Top 10 Best Dental Whitening With Activated Carbon In 2020

Top 10 Best Dental Whitening with Activated Carbon in 2020

A smile is the best first impression, but, over the years, our teeth begin to yellow. To have the white smile back, many people are adhering to the dental whiteners use at home, and the activated carbon-based products are gaining more and more followers.

With brands such as Max Dent, Curaprox and Hinode you whitens teeth without spending a fortune. So, we gathered in a ranking the top 10 dental bleaching with activated carbon, divided between dental creams and powder. You will still see how they work and how to choose each. Liked? Then smile!

The Activated Carbon Really Brightens Teeth?

Top 10 Best Dental Whitening With Activated Carbon In 2020

Activated charcoal with lightening action is made of burning coconut or controlled form of cork bark remains. It is widely used in medicine, it helps to remove impurities from the body. Porous and abrasive, can not be used on the teeth for many months in a row, you can wear down the enamel.

For function as a filter which retains the impurities, activated carbon acts not only by abrasion, but adsorption (Same d), ie while it is rubbed, unwanted particles are trapped in pores, helping to remove stains wine, coffee, food and nicotine.

Warning: it is different from barbecue charcoal! Some experts of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) confirmed that the activated carbon removes surface stains. So the answer is yes, activated charcoal whitens teeth, but will not change the natural color.

How to Choose the Best Dental Whitening with Activated Carbon

There are several types and brands of bleaching with activated carbon and the best way to choose between them is following characteristics as texture, flavor, presence of fluoride and the whitening offers other benefits. Here you will get to know each characteristic.

Choose Agreement Type with Texture

One of the great advantages to whiten your teeth at home is to choose the type of product with claredadora action that best suits you. There bleaching with activated carbon in the form of toothpaste and products with lightening action powder. Here are the main features of each.

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Top 10 Best Dental Whitening With Activated Carbon In 2020

Most toothpastes, dental creams or gels with activated carbon have black color and become gray in brushing. The texture is similar to the common toothpaste, with the exception of carbon particles that may be present in greater or lesser amounts depending on the brand.

Due to the activated carbon, all of them are more abrasive than regular toothpaste, so it is necessary to brush gently to prevent damage to tooth enamel and gums. Also, it is good also search the most recognized brands and evaluated or recommended by a dentist.

Top 10 Best Dental Whitening With Activated Carbon In 2020

activated carbon powders with lightening action are more abrasive because they are not diluted in a toothpaste. In the long run, can remove tooth enamel, since they act like sandpaper at the time of brushing. Prefer products made with coconut shells, which are more delicate.

You must use the powder with water or mixed with toothpaste for brushing is less aggressive. Another point is that this product, only to have the coal, not a substitute for toothpaste. So if you use the powder with water, you need to brush your teeth after.

Prefer the Whitening Flavored

Top 10 Best Dental Whitening With Activated Carbon In 2020

The activated carbon in its pure state, powder, has a lip or smoked flavor. Not enough to be bad, but it does not fit at all with the flavor that we hope in time to brush your teeth. Therefore, toothpastes and whitening action post are increasingly investing in this aspect.

Some post with activated carbon are working to make a more refreshing taste and pleasant in the mouth, however, it is more common to see toothpaste with flavor. Some folders including add flavor with natural ingredients such as essential oils of lemon, ginger or mint.

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Whitening Fluoride They help the remineralization of teeth

Top 10 Best Dental Whitening With Activated Carbon In 2020

Teeth are formed largely of minerals, including calcium and fluoride. Inadequate food, tooth decay and plaque can cause demineralization of the teeth, making it necessary to make the remineralization at home or in an office with products containing fluoride or calcium.

To protect the tooth enamel when looking for an activated carbon product, prefer those containing fluoride and calcium. Some brands choose to replace the fluorine per xylitol, a natural sweetener found in plants, because it inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause cavities and prevents demineralization.

Look at the Benefits Extras Whitening Dental

As much as you are looking for a coal product enabled only by lightening action, we know that it brings other benefits, will be even better. So, look for folders that have astringent, antiseptic, remineralizadores or healing.

In natural folders you can look for ingredients like ginger, pomegranate, tea tree, lemon and propolis. Ginger helps to eliminate bacteria, Pomegranate is astringent and promotes healing, tea tree (Melaleuca or) is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Lemon refreshes and propolis acts against decay.

Top 5 Best Dental Whitening with Activated Carbon in Cream

The following selected for you the 5 best toothpastes with whitening market share. They are products approved for those who use, easy to find and the best value for money. So, smile because it came to know our ranking!

Comparison table of the Best Dental Whitening with Activated Carbon in Cream

Top 5 Best Dental Whitening with Activated Carbon Powder

Comparison table of the Best Dental Whitening with Activated Carbon Powder

Already imagined Clean teeth without water? Meet the Dental Mousse!

People are increasingly busy and have less time available, but the need to take care of health continues. This includes oral health, which is our calling card to the world. And the more products will help us save time while in care for the better!

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With dental mousses (also called snow), you can now clean the teeth while applying a product with lightening action, anywhere, even if you have water. Learn more about one of these products has arrived in Brazil.

Other signs to look Caring for Your Teeth

Did you know that in addition to the toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash, a good brush is also important to take care of your teeth without damaging them? So, how about we see our indications of the best toothbrushes to buy? You will like!

Tips for Best Results to Whiten Teeth

During and after treatment to whiten your teeth is good to avoid citrus fruits, foods with strong colors or drinks with dyes. Some examples to be avoided are: red wine, carrots, beets, coffee, tea, mate, chocolate and soft drinks. And always brush your teeth after eating these products.

Some lifestyle habits also damage the teeth and preferably should be abandoned permanently, such as tobacco, alcohol consumption and use of lipsticks in bold colors. Also remember to follow the advice of your dentist for the overall health of the mouth and teeth.

See how you can whiten your teeth in a practical way, without leaving home and without spending too much? We also showed for you the best dental bleaching with activated carbon, between toothpastes and powder forms to use and how to choose the best for you.

And even if you want to make a professional treatment, these products are very good to enhance the whitening done in the doctor’s office. So when you want to take the stains from your teeth and you are unsure of which one to choose, take a drop by here!

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