Top 10 Best Apps For Learning Korean In 2020

Top 10 Best Apps for Learning Korean in 2020

Today, the Korean language is among the most consumed in the world. Dramas and songs of K-pop groups such as BTS and blackpink are trend and attract many people. If you want to learn this language, there are several applications available, including versions 100% free.

With it you will be able to study alone or in community Korean. Apps like LingoDeer, Mondly and Drops are among those opcoes.Para help you to choose, separate tips incredible and selected the 10 best apps to learn Korean with Android or iOS. Check out!

Understand the Korean alphabet

Top 10 Best Apps For Learning Korean In 2020

Unlike the Portuguese, which uses the Roman alphabet, the Korean use Hangul or Hangeul, which has very different and individual characteristics of our alphabet. Knowing this is the first step to understand the language more thoroughly.

Unlike languages ​​such as Chinese and Japanese, which have ideograms, the Korean alphabet is phonetic. That is, the characters together form consonants and vowels, like the Portuguese. Thus, it is easier to learn this language, is not it? So, check out our tips and start their studies.

How to Choose the Best Application to Learn Korean

Today you can learn a language in the palm only with the phone. Therefore, we have prepared this guide to choose the ideal app to teach Korean to suit your needs.

Choose Agreement applications with their Learning Needs

Initially, the study of the Korean language may seem a little complicated. However, if you choose what suits you format it will be easier to learn. Understanding these differences will help you decide the best option. Check out what they are.

Top 10 Best Apps For Learning Korean In 2020

If you want to learn the essentials of Korean language, look for this application format. He teaches the Hangul characters and the operation of the combination of vowels and consonants. In addition to the alphabet, you will also learn essential words and phrases.

In many cases, you can hear how to pronounce, so you can learn more practical. If you want to carry out a trip and need to know at least the basics to not get in trouble, this kind of application is very useful.

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Top 10 Best Apps For Learning Korean In 2020

If you want to get a feedback of how your Korean level, community applications are ideal. You can send questions or start conversations with people from different countries, which will help you to improve the language.

Despite this advantage, do not forget that this type of app requires social interaction and you do not fully know the person on the other side. So it is important to take the necessary care and not pass personal information to strangers.

Moreover, these applications are focused on the practice of language, but not in teaching. Therefore, they usually do not offer lessons, for example.

Top 10 Best Apps For Learning Korean In 2020

This app format offers from beginner to advanced level content to teach progressively. Regardless of your level of learning, this format will help in their needs. You will learn from simple words to structure the sentences.

It is ideal for learning more advanced sentences and encourage to practice speaking and listening. By following these steps, you’ll be getting closer to understand Doramas dialogues and risk understand the K-pop music, for example.

Top 10 Best Apps For Learning Korean In 2020

Many people have difficulty learning a language in a traditional manner. Thus, training applications will help to study the language in a more relaxed manner. In addition to everyday expressions, you can learn from music, news and even stories.

Conventional applications teach vocabulary in specific situations. But if you want to know varied expressions, consider downloading this app format. The more words you know in different contexts, the easier it is to risk the language!

Look for applications that Teach Hangul

As the Korean language uses a different alphabet from ours, it is interesting to check for applications that have the educational function of Hangul step by step. If beginner, use apps that teach how these characters are pronounced to develop speech quickly.

This language has a correct sequence to write the traits of each word. Because of this, the sooner you know that order, less complicated will be the next stages of evolution in the language.

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Typically, community apps and texts do not teach Hangul. Regardless of the app is in full mode or phrases, make sure they have this option. You can also find those who are focused only on teaching this alphabet, to improve faster.

Apps that teach for Games can be a Good Option

Applications with games feature allow fun together with knowledge. The motivational factor in these hobbies causes the student to learn differently from conventional language apps.

These teaching models through games can help in the development of logical reasoning. When troubleshooting questions and level up, the student transforms language study experience into something more enjoyable.

Applications that have basic and full version often use this method. But the community and learning for music and texts have no games in general.

See Available Contents in the Application Version Free

Most Korean Apps offers a free version with some paid part. This way, you can download and use much of this content without having to spend. In some cases, the application limits the daily use time or place ads, but this does not affect all the learning experience.

If you test the application in the free version and have interest in premium mode, consider purchasing the final form content. There are a variety of good materials that are worth the investment! So stay tuned to the amount charged in the paid version of the app to see if you meet your budget.

Top 10 Best Apps for Learning Korean

Now that you’ve seen how to choose the right application, check our ranking of 10 applications to learn Korean. Find out which option is best for your needs and download it on your device available by link!

Comparison table of the Best Apps to Learn Korean

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Now that you know all about the Korean applications, be sure to stay focused and try to study regularly with a study guide. The process of learning a new language can seem difficult, but the results will be worth it.

If you have questions, be sure to return to our ranking and also to our tips. We will be here to help you. Good studies!

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