Top 10 Best Apps Movies And Series 2020 (Netflix, Prime Video And More)

Top 10 Best Apps Movies and Series 2020 (Netflix, Prime Video and more)

It’s great to watch that movie you were expecting or maratonar a series with loved ones, is not it? Know that you can watch directly from mobile through an application! There are several that offer movies, series and original releases that can be watched even offline.

Companies such as Netflix Inc, Tubi Inc, Mubi Inc and Amazon Mobile LLC offer applications with various genres content with information, criticism, and suggestions of films for every taste! To help you, we made a guide how to choose and list the 10 best applications of films and series market! Prepare popcorn and see!

How to Choose the Best Application Movies and Series

We gathered our tips below to choose the best application to watch your favorite movies and series. Each has extra features that make the most practical and personal experience, as well as types of exclusive content. Check out!

Choose Application Agreement with the Type of Use

film applications, and series may be split between subscription and rental or purchase. In them, you can watch in real time a series that is being released or a movie that just came out of cinemas. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type!

Top 10 Best Apps Movies And Series 2020 (Netflix, Prime Video And More)

Watch your favorite movies and series through applications with subscription plans. Various services use this method to deliver varied content to the user. For those who watch movies and series frequently and do not want to spend having to rent or buy individual movies, this is a great option.

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Most services give you the option of saving the content after it is released. So you can watch anytime, and has many more options of movies and series, not originals, as well as other companies.

Top 10 Best Apps Movies And Series 2020 (Netflix, Prime Video And More)

For those who used to rent movies in video stores many years ago know that today you can rent online! It is an advantage for those who do not want to pay for subscription plans. With the rent you pay only for the content you want to watch and if you do not watch often you can make a good economy!

The downside is that the content is not available for long. The deadline depends on each service. And if you decide to watch several movies at once will end up spending more. So choose this method if you know you will not watch very often.

Prefer Applications with Different Types of Content

Top 10 Best Apps Movies And Series 2020 (Netflix, Prime Video And More)

There are apps that provide content of various genres and formats. And there are those who are focused on a specific content. If you usually only watch movies, choose an application that has focus on them. Already you are fascinated by series, choose the applications that have a large library with them!

Some have only series and original movies. Choose an application so it is ideal for those who like a specific company. But if you like various producers and companies, prefer an application that offers more options. Thus, you will not be limited and bored so easy!

Check out the Extra Functions to Improve Experience

Top 10 Best Apps Movies And Series 2020 (Netflix, Prime Video And More)

Each application provides different functions that can make your stay more pleasant and practical experience. Some offer more autonomy for you to watch your favorite content anywhere, anytime! Check out some of them:

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There are other functions that may please you to watch live TV channel and anticipated premieres. With them you can watch in real time the program being transmitted and before everyone else. They are pretty cool, right?

Prefer Applications Compatible with Android and iOS

Top 10 Best Apps Movies And Series 2020 (Netflix, Prime Video And More)

There are several operating systems for mobile and tablet, the most popular are Android and iOS. Some applications are compatible with them, but there are those who only work on an operating system. This can be a problem if you use an Android device and the app is for iPhone only.

Not to take that risk, make sure it is compatible with both operating systems or system you use. This way, you will ensure the application running on your mobile without major problems.

Enjoy Free Content and check the Subscription Plans

There are several free applications with a large library of movies and series. Most allow you to watch the content without paying anything displaying ads. If this is not a nuisance, choose a free app. The ad can serve as a break to go to the bathroom or get more popcorn, right?

Many offer the option to create an account or make a subscription plan to not display ads. Besides this, the paid apps offer more convenience and freedom. The subscription plan can be determined by the date or the amount of screens that will be used at the same time. Choose according to your needs.

Top 10 Best Apps Movies and Series

Check out the following our ranking with the best apps for watching movies, series, TV shows, drawings and original content!

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Comparison table of the Best Apps Movies and Series





Check Our Other Indications Applications

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After reading all our tips on applications for watching movies and series, do not waste time and choose the best! See which offers the contents of your interest and analyze the available functions. Make sure you can watch offline to have more freedom and convenience.

We hope that you download the app, grab the popcorn and enjoy a lot! If want to read more suggestions from other applications and feel comfortable products to return to our website. Did you like the article? Be sure to share with others and make their lives easier!

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