Top 10 Best Diets For Dog Puppy

Top 10 Best Diets for Dog Puppy to Buy in 2020

A puppy is the new member of your family? Then know that your routine will have some changes. His arrival will it add a little bit of work and a lot of love. But it is necessary that this love is mutual! Animals, especially puppies, need a lot of care, especially for food that should be adequate in nutrients.

And do not forget that, like us, dogs also queasy food, so it is important to vary the flavor. Thinking about it, brands such as Golden and Naturalis have several options to feed your dog. We will explain in this article, how to choose the best food for your puppy. In addition, we created a ranking of the top 10 diets. Check and make your little friend happy.

How to Choose the Best Diets for Dog Puppy

Choose a feed puppy is not always easy, but with the following tips will be much simpler to make that choice. Check out!

Protein is vital for the pups. Pick a feed with Good doses Dela

Top 10 Best Diets For Dog Puppy To Buy In 2020

Proteins are essential for the body of pets, as with two basic functions for them to grow healthy and strong, structural and metabolic function. But what does it mean? Good protein structural function acts on the body structure, guaranteeing the support of tissues, for example, muscles, skin, nails etc.

Since the metabolic function is related to the chemical reactions that occur in the body, in this case the catalyst are proteins that come into play, accelerating and facilitating those reactions that take place within cells. It also has the carrier proteins such as hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to the cells. That is, proteins are essential in the diet of our little friends.

The Good Fats provide energy, Bet on rations with this ingredient

Top 10 Best Diets For Dog Puppy To Buy In 2020

Good fats such as fish oils and poultry fat are excellent sources of energy. But its benefits go beyond that! Omegas 3 and 6, for example, oils found in fish, flaxseed and algae, also control inflammatory reactions, regulate the immune system, prevent cancer and improve cardiac function, renal, and cognitive.

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In addition, reduces the risk of onset of inflammatory bowel disease and renal calculi. It is noteworthy that the omegas are essential for the development of the pups as a whole, especially for the functions of the retina and the brain. So be sure to choose a food with these ingredients your dog will grow with less risk of developing diseases.

See Race and Age Indicated in Ration Label

Top 10 Best Diets For Dog Puppy To Buy In 2020

Even if the feed is for puppies, some brands indicate the maximum age to which this feed is indicated. This indication is based on the nutrients that your dog should get every age. So it’s good to keep an eye.

In addition, some feed grain may have bigger and harder and, therefore, be given only to large or medium-sized breeds of dogs. larger dogs, even puppies have more power in the bite and will not hurt to eat a ration a little tougher. So, especially if your dog is a small breed, check it!

Feed Additive Free chemicals, Organic and Natural, are Best Bets

Many companies include food additives such as preservatives and antioxidants to preserve food and prevent oxidation. In addition, they also use dyes so that the grains are more colorful and “cute”. However, these additives may not be as interesting. Check below why!

Top 10 Best Diets For Dog Puppy To Buy In 2020

It is common to find ingredients such as BHA and BHT in the feed, preservatives type antioxidant. Basically they prevent the oxidation of substances in the feed, ie, prevent the food oils become rancid flavor or to change the feed. However, research shows that the use of these preservatives can damage the health of the animal.

BHA, for example, can cause cancer because it causes in DNA changes that initiate mutagenesis, thereby creating carcinogens DNA. But when it comes to the BHT we do not have enough studies that indicate the same result, but everything suggests that it acts in the same way that the BHA. In addition, both can cause allergic reactions.

Not to mention that can cause kidney problems and decrease the absorption of important vitamins such as A and D. Therefore, to avoid the risk of buying a diet with these additives, we recommend that you give preference to the natural feed, because they are used in them technologies conservation through vitamins C and E and green tea extracts, rosemary and oregano.

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Top 10 Best Diets For Dog Puppy To Buy In 2020

For owners associate the colored grain ration foods such as meat and vegetables, many companies fall within the product a synthetic pigment, made through a chemical process. This pigmentation, ie the dyes, is used to deliver food to a more attractive appearance, but their use can cause the same problems as preservatives.

Allergies are the most common reactions, especially when we are talking about young dogs, who do not have such a strong body and prepared to receive this type of additive. Therefore, as in the case above, the best way to get away from these harmful ingredients is to choose rations made with organic ingredients.

Choose agreement with the type of feed

There are various types of feed, which differ by the quality of the ingredients present in the composition. Check below what they are:

These diets are the most common and is used for most of the people who have a pet at home, as it has a more affordable price. However, as they are cheaper, have reduced nutritional quality. So if you buy this type of food bear in mind that in the future your dog may need a nutritional supplementation.

Premium rations are considered intermediate when it comes to prices and nutritional values. Therefore, you can expect ingredients with superior quality compared to standard economic and feed, but also the cost will be slightly higher. Nevertheless, the ingredients are just focused on pet health, there is no improvement promises of the coat or skin.

The Super Premium rations have a high level of nutritional quality and hence the price. Besides being excellent for the puppy’s health, they are enriched with nutrients that benefit the hair, teeth, skin and even reduce the odor of feces. It also improves the digestibility potentiate nutrient absorption and promotes satiety.

Top 10 Best Diets for Dog Puppy to Buy Online

Below we present the best diets for puppies. There are so many options that your dog will not get bored ever.

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Table Comparison of the Best Diets for Dog Puppy

Food for Dogs Puppies Chicken Flavor

Feed Dogs Puppies Large Breed and Giant Chicken & Brown Rice

Feed Grain Free Dog Breeds Puppies Medium Flavor Chicken and Pomegranate Farmina

Feed Dogs Puppies and Small Breeds Mini

Formula Feed Super Premium Dog Mix Puppies

Frost feed Puppy LB Dogs Puppies Large Breed

Total feed Chicken, Turkey and Fruit Dog Puppies

Super Premium feed puppies Chicken and Rice

Premier Formula Feed Dogs Puppies Meat and Rice

Feed Kanina Dog Puppies

Do not take the same feed As Long

To ensure the health and satisfaction of your dog. It is very important to change feed from time to time. Is due to the arrival of adulthood, by need to vary the nutrients your dog or have sick food. However, it is necessary that this exchange ration is made gradually to prevent the pet has diarrhea.

To replace the feed mix 25% of the new version of the former and 75% for two days, the third day since the half to put the old feed and half of the new. As already in the fifth day and the pet will be more used to the new food, so put 75% of it and only 25% of the old food. Only on the seventh day use 100% of the new feed.

And do not forget when your puppy is one year old is already close to replacing the dog food for an adult dog. Consult the veterinarian and make this exchange.

There are many details to think about when we buy a ration is not it? But with our tips will be much easier to find the right food for your dog. And remember it’s always good to have a variety in food, so whenever you do this come back to re-read our suggestions.

Buy the correct feed and help your pet grow up healthy and happy!

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