Top 10 Best Alcohol Gel

Top 10 Best Alcohol Gel to Buy in 2020

The alcohol gel is a powerful ally in the fight against germs and bacteria, and in recent months the demand for the product rose sharply. This is because the concern with preventing disease and contact with virus has become common for all Brazilians. But you know how to choose a good alcohol gel?

Faced with all this demand, brands like AsseptGel, SoftFix and Milligram have been noted for making good quality products. However, there are other good brands on the market. Therefore, we have prepared a complete guide on how to choose a gel alcohol and a top 10 best alcohol gel. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Alcohol Gel

Although it may seem simple to choose a good alcohol gel is necessary to pay attention to some details that make more assertive choice and appropriate to the type of use that will make the product. To learn more on such care, check below!

For further protection, Select Alcohol Gel 70%

Top 10 Best Alcohol Gel To Buy In 2020

The alcohol percentage in the product composition is the main protection factor indicator it provides. Typically found products with concentrations of 46% and 70%. This means that a 200 ml bottle, for example, has 92 ml and 140 ml of pure alcohol, respectively.

To protect against viruses and bacteria is the best option 70% ethyl alcohol. Importantly, the alcohol gel trading above 70%, it is forbidden to the general public, being restricted to health facilities such as hospitals and clinics. In addition, graduations above 70% are not effective in combatting viruses and bacteria.

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The fragrances can improve the use sensation

Top 10 Best Alcohol Gel To Buy In 2020

For those who do not like the smell that alcohol gel leaves hands and places, there are scented options, which can help improve the feeling after use. Note that products with these perfumes do not have a higher cleaning power, the result is just sensitive.

However, if you have any kind of allergy to perfume, it is best to opt for neutral products. An interesting detail is that some manufacturers have also used certain statements in the composition, which in addition to perfume bring other benefits, such as citronella, which acts as an insect repellent.

Sensitive Skin or Dry? Make sure the product contains Moisturizer

Top 10 Best Alcohol Gel To Buy In 2020

People with sensitive skin dryness may have some problems when using the alcohol gel for hand hygiene during the day. Among the most common are dryness, itching, redness and scaling of the skin. But that does not mean that these people can not use the product for protection.

Thinking about it, the manufacturers have alcohol options moisturizing gel. Thus, problems such as those mentioned above can be avoided, enabling the use of the product. However, if you still the problems are not solved, it is important to seek a dermatologist.

Note the Volume and Select Agreement with the Type of Use

Top 10 Best Alcohol Gel To Buy In 2020

Observe the product volume is critical, especially in online shopping, where often you can not have an accurate visual idea of ​​the size of the package. If you’re looking for a product to carry around on a daily basis, it is better to opt for bottles up to 100 ml, because they fit easily into bags.

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Now, if the intention is to leave the product at home or in the office the largest options such as 1 L, can be an excellent form of economy, as well as serving as a replacement for bottles with refill after use. Thinking about it, the brands have different sizes for the same product.

Top 10 Best Alcohol Gel

Now that you already know everything you need to watch to buy a good quality product, that it contributes the top 10 best alcohol gel? Remembering that this ranking was entirely made with good quality products, so we can further facilitate your purchase. Check out!

Top 10 Best Alcohol Gel To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of Top Alcohol Gel

Alcohol Gel Sanitizer Antiseptic

Alcohol Gel Hand Antiseptic

Alcohol Antiseptic Gel Moisturizer

Alcohol Antiseptic Gel

Alcohol Antiseptic Gel

Alcohol Antiseptic Gel

Alcohol Antiseptic Gel for Hands

Alcohol Sanitizing Gel Vegan Green

Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Sanitizer Gel for Hands

And then, you already knew all the points of attention involving the choice of a good alcohol gel? Do not forget to watch for these details, especially as the alcohol concentration that the product uses. This will ensure more efficient cleaning and combating viruses and bacteria.

So, what are you waiting for? Do not delay, search in detail the products listed in our rankings, we are sure that some of them perfectly meet their needs. If you like the content, be sure to share this material with your friends. To the next!

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