Top 10 Best Bikes In 2020 (Urban, Electrical, Mountain Bike And More)

Top 10 Best Bikes in 2020 (Urban, Electrical, Mountain Bike and more)

Is to go to work without taking transit, walking through the park on the weekend or exercise the body, bicycles are sustainable bet to get around with convenience, save money and still take care of health. Brands like Caloi, Blitz, Tec-Ultra Durban and offer quality models and they bring comfort to each modality.

There are numerous types in the market, and urban bicycles, electric, folding, bmx, speed. And each with different materials and amount of gear that influence the weight and performance. To find among many options the ideal bike for you, we made a guide how to choose and list the top 10 market bikes. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Bicycle

The ideal bike will bring comfort and good performance according to the situation that will be used. It is important to choose the right size for you with lighter material, handlebar most suitable and analyze embedded accessories. It seems too complicated? Rest assured that we explain below the best.

Choose Model Ideal for Leisure, Trail, Running or maneuver

Is to walk around, go to work, go hiking or practice maneuvers, there are more appropriate models for each of these situations. Meet the key below.

Top 10 Best Bikes In 2020 (Urban, Electrical, Mountain Bike And More)

If you are looking for a bike to get around on a daily basis as going to work, carrying shopping or touring the city, the best options are urban, electric and folding.

Urban generally have wide tires with multiple grooves that give security not to skid on rainy days and help in balance. They are made to provide comfort and stability on a daily basis. It is the simplest model in the market with very reasonable prices.

Electrical use technology to maintain speed with less pedaling a great choice for those seeking convenience. And have renewable energy system, thus considered a bet for the future. The only problem is that prices are higher than urban.

Since the folding are a great choice for those who have little space in the house, because usually have rimmed tires 20 that are much smaller compared to urban, usually 26. And because they are light can be transported easily.

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Top 10 Best Bikes In 2020 (Urban, Electrical, Mountain Bike And More)

Built in the 70s to be originally used in forests and mountains, mountain bike or MTB today won versions to be also used by the city. Most come with front suspension that reduces well the impact and mechanical disc brake which has more precise answer.

There are 3 different versions: the most common hard tail, which has simple suspension system, the full suspension, which also has hanging in the frame, and the downhill, which has suspended dual format even better absorbing the impact.

The most affordable and versatile option is the tail hard, because the downhill usually have high price to be specific for extreme trails.

Top 10 Best Bikes In 2020 (Urban, Electrical, Mountain Bike And More)

With thin and without shock absorbing system tires, road bikes or speed are made for those seeking speed. They work well on asphalt streets with few obstacles, which makes this particular model for cycling.

They may vary between cyclocross model, which has the disc brakes and tires more similar to thick mountain biking, track and time trial, both without brakes and high aerodynamic. The last two are recommended for those who have experience in cycling, as it requires a good speed control and brake with your legs.

Top 10 Best Bikes In 2020 (Urban, Electrical, Mountain Bike And More)

With small, highly mobile body, BMX is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to maneuver and make jumps. Usually they come with front and rear pegs, which are footrests, making it easy to stand, jump and balance.

Not having damping system and be single-speed, it is not intended to be used on steep climbs, streets with many obstacles, go hiking or cycling. The same ideal is to train on the tracks.

Prefer Aluminum is lightweight and Affordable or steel that is resistant Well

Top 10 Best Bikes In 2020 (Urban, Electrical, Mountain Bike And More)

The lighter the bike less you will get tired to pedal and transport. So the choice of material is important. The most affordable market is aluminum that is lightweight and with great prices. Another common option is the carbon steel that is even more resistant, only heavier.

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The most expensive models are usually made of carbon fiber, which is the lightest of all materials not only displayed against impacts, and titanium being more resistant and provides great comfort.

Find the Ideal Size Bike Frame by Frame and

The ideal size of the bike depends on the height of each person. And the bikes are measured in two ways: the frame and the frame. To understand easily look at the table below:

The rim is the wheel and the frame is the central component of the bicycle which pass the currents pedals and structure. If you choose only the size of the wheels can happen frame be too high or low for you. So to get a more accurate measure analyze them.

Choose Handlebar Bent to have comfort and Handlebar Straight to have Firmness

The handlebars are one of the most important parts to be observed on a bike, because that’s where you put more pressure and body weight. To find the right size you need to measure the width of your back and look for handlebars with size more like, because then the arms will be supported in the same direction providing more comfort.

The type depends on the handlebars of the bicycle mode. For urban ideally a high curved and that leaves bended arms and absorbs less impact. For mtb ideally the flat straight that gives precision and firmness on the steep climbs. As for the speed drop is the ideal bar offering different footprints.

Opt Gears 6 to 21 that are light and speeds for any Land

Today there are single-speed bikes up to 30 different speed on the market! But you’re wrong to think that the more the bike gears you have the better it is, because it becomes heavier, often requires maintenance, require replacement of expensive parts and increases the final cost. But you can not change the march limits the flat stretches.

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Therefore it is best to choose a compromise which is more versatile and provides different speeds 6 to 21. For unimpeded stretches up to 6 gears it is enough, while for steep climbs and many obstacles is interesting to choose from 7 to 21 gears.

Basket to facilitate transport and accessories Ensure Your Safety

To carry objects and shopping is interesting to look for a model with built-in bike basket. The easy basket to not carry much weight in the back. For your safety, use the helmet while riding and make sure the bike has support leg to park it.

According to the Brazilian Traffic Code, some accessories are required: lighthouse flag, taillight, rear view mirror, bell and pedals. So make sure that these items are already included in the bicycle at the time of purchase.

Who indications tested and approved

Before checking the ranking that we have prepared for you with the best bike to buy online, see the indications of MyBest partners. They are experts, professionals and bloggers who display their favorite products. Do not miss!

Top 10 Best Bikes

Now that you know how to choose a bike that meets your needs, it’s time to know the top 10 in the following rankings!

Comparison table of the Best Bikes

Bicycle Brake Manual with basket and Valet

Bicicleta Mountain Bike Vulcan

Retro Bicycle Women

Also Check Our indications bikes Children

How about also know the best children’s bikes? So you can give your children, nephews or other children with an item that they will surely love. See our selection by clicking the link below!

Now that you’ve read our tips and met the best bikes, do not waste time and choose yours! Remember that the best option is one that is more versatile, it brings comfort, have quality and will meet your needs. And if you need more advice and tips we hope you return to our site!

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