Top 10 Best Apps Of Notes In 2020 (Pc, Android, Iphone And More)

Top 10 Best Apps of Notes in 2020 (PC, Android, iPhone and more)

Be quick to note any information, have the market list the hand or the day’s tasks, an application for notes is very useful. Today they not only serve to store data, but also as a true private secretary in the routine.

Some of them are Evernote, OneNote and Google Keep, but there are many others, each focusing on a form of content. To help you decide, we separate the top 10 notes applications. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best notes app.

How to Choose the Best App Notes

Before knowing the best notes applications, understand what a good app must have to meet their daily needs.

Your Use Define What You Need Functions in App

Top 10 Best Apps Of Notes In 2020 (Pc, Android, Iphone And More)

When searching on annotation applications, you will find the most diverse formats note. For example, while some only accept texts, others support various types of input, such as voice, images, post-its, videos, PDF, URL and even writing with the pen itself.

If you are the type that uses the application to organize the routine, the more annotation tools, the better. For those who just want a notes app to save reminders on your desktop, a post-its application might be enough.

Have your Share Option Notes with Other

Top 10 Best Apps Of Notes In 2020 (Pc, Android, Iphone And More)

Especially for those who use the Notes application to work or study, to share your notes or documents with others is very important. Some apps provide up to an internal chat that members can use to exchange ideas.

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It also has those who give the option to share directly with other work platforms or social networks like Trello, Excel, WordPress, Word and Excel. This helps keep the team synchronized with pending tasks and work already done.

Synchronize Your Access to Notes Anywhere

Top 10 Best Apps Of Notes In 2020 (Pc, Android, Iphone And More)

It is always good to choose annotation applications that have the option to synchronize data to the cloud or other safe place. Thus, you will not be hostage to their same phone if you lose it or if you need to access the app from elsewhere.

Some applications notes provide automatic synchronization, which saves the content automatically in the cloud or makes automatic backup-ups from time to time. Ideally already make the setting to download the app not to run the risk of losing anything.

Prefer products that are Compatible with Other Devices In addition to Mobile

Top 10 Best Apps Of Notes In 2020 (Pc, Android, Iphone And More)

Today there are application notes also have versions for PC, Tablet, Smartwatch and other devices. This is great for those working or studying on multiple devices at the same time, and do not want to have to be saving anything twice.

You can either choose to download the application or program on multiple devices accessing the website of the brand and have access to everything, which is the case with some apps. It is always important to read users’ reviews to see if, in practice, this feature really works well.

Note Until the point Notes Application is Free

Top 10 Best Apps Of Notes In 2020 (Pc, Android, Iphone And More)

There are apps notes that do not charge user and use ads as a form of monetization. In this case, there is usually the option of using the version without ads for a value each period. But there are also those who charge for donwload or offer a free trial period before requiring a signature.

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If you do not intend to invest in this type of app it is interesting to look for that is totally free content, or at least limited to ads, since it would be frustrating to be enchanted by the application and then find you can not keep it.

Top 10 Best Apps notes

Now that you know how a notes app can make your life easier, know best grade and the differential that can take you to download each.

Comparison table of the Top Applications Annotation and Notes

Nebo – Take effective notes

Google Keep: Notes and Lists

Notebook – Take Notes

Sticky Notes + Widget

WorkFlowy: Note, List, Outline

Visit Your Quickly Notes Anywhere

In addition to phones, the so-called smart watches are the easiest way to receive reminders and notes anywhere. This helps during a race, for example, which can not always keep the cell phone in hand.

To help you choose the best option and that is compatible with your application notes and annotations, we recommend that you read the MyBest articles about the top 10 Apple Watch and Top 10 SmartWatch.

Choosing a good application notes is one of the best ways to get your information and documents organized and available at any time. We hope our article has helped you choose the best option for you.

Feel free to go back on our Top 10 to follow the download links as often as you want, as well as tips on how to choose. The MyBest always have the recommendations of the best products, so be sure to come back whenever you need.

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