Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Compress (Hot Or Cold) In 2020

Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Compress (Hot Or Cold) In 2020

Top 10 Best Bags for Thermal compress (Hot or Cold) in 2020

A cool bag to compress is a great ally in combating muscle pain, cramps and migraines. Taking a few basic precautions, it is an item that can be used on anyone and at any time of the day without worry. And it may not seem so, but there are several options on the market since the rubber bags, common until the electrical bags.

Mercur, thermo and Endurance are trademarks that present the best products of all kinds. There are so many options to help you choose the ideal heating pad, we have prepared a complete guide about this product. In addition, we also organize a ranking of the top 10 scholarships for the market compresses. Finally, see our usage tips!

When to Compresses Hot or Cold Water?

Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Compress (Hot Or Cold) In 2020

Most thermal bags can be used to make both hot compresses, as cold water. But you know what each kind of dressing? We will explain to you!

The hot packs are more suitable for treating traumas that occurred more than 24 hours, and boils and other types of inflammation. This is because the heat increases blood circulation, which helps contain the inflammatory processes. In addition, they can be used for muscle relaxation, toothache, menstrual cramps and migraines.

Already the cold water compresses, have the opposite effect, they constrict blood vessels, reducing blood flow. So they are widely used for recent trauma in which it is necessary to contain the blood circulation. Most common examples are tooth pain, post-injection and after shots to prevent bruising.

How to Choose the Best Thermal bag to compress

Thermal bags for compresses are products that we all have to have at home. And it may not seem so, but there are many details that must be observed before buying the ideal product. Therefore, we selected some of these points!

Consider Thermal Exchange Type

There are various kinds of vacuum bags for compresses on the market. They can be used for different areas of the body and are made of different materials. But all of them provide relief from any pain or discomfort. Below you will know the most common types.

Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Compress (Hot Or Cold) In 2020

Rubber thermal bags have a format that allows use in various parts of the body and are the most durable models on the market and can be valid for up to 5 years. However, depending on the size, they can be more comfortable to use in the stomach and back area. It functions as a hot water tank or cold also, depending on the manufacturer.

Water is added through the funnel mouth which is capped with a stopper which has optimum sealing! But how often you need to handle them with water too hot, you should take extra care not to cause burns when filling the bag.

In addition, the rubber bags require more attention to be saved. The interior of the bags must be completely dry and they need to be kept open! If the product is kept closed and water, germs and mildew can spread. Therefore, always empty the bag the right maneria.

Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Compress (Hot Or Cold) In 2020

gel bags are the most market practices. Such product consists of a non-toxic gel generally can be heated or cooled. Most manufacturers indicates a validity of up to three years for those products. Many models can be heated in the microwave or dipped in hot water for 8-10 minutes before use. Very practical, is not it?

To cool it a bit more difficult: in general, it is necessary to put them in the freezer for at least 2 hours prior to application. That is, requires some planning.

Thermal gel bags are quite flexible and fit easily to different regions of the body, really “embracing” the application area. Many manufacturers offer options in appropriate formats for different regions of the body, let’s talk about it later on. The grants gel, usually stored in the freezer or in the closet.

Electric thermal bags are new to the Brazilian market and are requiring less effort at the time of use or preparation. They can be plugged into the socket and, after about 10 minutes, are ready for use. associated technology to the well being of the body.

These bags can be charged anywhere and does not require water or gel to work. But of course all this modernity come with a price. They are much more expensive than conventional bags. Furthermore, in general, they have no function to cool, heat only.

Hot or Cold? Attention because there models that only support one type Temperature!

Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Compress (Hot Or Cold) In 2020

To use the same stock at different temperatures depending on your needs is something that really brings practicality. However, we must be careful because they are not all scholarships that allow you to switch between the types of temperature. Many models will only support one type of temperature: either hot or cold!

So as not to damage your bag and not cause accidents, check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Buy Bags Size and Format Ideal for Area to Treat

Some thermal bags have special formats to suit exactly to certain areas of the body. These scholarships are mostly gel bags and appear in different formats for the eyes, shoulders, neck, breasts and head, among others. These models bring comfort and convenience to those who have some solid local pain in a specific region of the body.

If it is not your case, know that smaller bags, up to 20 cm in length and width, they tend to be easier to handle and are used to treat various parts of the body without causing discomfort. On the other hand, if you want to use the bag to treat larger areas such as the abdomen, back or thighs, it is best to prefer larger models, with more than 20 cm.

Another advantage of the larger models is that in general they retain the temperature for longer. Typically, the bags are sold in sizes S, M or L, but some models have unique sizes. Before buying, make sure the size meets the treatment area!

Top 10 Best Bags for Thermal compress to Buy Online

Now that we’ve talked about the main points that we should observe on cold packs for compresses, it’s time to select the top 10 products from Brazil.

Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Compress (Hot Or Cold) In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Thermal Bags

Case for Hot Water

Ice bag for application and Hot Water

Water bag Electric Hot Hot Comfort Bag

Termopack Bolsa Termica

Thermal Rubber bag

Thermal bag Gel Shoulders

Thermal bag Gel for Eyes

Case for Hot Water

Bag Hot Water G

Care to Use Your Purse Hot Water

The thermal packs bags for items are easy to use, but to ensure complete safety some precautions are necessary. We’ll talk a bit more about this below, check!

Care to Add Hot Water in Rubber Exchange

In thermal rubber bags it is always necessary to be careful when entering the water. Always fill only 2/3 of the bag, with 3 measures of water boiling and cold. Open the sealing screw, hold the bag neck supported by the surface and pour the water into the bag slowly. Finally, pour the bag and wait for the water to appear at the opening, to ensure the removal of air.

Never Apply Directly Bags About Skin

And remember! Dropping the options they see coated with some tissue, no heat exchange for compresses can be applied directly to the skin, at risk of burns. Note that even if the bag is cold, there is a risk of skin burns.

So always wrap your bag with a towel or thin cloth diaper, even if you go to use it on clothes. There is also the option to buy a cover to enclose the hot water bottle.

Do not Use Thermal Bags Off the Shelf!

The validity of the thermal packs to bags is a point that must be observed before each use. The gel bags have a shelf life of about 3 years. If they pass this time, they can wear and stick. Since the rubber bags can last for about 5 years. After that time, they can break or stick.

Many manufacturers indicate just how old that bag can last, but do not indicate a date of validity prissy. So when buying your purse, note in own bag with a permanent marker for plastic or rubber, the date of purchase. So it will be easier to track the expiration time.

Also, discontinue use of hot water bottle rubber when you realize that it is deteriorating. Safety first!

As you have seen, there are various kinds of vacuum bags for compresses on the market. To decide which is the best for you is important to think about practicality, durability and in which part of the body will be treated with the bag. You saw all these tips here, but whenever you have questions in this text back, okay?

We selected the 10 best market bags and surely one of them will be perfect for you. See our ranking and then buy your to get rid of pain!

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