Best Putters 2020

What Are The Best Putters? The best putter should be the right balance between distance and accuracy to enable you to hit every golf shot consistently.

Ideal Length – What to Consider. Distance – The length of the putter needs to be able to comfortably fit into your hands without bending your wrists. The correct length will also depend on where your feet are positioned at address. Head Type – Ideally, yours will suit your dominant swing path and your strengths and weaknesses.

Ideal Length is the key factor that determines whether or not you have a putter that is suited for your game. You may have seen many of the great players using the wrong length. It can be an easy fix; a little tweak here or there. But this is one area of golf where you really have to pay attention to your own personal stance, which affects your stance on every shot. A good rule of thumb is to avoid putting your feet too far apart at address, particularly if you are a right-handed golfer.

Once you have got the right size for you, consider what other elements of your game you want to improve. If you don’t know how to set up a good grip, it’s worth spending a little time working on this with a professional trainer.

Once you have the length you need, it’s time to think about the shafts. It is important to buy putters that fit your height, but what is important is that you get shafts that are strong enough to give you the best possible grip.

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Look for a shaft with stiffer flex but not too stiff. If the flex is too much you can get wrist fatigue, and if your hands are tired the shots tend to not be as accurate. Also, it is very important that you get shafts with high lofted flex so that your backswing is more linear.

In choosing your putters, look for ones with a longer height to keep your head line straight and with a shaft that is appropriate for your body type. This should help you get the right grip without bending your wrists when swinging and achieve more lofted shots with less backswing lag.

You might also like to consider a putter that has a larger lie angle on one or both ends, although this is not as important as the size of the shaft. Just be sure the putter you buy matches your style of swing.

As you know putters have several different grips. But before you purchase any putters make sure you select one that is comfortable for you, one that offers you a good amount of grip on the club, and one that you feel confident in your ability to use.

For putting practice, I recommend the PING 2020 putter. This is my favorite putter to use when I am practicing my short game. It’s the fastest putting putter of its kind, and the shaft is designed for speed.

When putting on the green, the PING 2020 putter is ideal. The shaft is long enough to give you adequate grip, and long enough to give you a little bit of side spin, and fade.

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It’s also the best putter on the market when you are just learning the game, because it features a five-foot putter. It’s not as fast as the two-handed putter but will still give you plenty of putt distance.

There are many other brands of putters on the market, and most of them are not as durable as this putter. So you’ll need to do a little bit of research to find the one that works for you. And after that it’s up to you to choose one that is right for you.

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