Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Videos In 2020

Top 10 Best Applications to Edit Videos in 2020

Apps to edit videos easily allow you to create movies on mobile, including professional quality. They are a great choice for those who want to post their creations on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other online platforms, or just develop their skills.

There are numerous application options of this type available in the online stores of Android and iOS. So you can choose the most suitable, we will present the most important features offered by them and also a ranking with the 10 best applications for editing videos. Enjoy the tips!

How to Choose the Best Application Edit Videos

That video editor app, full of functions, runs on my smarpthone? You will need to pay to enjoy all the features? What effect it lets you add? To make great creations and attract large audiences, consider the following factors before you download and install a program.

Identify the Operating System Compatible with App

Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Videos In 2020

The first question that you should consider is the app compatibility to edit video with your phone system. If you have an Android device, you will only install on your device applications that have version for Google’s system, noting that the latest is Android 10.

For those who have an iPhone or an iPad, you need to look for specific apps for iOS, Apple’s operating system. He is currently in version 13.3.1, but as in the case of Android, the editing apps for iOS can also run on older versions of the system.

Check out What Are The Features Available in Free Version

Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Videos In 2020

In the virtual store Android and iOS apps there are many free programs available which offer great resources for you to mount the video in its way, including adding some effects so that they are with a very professional look.

However, some of them only release access to certain tools if you purchase the paid version, which can be a problem for those seeking specific functions only available when you purchase the license. Thus, pay attention to this detail before download.

Bet on applications that offer Various Features for Editing

The editing applications can have very interesting features to make your work even more complete. But these features may vary by program. Below, we present some of the most important and attractive. Know more!

Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Videos In 2020

In some editing work you may need to add photos, slideshows, and other types of still images in the recording. It turns out that not always the apps to edit video on mobile offer this option, especially in their free versions.

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If you need to include other types of files to the original recording, such as photos, in addition to the transmitted information, it is recommended to choose an app with more advanced features. The software that provide this type of function let your video more complete.

Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Videos In 2020

Besides the photos, you can also add captions and other written information in the video, to translate words in other languages ​​and identify people and places, for example. Written communication contributes to the production and brings complementary details to what is being displayed on the video.

Many apps offer such an option, allowing create videos with a visual more elaborate and complete. But some of them may have certain restrictions when using this feature, as compared to the size of the characters and the position of the letters in the video. Keep an eye!

Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Videos In 2020

Videos with effects become much more interesting and make all the difference in attracting more views on YouTube or on other platforms. The effects are present in some apps, giving the user the chance to do, for example, transitions to improve the relationship between the images.

There are also effects like blur, very used to “hide” elements of the recording or people you do not want to display. Adding filters to the image makes all the difference, vintage classic, for example, give the video an older air and is often found in various apps.

Apps to edit video with music feature are among the most popular, as they offer greater creative freedom. In this case, there are usually those who accept only incorporate the application’s own audio tracks and also those who allow import any sound file of the cell.

If the program makes it possible to add music, probably also offers the opportunity to insert other types of audio files, such as narration, animal sounds, etc. With this, you have numerous options to modify the original recording, creating a very unique and professional-looking video.

Make sure there Duration Limit for the Final Video

As we said earlier, certain apps to edit free video may have certain limitations of use, including the length of the video, which becomes a problem for those who need to edit recordings that have several minutes as videos of parties or wedding, for example.

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If you will deal with short videos, recordings for Instagram and to share in WhatsApp, it certainly will not be a problem. But if you want to create productions for posting on YouTube, or to use professionally, you must choose a software that does not have this limitation.

Attention has with Apps that Saves the video with Watermark

It is common to find free video editing apps that leave a watermark on the final output, which may be the program’s logo or some advertising company that produced it. This impairs the appearance of the work, which is not recommended if you are making a professional video.

We recommend investing in an application that allows to remove the watermark, especially if you want to make money from the edited videos. Therefore, you may need to purchase a paid version, but do the test, as some apps to assess the tool before making payment.

Bet on options that allow Easily Share the videos Ended

Finally, it is interesting to see if the app to edit videos on your iPhone or Android brings the option to share the finished work directly on your favorite social networks and video platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and others.

With this type of tool, the user can send direct ready video to social networks, to your contacts, or even by email. So you avoid the hassle of having to download the edited file from the mobile and then make sending manually for each platform.

Top 10 Best Applications to Edit Videos

We saw the features that can make a difference when choosing the best video editing app for your phone or tablet. Now that you know a little more about them, know the 10 most sought options on the Apple Store and Google Play and check out even some of the features offered by them.

Comparison table of the Best Video Editing Applications


InShot – Video Editor with Music

VivaVideo – Video Editor with Photos and Music

VideoShow – Video Editor

YouCut – Video Editor

PicPlayPost – Video Editor and Creator of Collages

PowerDirector – Video Editor

KineMaster – Editor and Video Creator

Magisto – Video Editor

VLLO – Application Edition Video Easy

Quik – Video Editor

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Check Tips for Creating Awesome Videos and High Quality

It may even seem simple, but create high-quality video requires a lot of attention to detail. Since the mobile position to image stability, it makes all the difference in the outcome of their production. So find below our recommendations to raze the next recordings!

Results for Professional, Make recordings in Horizontal

In addition to using a good image editing application, you need to take other precautions to make quality films. Start by recording the material, which must be made with the phone horizontally. This mode allows capture more elements in the landscape and makes editing.

It is also interesting to hold the device with both hands, to avoid rocking the device. Another tip is to use the camera’s manual mode, if your smartphone has such option and you have familiarity with the settings. In the latter case, alter the settings to get professional results.

To ensure stability, use a tripod for Smartphone

Besides avoiding camera shake, giving greater stability to the unit and resulting in much sharper and good quality images, the tripod for smartphone brings greater freedom to the user. With it, you can even leave the device unattended while filming analyzes other items of production.

Found in different sizes and formats, the accessory is easy to assemble and use, and does not take up much room in the backpack. Register images at incredible angles is another advantage offered by the accessory, which in some models even have Bluetooth connection to trigger the camera remotely.

Discover also the Best Applications to Edit Photos

If you love a good visual content, certainly we will also use our application tips for editing photos. Check out the article, the indications and the ranking, which includes options to edit the image quality, offer collages and even filters. Click in the link below!

Already you know which app to edit more videos suits what you need? We hope that after all these tips, make your choice becomes much easier. If you have any questions, just go back to the text to reread the explanations and suggestions.

Another important detail is that some apps require more cell processing to upload videos in high resolution. So be sure to check if your phone has the requirements to use the desired program. Now it’s up to you. Show all your creativity and make beautiful films!

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