Best Chess Books

Best Chess Books

best chess books

Chess Biographies And Game Collections

The personalities and actions of great players are as important as the moves and positions on the board. Chess is all about them. Because of their amazing commentary, and some great games, these books have been chosen. But also for the stories of fascinating lives (and one tragic). The fact that chess has produced so many interesting figures explains in part the size of this particular list. Baloven Kaissi is a Russian translation of Baloven Kaissi. Chess Duels are by Yasser Shirawan and Lodewijk Princes (GM AlexColovic). My 60 Memorable Games By Bobby Fischer (GM AlexColovic). My Best Games Anatoly Karpov. (IM Levon Altounian). My Great Predecessors series by Garry Kasparov. (GM Rafael Leitao. IM Christof Sielecki). My Life.

best chess books

Entertaining Chess Books

best chess books

Chessable’S Choices

best chess books

Chess Books Recommended for Beginners

Although learning chess can be difficult, it’s even more challenging to go from being someone who understands the rules to playing chess.

The chess book for beginners is a great resource. To improve your chess skills, it’s important that you take it seriously. It requires that you study chess like every other discipline.

Many texts are available for newbies. Therefore, choosing the best beginner’s chess books is difficult.

Chessable however has focused on these choices:

Tactics by Tim Brennan; Andrea Carson

Mastering Mates 1 is the quick way to learn how to mate But the big daddy of them all is GM Susan Polgar’s brilliant Learn Chess the Right Way series which covers just about everything.

Here’s our selection of top-rated chess books, for beginners.

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best chess books

Best Chess Opening Books

best chess books

The Best Chess Books For Intermediate Players

best chess books

Grandmasters: Best Chess Books

best chess books

The Best Chess Books

Chess players love chess books. It’s part of the culture of chess to read books. Fortunately, there is no shortage of chess books for us to read!

Is there a secret to a good chess book? We can draw several conclusions from the lists of top chess books in our opinion.

There is great chess within the books. No matter whether the book contains games of world champions and instructive positions during a specific phase, the beautiful and true beauty of chess will be on display.

The second is that some of the most important books are stories. It could be the story of a player’s journey as in Tal’s My Life and Games. It might be the story behind the evolution of Chess like in Kasparov’s My Great Predecessors.

Finally, many of the books inspire and teach. A beginner could study the champions Lasker or Capablanca’s first games, while a skilled player might dive into Dvoretsky’s manuals. These works, with their games, words, and positions, will inspire you to learn, as well as show you how.

Reading the books can be just as fun as the games!

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best chess books

Your Turn

best chess books

Mayhem In The Morra

best chess books

The Ebook: How to Improve on Chess

You can’t improve your game by making these 10 mistakes. Please enter your email below to receive the free ebook. I frequently get questions from players of all levels about what the best books are for studying chess. Because of this theme, I created an Online Lecture that focuses exclusively on the top chess book ever published.

That was the moment I created a basic article listing the seven greatest books ever written about chess. I decided that the article should be rewritten, with six additional works that I feel are most relevant to the training of my son.

Chess, which is the topic of a great deal of literature, is something that is highly personal. My list actually represents the books I read and that helped to shape my personality as a player. Although the books may appear in an order that isn’t predetermined, it does not reflect any ‘ranking. Even if you choose the most important, it is still difficult to pick them.

This collection contains 5 books and is aimed at advanced players with a rating above 2300 FIDE. Volumes 1 (about endinggame play–it contains incredible positions that taught me as a teenager how complex chess could be) and volume 2 (tactics), which include my favorite position Tal – Portisch. You can find positions that even Grandmasters will be unable to handle. It is not easy to achieve mastery.

In my opinion this Yusupov series revolutionized the study of chess players from basic to intermediate levels. All important aspects for the development of chess are covered, with a special emphasis on decision-making. While the theoretical discussion is brief, readers are asked to perform a series exercises. Recommend all of the books in this collection! I have three in my library and I can say that many positions are interesting even to grandmaster level.

It’s the best of classics. I’m lucky to have a Portuguese version in my library. It was not only written by one if the finest chess player of all times, but also contains a fair selection of games (both losses and draws). It is interesting to compare the analysis of Fischer, made in the late 60’s, with powerful modern analysis engines. Oder, even better, try comparing Bobby’s analysis and Kasparov’s. This is Volume 4 in the “Great Predecessors” series.

The famous book of the 1953 Candidates Tournament, won by Smyslov, has analysis of all games and is a fantastic way to improve our understanding of the game. Many comments contain a great deal of information, and there are few variations. The favorite book among many top chess players is this one. This book is great for when you just want to jump through some games quickly and without too much stress.

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.Best Chess Books

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