Top 10 Best Condoms

Top 10 Best Condoms to Buy in 2020

Condoms of different sizes, brands, retardant effect and even neon. The options are many, which can end up generating doubts. After all, what better condom market? This answer can vary a lot, after all, the best condom is the one that suits your needs and preferences.

So you can choose the ideal, it is important to know the differences and advantages of each model. Therefore, we prepared a full report, as well as a ranking of the 10 best condoms, with brands like Jontex, Preserv and Olla, among others. Let’s start?

Condoms Are All Equal?

Top 10 Best Condoms To Buy In 2020

Condoms have evolved and offer a range of features designed to meet all needs. With so much variety, you’re sure to find the best condom for you, ensuring a more reliable contraception and sexual activity with much more comfort.

Today there are sizes and different diameter and even ultrafine thicknesses, which will make you feel almost like you are not using a condom. It is also possible, for example, extend a little erection, giving that forcinha for those with premature ejaculation or want to prolong the relationship.

To get the best out of your condom and make it an ally, just know the options available in the market. Thus, it is much easier to enjoy sex safely and comfortably.

How to Choose the Best Condom

Learn now what criteria to consider when choosing the best condom for you. In addition to materials, different sizes and thicknesses, a condom can provide sensations such as aromas and textures to give that peppered the relationship.

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Choose Material Right for You

Top 10 Best Condoms To Buy In 2020

The most widely used material in the manufacture of condoms is latex. Condoms latex are the most popular, affordable and easy to find. They are comfortable, cheaper and totally secure. Being a product of natural origin, the latex has little allergenic potential, but still there are exceptions.

If you or your partner is allergic to latex, there are options such as polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms on. These are usually a little more expensive, and less thickness, which ultimately giving greater sensitivity during sex.

Uncomfortable? Search for Special Sizes

Top 10 Best Condoms To Buy In 2020

Do you think condoms are uncomfortable? Perhaps the conventional size is not right for you. The standard measure of condoms is 16 cm in length and 52 mm in diameter. It adapts well to most Brazilians, since the material is elastic and adheres comfortably to the penis.

But if your penis is longer or wider than average and bothers condoms, worth trying a particular size. The main diameter is measured in these cases the reference 55 mm and 58 mm in the Extra Large Extra. The trick is to always opt for the comfortable in the smallest possible steps.

Do not use a condom greater than necessary to impress. The risk of leak at the time of ejaculation or out during sex is great, while a condom too tight may burst.

Ultrathin models Ensures Increased Sensitivity

Top 10 Best Condoms To Buy In 2020

Matter of settled comfort, let’s talk about sensitivity? The story of little sensitivity is no more excuse for not using condoms. Currently, there are on the market thin condoms with a thickness of around 0.05 mm. Are Sensitive models.

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There are also ultrafine with a thickness of up to 0.02 mm, and more expensive. They are made of polyurethane and, although a little less elastic, offer the same safety of condoms in natural latex, with the advantage of being almost imperceptible on the skin.

Different condoms help to Spice up your Sex

Top 10 Best Condoms To Buy In 2020

To exit and take a traditional spicy in the relationship, there are models of condoms with some extra functions:

With so many different options, give an enhanced in relation to is easy, does not it? Choose the one that most pleases you and enjoy!

Check Amount Per Package

Condoms are found in packages with varying amounts. The most popular are the three units, but it is not difficult to find packages with 4, 6 or 12 condoms. Therefore, in calculating the cost-effective, be sure to check the amount of condoms included in the chosen pack.

Top 5 Best Traditional Condoms

Now check our ranking with the top 5 traditional condom market. They were selected considering important criteria such as size, material and thickness.

Comparison table of the Best Traditional Condoms

Top 5 Best Condoms Different

Comparison table of the Best Condoms Different

Can I Change to Another Method for Condom Contraceptive?

Using condoms is extremely important not only to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, but mainly to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Although there are other contraceptive methods available in the market, the condom remains the most effective in protecting against STDs feared.

The recommended is to use a condom from the beginning of intercourse, not only at the moment of orgasm. And in the case of those who use hormonal contraceptives, it is healthier still use double protection, ie pill and condoms.

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It is also worth mentioning that the condom is a contraceptive alternative cheaper market, offering protection for a great value for money. Have sex always safe!

Now you know everything important about condoms, can make a much safer choice. Evaluate the material, size and thickness most suitable for you, and do not forget to consider the product of our ranking at the time of purchase. They were selected from the very best on the market.

If you know someone who would appreciate this information, share this article and help more people make the best choices. We wish a great purchase! Remember that condoms are essential for you to enjoy your freely and without risk relationships.

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