Top 10 Best Creams Feet

Top 10 Best Creams Feet to Buy in 2020

Keep them soft and hydrated feet is very important, especially to use open shoes. It’s not legal to use a sandal with cracked and dry feet, is not it? To keep your feet always beautiful and hydrated, brands such as Weleda, Souvie, Neutrogena and Eucerin creams develop great for the feet.

Each brand chooses to use different ingredients. Among the best known are urea, shea butter and vitamin E. There is a world of choices that end up leaving us with many questions when choosing the ideal cream. To help, we’ve created a guide on how to choose a cream for optimal foot and a ranking of the best options on the market! Check out and get your feet always hydrated.

How to Choose the Best Cream for Feet

Next, we will explain the main points that should be considered by you when buying a cream for feet. From our tips will be much easier to choose a product according to your needs. Check out!

Choose cream Thinking in Need of Your Feet

The first aspect to be considered is the blend of ingredients that make up the formula. Sometimes a cream with vitamin E is already excellent for keeping hydrated and soft feet, in other is a more potent formula. Below select the characteristics of each active ingredient and what situation are indicated.

The main reason behind the dryness of the feet, especially the heels, is the lack of moisture. In this case a cream with moisturizing power, ie to replenish water, as would a good service. However, the result delivered by a cream that apart from moisturizing, nourishes also is much more complete. Therefore, choose those containing butter and vegetable oils in the composition.

Butters and vegetable oils best known for composing the cream formula for the feet are: shea butter, cupuacu butter, olive oil and almond oil. In addition to nourish, vegetable oils also have the ability to retain moisture. Creams with butter and vegetable oils tend to be heavier, but also more powerful.

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Urea is an ingredient widely used in dermocosmetic because of its moisturizing and exfoliating action, which smoothes and refines the feet. Basically, urea has the effect of “stripping” hard keratin and smooth the skin, turning the hardened heels and dry in soft and moisturized heels. It is also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

However, care is needed! The continuous use of urea promotes rapid and constant renewal of the skin, that’s good, but it can also end up resulting in an extremely thin and sensitive skin. Therefore, once symptoms have stabilized replace the cream with urea for one for dry feet with low concentration of urea, but with other moisturizing ingredients like vegetable oils.

Top 10 Best Creams Feet To Buy In 2020

In addition to the vegetable oils and butters, another ingredient that makes up almost all creams for dry feet are vitamins. They act against drying of the skin, particularly vitamin A and vitamin C. Since vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that acts against the free radicals and promotes blood circulation.

These are the main vitamins that together with remaining ingredients, act against dryness and cracks caused by lack of hydration. You will notice that they never come alone, ie they are not the main ingredients, but combining them with other ingredients leverages made of softness.

Creams with collagen and hyaluronic acid are more effective

Top 10 Best Creams Feet To Buy In 2020

Some creams for feet contain ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid. Both assets contribute to make them soft and smooth feet. Hyaluronic acid has high power of moisture retention, so it prevents dryness when incorporated into the cream for the feet.

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Already collagen increases the elasticity of the skin, leaving it well lisinha. The use of creams with collagen is recommended for those who want to improve the appearance of heels. Therefore, prefer creams containing collagen or hyaluronic acid in their composition.

Top 10 Best Creams Feet to Buy Online

From now on, we will show the best creams for feet. We chose these products based on the ingredients that make up their formulas. Read on and identify which best matches your needs.

Top 10 Best Creams Feet To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Creams Feet To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Creams Feet To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of Best Foot Creams

Natural Moisturizing Cream for Feet

Feet Heel Rescue Balm Moisturizing feet

Moisturizing Cream for Legs and Feet

Organic Moisturizing Lotion for Legs and Feet Andiroba

Eucerin moisturizing for legs 10% Urea

Norwegian Moisturizing feet

Moisturizing Cream for dry feet with Urea and Vitamin A and E

Passion For Fruits Passion Fruit Cream Ultra Moisturizing Hands and Feet

Urea Moisture% legs 3

Moisturizing Cream for Feet

How Feet Caring dry

Take care of the hydration of the feet is not easy nothing, since it is a region prone to dryness. However, there are some tricks that will help you take better care of your feet and heels. Below, separated some tips that will help you!

Make Scheldt feet with Moisturizers

Soak your feet in a basin of warm water mixed with creams and oils for about 10-15 minutes. Place a sufficient amount to cover the feet completely. The warm water will cause the pores to open and the nutrients of the creams and oils penetrate the skin more easily.

Exfoliate Foot Periodically

The primary function of scrub and remove dead skin cells, stimulating cell renewal. Thus, when using exfoliating continuously, the parched areas will be removed. Try to exfoliate your feet after finishing the scalding feet, this will facilitate exfoliation and make it more effective.

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only saw the amount of options on the market? We know that this makes it harder when choosing, is not it? But do not worry, with our tips you will know to choose the ideal combination of ingredients for your feet.

For hydrated and soft feet, dryness and cracking free it is important to always keep a hydration routine with the correct cream!

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