Top 10 Best Applications Spending Control In 2020

Top 10 Best Applications Spending Control in 2020

If you are in need get out of debt or a separate money to invest one thing is important, make a financial planning. No planning begins without effective cost control. If before many were using spreadsheets to control spending, there are now apps for that!

Apps such as My Savings, Organizze Guiabolso and allow you to make a budget, record the revenues and expenses, see charts and other uncomplicated functions. But how to choose one? In this article we explain it and show the top 10 applications to control spending. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Application Spending Control

Know the applications for expense control methods and choose the best for your profile. Check what data it covers, if there is data import and sharing. Also see if there is synchronization, security measures and, finally, evaluate the plans to have extra functions. Know more!

Select the Fill method As Your Profile

Applications for cost control have two methods related to the release of information. If you prefer practicality, the automatic method is the most recommended. But if you want to really engage in financial control prefer the manual!

Top 10 Best Applications Spending Control In 2020

We manual filling with expense control applications you need, most of the time, enter the data and categorize. At first it may be difficult for those who usually do not control this, but over time it becomes easier. Two excellent are the Money Lover and My Savings.

Although they have some data import functions, the basis of these apps is the user-information supply. They are perfect to develop the discipline or to scan sheets of those who make handwritten notes. For those who have had the habit to control spending, this is the best choice!

Top 10 Best Applications Spending Control In 2020

The apps that run automatically fundamentally work with the import data directly from the bank statement. They are much faster and practical, but still, you can make manual entry when you prefer. Mobills and Guiabolso are two of the most famous applications.

Some apps rely on artificial intelligence. You categorize each expense once and it will record the new spending in the appropriate category. It is very practical, especially if you need to control spending but do not want to spend too much time writing down one by one!

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Applications Automatic prefer importing Other Data

Top 10 Best Applications Spending Control In 2020

In addition to the data of the bank statement, some apps can import information from other sources, such as Excel files, spending messages in text messages and even photos of receipts. This is very practical and can encourage you to continue to control spending, even in a phase more disheartened.

It is important to assess the reliability of the application before allowing an automatic import of any sort. However, the applications available on Google Play and App Store has more credibility because they are valued by companies and users. You can trust!

Check which covers Financial Data App

Top 10 Best Applications Spending Control In 2020

If you are starting to control spending you may need a more basic app, with a smaller scope data. However, the more you advance in personal finance, will feel more need for a complete application that allows the registration of all the information.

Many applications have features that allow planning beyond the budget. Before choosing, check what data you can enter in the app. The more comprehensive the better! So you can control not only the financial costs, as all your personal finances.

The key financial data and cost control are: revenue, fixed and variable expenses, transactions, bank accounts, credit cards, budget, goals you want to achieve with the financial control, investments you own.

Prefer Applications with Password or Unlock by Digital

Top 10 Best Applications Spending Control In 2020

Currently many people realize all banking by mobile phone operations. And apps use various security measures. With financial information, the security measures are essential! Keep an eye if the spending control app you chose is also safe.

In addition to encryption, especially needed to import bank statements, verify that the application has the option to enter a password or place the digital. So you prevent intruders from accessing your personal finances even if you leave the unlocked cell phone or it is stolen.

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Consider sharing between Family and Friends

Some applications can be used by more than one person, which facilitates control of spending with family and friends. For those who live together is a great advantage to use the app to control the residence of spending. You can also control and split the travel expenses and barbecues.

Some apps allow you to create an account for each person, however, much work with the same account, which can be accessed from different devices. But it is important to remember that access sharing reduces privacy because everyone will know the total spending!

Prefer Apps with synchronization between devices

Many applications also run the web. So in addition to view and record the data on Android or iOS smartphone, you can access your financial control by computer or laptop browser. This is very advantageous because it means that the data is stored in the cloud.

Besides the convenience of being able to use the cost control in the browser, the data stored in the cloud are a backup. Depending on the application, you can use Google Drive, Dropbox, iTunes or iCloud. You have greater security that will not lose data if you lose or change your phone

Subscription or Pay Rate for Single Have Access to More Features

Most applications for cost control are free to install and use a limited number of functions. The subscription plans release extra features that let you add more accounts, cards, or to import bank statements. Some applications ask for payment of a single fee.

In the beginning you should not pay for spending control application, use for a time and rate. You will probably feel the need to expand the functionality. Invest in subscription plan spending control app you’re used to and advance in their financial planning!

Top 10 Best Applications Spending Control

Now that you know how to choose an application to control spending, check out the selection of the best available on Google Play and the App Store. Do not waste time, select one and download now!

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Comparison table of the Top Applications Spending Control


Mobills – Financial Control and Personal Finance

Organizze – Expenses Control and Monthly Expenses

Guiabolso: Smart Choices pro Your Money

Olivia: Your Financial Intelligent Assistant

Money Lover – Expense Manager

Tricount – Share Expenses Friends

Monefy – Money Manager

Check Our Other Indications Applications

There are many applications for learning languages, dieting or provide other facilities for day to day. Check our articles with various applications of information for different purposes.

If you are wanting to control spending is because it is interested in saving, is not it? In addition to organizing and planning, a fundamental basis of personal finance is to save on wasteful spending and all that can be cut without impacting both your life!

The 1st tip to save is to stop paying outrageous bank fees. If you do not use both the bank makes no sense to pay high levels of charges. Please contact your bank and negotiate, on the competitiveness of the sector you can even select a bank without tariffs.

Our 2nd tip is to avoid impulse purchases and unnecessary expenses. Make a shopping list, keep the focus on the list and buy only what is necessary. The 3rd tip is: eat at home more often! Eating out is a financial drain for many families. Go to restaurants, but do not overdo it!

With the applications shown in this article, make a personal financial control was much easier than you thought. Is not it? So evaluate your profile and needs of control spending, read about each of the applications and select the one that best fits what you need!

With a spending control application will be easier to pay off debts, plan a budget, financial goals and even start investing. Download now one of the apps, make your personal financial planning and change your life. Oh, and share the article with those who need to control spending!

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