In 2022 (Full Guide)

    What’s the minimum time to return an Appliance at Home Depot

    Faulty major appliances need to be returned within 48hrs to get a refund. An appliance warranty may allow for longer periods of time.

    Additionally, you can return or exchange small appliances for reasons other than defectiveness, as long as you do it within 90 days.

    You will be able to return the appliance for a year if your purchase was made with a Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, or any other Home Depot credit cards.

    Are there any other ways to return appliances to Home Depot than the returns window?

    A small appliance must be returned in its unopened state with the receipt.

    You have only 48 hours to send them back to Home Depot for major appliances, if they are defective.

    However, most major appliances come with a warranty from the manufacturer that will allow you to replace your appliance after its return date expires.

    It is also possible to purchase a Home Depot Protection Plan to insure your appliance from the day of purchase.

    Under this plan, if you have an issue with your appliance, you can have it repaired under the Home Depot Protection Plan.

    Home Depot Appliance Return Policy In 2022 (Full Guide)

    How do I return an Appliance From Home Depot?

    Home Depot appliances must be returned in their original packaging and complete with any components.

    Keep in mind that it may hinder your appliance return to Home Depot if you do not have these items.

  • You Can Return A Major Appliance
  • You cannot return major appliances purchased from Home Depot unless they are damaged or defective.

    When you get your major appliance, Home Depot will give you 48 hours to return or request a pick-up.

    If you need assistance with returning a major appliance you bought online, please call Home Depot customer care at (800 455-3869).

  • Returning a Minor Appliance
  • Home Depot will allow you to return any minor appliances you purchased within the 90-day period.

    Similarly, you can also contact the Home Depot customer service to schedule a return if this is more convenient for you.

    What Kind Of Home Depot Appliances Are Acceptable For Return?

    Home Depot allows small appliance returns up to 90-days after the purchase.

    Home Depot sells small appliances such as blenders, air fryers and toasters.

    Home Depot cannot accept returns of major kitchen appliances (e.g., washers, fridges ovens dryers and microwaves) unless the item is defective.

    Once you have purchased or received your major appliance, you only have 48 hours to return the major appliance to Home Depot if it is faulty.

    Home Depot Appliance Return Policy In 2022 (Full Guide)

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