Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 Projectors (Epson, Benq And More)

Top 10 Best Buy in 2020 projectors (Epson, Benq and more)

Who ever thought of having a home theater? Or wished to present a paper on a big screen for all to visualize well? You can achieve this and more using a quality projector. Brands like Optoma, Acer, Epson and Betec offer numerous devices to watch movies, games, tv shows and display projects.

With different technologies such as DLP, LCD, LED and LCoS in the market, it is normal questions arise at the time of purchase. So we did a guide to help you choose the right device and list the 10 best projectors on the market. After reading this article you will be able to relax, prepare popcorn and give that play in your home theater. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Projector

There are projectors with different technologies and specifications for each purpose of use. To choose the ideal one must keep in mind the type of file you want to project, where will be used in addition to the picture quality and sound. Check out the following our guide!

Know the four types of Projector Technology

There are four technologies projectors that reproduce image clearly and colors. Besides the quality, prices also vary and the choice of the ideal will according to your needs. Meet below.

Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 Projectors (Epson, Benq And More)

The LCD uses liquid crystal panel that is a combination of open and closed pixels generating sharper, true color images. It is considered the type most common and affordable, but depending on the model may not work well in bright environments. It is therefore recommended for very dark indoors.

Several brands have models that 3LCD uses 3 panels that offer an even better quality color, sharpness and brightness.

Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 Projectors (Epson, Benq And More)

The DLP is a digital light processing. Its moving parts make a color wheel rotating at high speed projecting good image in color and grayscale. Usually also have an affordable price and is easy to maintain lamp exchange.

Among domestic models is the technology that most cost-effective. low quality models can be with distorted colors and form a rainbow. But the quality will not let this happen and provide excellent quality to watch and play.

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The LED has a long life and can maintain the brightness of the image even with extended use. Many LED models are already cheap and become even more economical not require lamp replacement, which is the most expensive component of the projector. Great design for movies and games that require high quality.

Another advantage of LED projectors is that they tend to be lighter and smaller than those of other technologies.

Prefer ratio screen 16: 9 to Movies and 4: 3 for Projects and Sheets

Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 Projectors (Epson, Benq And More)

Pay attention to the proportion of screen, for each file type has a different format. Today most projectors reproduces image in 16: 9, which is ideal for movies, TV shows and games. But there are those who only accept 4: 3, which is almost square and ideal for projects and presentation slides.

For those who want to view different files and different situations, it is interesting to opt for a model that supports both formats.

Sharp has projections and Vivid: Check resolution Lumens and Contrast Ratio

For a crisp and vivid colors you need to pay attention to the resolution. The brightness of the environment is also important, so know the number of lumens and rate below optimum contrast.

Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 Projectors (Epson, Benq And More)

The quality of image resolution makes a big difference depending on the type of file to be played. To design spreadsheets, text and graphics to SVGA resolution (800 x 600 pixels) is enough.

As for projecting movies, TV shows and HD choice games (1280 x 720 pixels) up to 4K (3840 x 2140 pixels) that will ensure more clarity and vivid colors. So you get to enjoy all effortlessly.

Top 10 Best Buy In 2020 Projectors (Epson, Benq And More)

The amount of lumens a projector determines the visibility of the projection light or dark environments. The brighter the environment, the more lumens will be needed for the projection to be seen clearly. Also, if the projector is getting away from the projection surface, the lumens will be needed as well.

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If using your projector in small environments such as a classroom, and he is to remain at a distance of less than 3 meters from the wall, models with up to 2000 lumens should suit you well. Prefer those with between 1000 and 2000 lumens if possible leave completely dark room, with more than 2000 lumens for brighter environments.

To completely clear outdoors, choose models with 4000 lumens. Options with more than 5000 lumens, are indicated only for auditoriums. See the specifications of each model at the time of purchase.

To avoid having erased projections and gray tones choose projectors with a good contrast ratio. It is expressed in the number of times that white is lighter than black, as 2500: 1 for example.

The higher, the better. With a contrast ratio of at least 1000: 1 you will already have good range of colors and details. Keep an eye!

Check out the Minimum Distances and High and Projection Methods Allowed

Each projector has a minimum and maximum distance that must be the wall. To achieve optimum projection quality before making the purchase check these distances. Most projectors require minimum distance of 1 m. Since the maximum can vary from 2 up to 10 m, depending on the product.

Also check the forms of projection that the equipment allows. The main ones are: front, rear, front / rear and roof / ceiling. As the name implies, in the front projection unit is in front of the projection surface and back behind. In general, all allow the front projection projectors.

The “ceiling” means that the device allows projection from the top down, meaning that it can be attached to the ceiling.

If You want to transport the appliance, check your weight and dimensions

In general, the projectors can be transported and used supported by tables, but there are those who facilitate and which hinder mobility. For those who want to use the projector in different rooms the ideal is the portable, which usually have up to 2 kg, making it easier to carry.

And for those who want to use the projector fixed in one place worth investing in desktop projectors and ceiling that offer more quality. However, they tend to be heavier and larger than the portable, making it difficult to transport. Keep an eye out, because this type of product may have more than 5 kg.

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Check the Device Compatibility with your sound, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HDMI

Finally, analyze projector settings for more convenience and comfort in time to broadcast and watch the film, design or games.

To assist with more comfort and tranquility, make sure the projector has speaker. The more speakers it has more powerful will. Unfortunately, to find the optimal sound quality is to test personally, but in general for rooms not very large speakers with 10 W of power will ensure good audibility.

For those who want to connect the projector to a stereo or home theater, check the connectivity of both, if you need cable and are compatible or can connect via Wi-Fi. It is necessary to give both the specifications.

To connect the projector to the laptop or computer is necessary to check whether they have VGA input, HDMI or USB. And with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth You can connect and play files directly from the phone. The more connectivity the unit is more practical will be set up for you.

Top 10 Best Projectors

Check out the following our ranking with the best projectors market evaluated according to the criteria for choosing.

Comparison table of the Best Projectors

Projector Predator Gamer

Multimedia Projector Powerlite X39

Portable Mini Projector Led

Mini projector powerpoint Semi Professional Portable

The ideal projector must offer a great quality picture and sound quality, be easy to install and configure and still be economical for you to be able to take the time to watch that movie, play or teach.

Remember to review all technical aspects of thinking in order to use, so it will be easier to choose the best ranking. If you have any questions feel free to return to our site!

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