Top 10 Best Android Tablets In 2020 (Samsung, Multilaser, Dl, And More)

Top 10 Best Android Tablets in 2020 (Samsung, Multilaser, DL, and more)

With an Android tablet various applications and resources are at your fingertips! As the screen is bigger than that of a cell, it is more comfortable to read, watch videos, access social networks, play and even work, after all, there is also a tablet with keyboard and tablet chip, to be used without wifi , anywhere.

Whether for productivity or fun, observe the technical specifications to choose the best model. The Samsung tablets, Multilaser and DL are the most popular with the Android system, in this article we explain everything you need to know to choose the ideal model and also list the top 10 Android tablets of the moment. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Android Tablet

The ideal Android tablet should have the screen size and resolution suitable for your use of style, system version and technical specifications are also important, as well as the available inputs, additional items and if the model is a tablet with chip or do not.

Select the Screen Size and Resolution Suited to your style of Use

Top 10 Best Android Tablets In 2020 (Samsung, Multilaser, Dl, And More)

A reference to the Android tablet size is the screen, the smaller models, usually with 7-inch (7 “), are similar to the size of a postcard. It is perfect for you to hold in one hand, hold readings and children watch videos!

As for the models up to 10 inches (10 “) are ideal for playing games, watching videos with higher quality and even type as the keypad will be great on the screen. If the focus is productivity, the choice should be an Android tablet with 10 “or more, so it is easy to handle as you like and use the device for long hours.

The screen resolution is more important on larger screens, since the definition of the image is more apparent. On Android tablets of 8 “to 10” prefer HD resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, as in smaller models you will not notice much difference in image quality, resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels is great.

Focus on Productivity? Minimum prefer the Tablet with Android 7.0

Top 10 Best Android Tablets In 2020 (Samsung, Multilaser, Dl, And More)

The operating system is where it all happens on the Android tablet, Google’s system was created in 2008, since several versions were created. The manufacturers can put different versions of native Android system on the tablet, as well as make improvements and adjustments to the system.

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The Android 7.0 tablet is the reference, many models adopt this system version (2016) due to the focus on user productivity. The operation of the system should be simple, consistent and suitable for routine tasks, so we prefer at least Android 7.0 tablet if productivity is your main goal.

Brands like Samsung, Multilaser and DL invested in adaptations and improvements in this and other versions of Android, make sure it is suitable for your use. For example, the tablet to child has parental control over the content displayed, as the system has adapted to older letters and larger symbols, easy to navigate!

Check the Technical Specifications

The Android tablet’s technical specifications are the parameters that will probably make you love or hate the player. Pay attention to the processor, RAM and HD, as well as the battery and camera are used to the way they use.

Top 10 Best Android Tablets In 2020 (Samsung, Multilaser, Dl, And More)

No one would like an Android tablet that hangs all the time and can not run the desired applications. However, it is critical to align expectations regarding the performance of the device in general, Android tablets are devices with simpler specifications, for less demanding uses.

The quad-core processor, quad-core, with capacity between 1 and 2 GHz, is the basis for many Android tablets, to watch videos, access the internet and run some apps are perfect. However, if you need to run applications and more demanding games, a processor eight-core, with more than 2 GHz is recommended.

The RAM influences the Android tablet’s ability to perform simultaneous tasks, in this case, to use the device with simple tasks and one application at a time, between 512 MB and 1 GB is perfect. For moderate use, prefer 2 GB, but if you are using the tablet almost like a computer, 4 GB is ideal!

Top 10 Best Android Tablets In 2020 (Samsung, Multilaser, Dl, And More)

Many Android tablets come with HD storage memory with 8 GB capacity. This space is used almost completely if you are installing a set of core applications (such as social networking, video players, some games and applications work).

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If you need to take photos and record videos with your tablet, you need to save on the memory card or on the Internet. If you only use essential applications and most popular Android, 8 GB are ok, but if you need to install more applications and save files to the internal memory, prefer more storage capacity!

Top 10 Best Android Tablets In 2020 (Samsung, Multilaser, Dl, And More)

One of the major mistakes when evaluating the battery of a mobile device is to consider the mAh value alone. It turns out that every Android tablet has a different energy consumption, therefore, not always a high value mAh means greater autonomy of use.

Some Android tablets can have batteries with lower capacity, however, they consume less power may last longer working. So the best way to compare this parameter is to check the autonomy of use indicated by the manufacturer if this makes available the information!

The camera is a highly valued feature in smartphones. However, the Android tablets this feature does not end up being a deciding factor for purchase. Rightfully so many brands offer tablet models with much lower resolution cameras to those found in most smartphones.

However, it is undeniable that having a camera on the tablet can be useful in some situations. Whether it’s a simple registration, or to let the children playing in applications with fun filters.

For recreational and simple uses, like posting images on social networks, a front and rear camera with 2 MP ever realize! However, evaluate your use of style and is worth the investment in more expensive handsets with better cameras, or if you really prefer a cheap Android tablet, without so much quality in this feature!

Entries Are Important, Choose Least MicroSD

The inputs allow you to connect a new device and increase the tablet’s capabilities. The reference is a microSD slot for memory card, only buy Android tablets that allow this expansion, because the native memory of the device will become small as you go using.

The USB, micro USB and USB Type C is one more item that can be very important. These inputs allow you to tailor the Android tablet to connect to TVs, monitors, keyboards and other devices. If you have any of these entries, even better!

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Headphones and Pens are items Additional That Facilitate Your Life

Additional items are always welcome, for example, the tablet with keyboard is very valued for productivity due to ease the keyboard offers to enter. However, several brands sell of the keyboard for tablet, so check what items are part of the Android tablet set that you will buy.

The headphones and the pens are two practical items for day to day with the phone already in the set do not have to worry about buying one separately. Already the pen brand, works with full compatibility and allows you to perform different activities on the tablet, a great advantage if it come together!

To Wear Away From Home, No Wifi, You Need a Tablet Chip

To use away from home you need a tablet chip, that is, who has the ability to receive a mobile data connection. The tablet chip can come with one or two slots (dual chip), ideal for those customer is more than one telephone operator. If you will take the tablet back and forth, prefer to chip slot!

Top 10 Best Android Tablets to Buy Online

Now, you already know how to evaluate the best Android tablet models yet selected the best options available for easy online purchase. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Android Tablets

Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T835

Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T815

Now you know the different types of Android tablet on the market, such as models with chip, for children and with Android 7.0 or 8.1 system. In addition, observing all technical specifications, additional items and tablet features that we mention in this article, you will be able to certainly choose the best model for your use of style!

Our ranking was comprehensive, if you need a cheap tablet you found in the top 10, as well as if I was looking for what the best tablet Samsung the moment, he is among the models listed! Check whenever you need an Android tablet and do not forget to share with a friend or friend who is looking for this type of device!

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