Top 10 Best Children’S Bathrobes

Top 10 Best Children’s Bathrobes to Buy in 2020

Children’s robes are for small engage after leaving the bath. The microfiber versions, which are super takeout should be used after drying with towel, because they have less absorption. Since cotton absorbs the water so well that not need the help of the towel.

Brands like Lepper and Dohler offer options for all ages and tastes, for sure you will find a very nice piece for your children. To help you, we will explain below how to choose that item. Then be sure to check our ranking of the top 10 children’s bathrobes!

How to Choose the Best Children’s Bathrobe

A number of elements should be considered when buying a bathrobe, especially when it comes to babies and children. Model, material, size and color are some of them. Find out now how to analyze each!

Decide From Template

Although they have the same purpose, are on the market 2 children’s bathrobes models: kimono and poncho. Below we will explain more about each and for those who are nominees!

The children’s bathrobe poncho type is completely closed at the front, like a blouse, ie no front opening or track. Therefore, in the case of children between 0 and 5 years, the poncho type may be a more practical option as it does not run the risk of opening during use.

However, unlike kimono model child robe type poncho usually have shorter sleeves. While some models have a hood, pockets are not as common. Therefore, it may end up being ideal for those who live in colder regions.

The children’s bathrobe kimono type is the most traditional. It is a part front opening and a waist band to close it. This model can be used by children of all ages, even for babies. Some models have hood and pockets, providing more comfort.

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In addition, the kimono has versions with long sleeves, which makes it easy to use even in colder seasons. However, the typical bustle of children can make this model is not so interesting for some parents, as it may end up opening with ease.

A Perfect Fit for the Size Must Be Correct

Top 10 Best Children'S Bathrobes To Buy In 2020

Children’s robes fall into two size categories. The first is suitable for children up to 3 years, their robes have one size or PP. The second is intended for children aged 4 to 12 years, they are inserted PP sizes, P, F, G.

To make the correct choice check which category the child fits and choose the appropriate size. Usually, the manufacturer tells you to what age each size is indicated, even in the case of products with unique size. Anyway, it’s always good to check the table of brand measures.

Choose Agreement Diaper with Use

Top 10 Best Children'S Bathrobes To Buy In 2020

As children’s skin is very sensitive, it is best to opt for fluffy and soft fabrics such as cotton and microfiber. However, although both are great for the skin of small, its functions can be slightly different.

The piece of cotton, for example, has high absorption power that ensures quick drying. Including, in most cases, dispense with the help of the towel. But the robe microfiber does not have an absorption as potent as cotton, but is super soft and comfortable, with a great choice for use at home.

Children terrycloth robes Keeps Small Heated

Top 10 Best Children'S Bathrobes To Buy In 2020

Both bathrobes developed with cotton as those made of microfiber can receive a velvety finish. This finish, as well as comfort and softness, also brings more heat to the final product, a characteristic that makes the bathrobe velvety an ideal piece for low temperatures.

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Like cotton ensures rapid drying of the body, buy it in velvet version to dry the child after bathing in winter days. Already bathrobes microfiber velvet are perfect for use at home. They are great companions to protect children in the colder seasons.

The larger the Weight More Soft Is the Bathrobe

Top 10 Best Children'S Bathrobes To Buy In 2020

It may seem a very technical information to be analyzed, but the truth is to understand the function of the weight is super simple. It refers to the amount contained in grams square meter of fabric, namely it is indicated in thickness and density in grams per square meter.

Basically, the higher the heavier will be its softness, smoothness and power absorption. This information is very important, therefore, to facilitate the time of choice, the ideal is to opt for pieces with 280g / m² or 300g / m²!

To Choose Colors, Prints and Design Consider the tastes of the Child

Top 10 Best Children'S Bathrobes To Buy In 2020

Pieces with playful elements enchant children of all ages, so the marks abuse of creativity and produce bathrobes with the most varied designs, colors and prints. For babies, for example, has options with cute and colorful little animals, they work curiosity and visual perception.

Between 2 and 6 years children go through that famous phase of the “make-believe”, where they love to imitate adults and superheroes. Therefore, most dressing gowns available in the market for this age group have characters prints or designs which imitates some animal.

From 7 years it is common that children want to look more mature and start to use bathrobes, even with drawings, but with a design similar to the adult version. Some even will prefer more serious illustrations, like rockets and symbols.

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Top 5 Best Kids Bathrobes (Up to 3 years)

From now show a ranking of the top 5 children’s bathrobes for children up to 3 years. Check below and choose the ideal model for your child!

Table Comparison of Best Children’s Bathrobes (Up to 3 years)

Top 5 Best Kids Bathrobes (Above 4 Years)

Of course we could also not fail to present the 5 best children’s bathrobes for children from 4 years old. Check them all down!

Comparison table of the Best Children’s Bathrobes (Above 4)

Also Check Other Care Kids Products

To make the time more enjoyable shower, it is important to choose the right products. As we have already mentioned above, children’s skin is still very sensitive, so our tip is that you opt for specific products for them, that do not cause allergies and irritation. Check out!

Caring for a child requires a lot of attention. It is always important to evaluate each point of a product so that it will not cause any reaction in the small. Therefore, when buying children’s bathrobes not forget our tips and come back every time you need to remember them.

It is very important to choose the right fabric and size. In addition, if a robe for the cold days, opt for having velvety finish. Now if you go to the beach or take swimming lessons already know, right? Bet on cotton. Finally, always check the weight!

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