Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment Split

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning equipment Split to Buy in 2020

There are several types of air conditioners, but the Split model is one of the most sold in Brazil. It is practical and efficient and can be used in commercial and domestic environments. But before you purchase one, you need to check details such as the power, economy and extra features.

Models of brands such as LG, Gree and Midea Springer bring efficient options and have a great value for money. Thinking of helping you choose the best product, we make a purchase tutorial. In addition, we selected the top 10 split air conditioners market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Split

To choose the air conditioner split is necessary to observe some items like the power, if you have inverter technology and reverse cycle. Also, always observe the unit’s features, its voltage and has Procel. Check in detail each item!

Choose Power Agreement with Commodus Size

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment Split To Buy In 2020

The power of the air conditioner is set by a measure called BTU. The higher the setting, the greater the number of BTUs needed to cool or heat. To set the optimum power, you need to check some details such as the number of people and electronic devices of the room.

On average, environments that have up to 12 m² ask for a unit of up to 9000 BTUs. From 13 to 25 m², with an air capacity of 10 to 12 thousand BTU is ideal. However, for larger environments of 30 m² it is indicated an air of 16 BTUs while those between 40 and 60 m² request apparatus from 18 to 21 BTUs and so on.

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Devices with Inverter Technology Are More Economic

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment Split To Buy In 2020

In most air conditioners, the compressor is on and off to maintain the pleasant atmosphere. This just caused power surges and thus increasing the value of the electricity bill. In addition, there are many noises because of this process.

Thus, the Inverter technology is to change this system. In it, the compressor maintains the optimal air flow without requiring turning on and off the compressor. This technology increases slightly the price of the device, but can contribute to long-term energy savings.

If Mora Local Cold Prefer appliances with Reverse Cycle

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment Split To Buy In 2020

If you live in cities with large temperature variation, an air-conditioning with reverse cycle is ideal. This is because, normally, the air conditioners have only one cycle, the cold, which ends up not being helpful on days so cold.

To provide even more convenience to the user, there are some models on the market that also have the hot cycle, ie, reverse cycle. Thus, the air conditioner can be used both to cool hot days and warm cold days. Keep an eye!

Choose appliances with features ons for Greater Comfort

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment Split To Buy In 2020

Most handsets bring certain features that provide greater comfort to the user. They can, for example, offer different modes of operation, as the fan mode and the turbo function. In addition, some models feature functions such as Timer, Sleep and Silent Mode.

A great feature is also the cleaning warning, or own cleaning that some models offer. Others also bring a very interesting function is the Swing, it moves the palettes and directs air to acclimate the environment alike.

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Prefer devices Up to 45 Decibels

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Equipment Split To Buy In 2020

Another important point is to analyze if the air conditioner is too noisy, especially if the device is used in a residential area. Splits appliances are the quietest on the market, but still give preference to models with up to 45 decibels (dB) and ensures a level of comfort noise.

Devices between 50 and 60 dB are not so silent and, if used in residential, may hinder those who are in the room. However, these models can be used in commercial areas without major problems.

Pay attention on the Device Voltage

Be sure to check that the appliance voltage you want to buy is the same as the outlet where it will be installed. That’s because air conditioners are divided into two types of voltage: 110 or 220V.

If an air conditioner higher voltage is plugged into an outlet on lower voltage, it will not work. If not, you may burn. Therefore, to avoid headaches, be sure to note this detail!

Prefer devices with the Procel

If you want to save energy, appliances with Procel are indispensable. This seal is a certification offered by Inmentro for electronics that consume little power. Those who get an A, receive the seal. So always opt for an air conditioner with this certification!

Top 10 Best Air Conditioning equipment Split

In Brazil, the most common model of air conditioning Split available is the Hi-Wall. Thinking about it, we select the top 10 market players. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Air Conditioning equipment Split

Air Conditioning Split Dual Inverter Voice

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Air Conditioning Split Inverter

Air Conditioning Split Digital Inverter

Air Conditioning Split Ecoturbo

Air Conditioning Split Inverter Eco Garden

Air Conditioning Split Maxi Frio

Air Conditioning Split

Air Conditioning Split HW Inverter

Air Conditioning Split Hi New Wall

Air Conditioning Split Hi Wall Fontaine Cold

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Like these options, but still think they very expensive? So take the time to take a look at our selection of the top 10 air conditioners up to R $ 1500. Access the link below and check it out!

Choosing a split air conditioning can sometimes be difficult. There are several models, with the most varied powers and far removed from prices. So good analysis which the power required for the environment where it will be installed and which functions can help you!

Also, always search a silent device and consumes very little power. So you will acquire a quality model that will satisfy you. If still in doubt, return the reading of the text! And if you know someone who is also looking for an air conditioner, do not forget to share.

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