Top 10 Best Electric Bikes

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes to Buy in 2020 (Lev, Sousa and more)

Electric bikes or e-bikes are a great option for those seeking alternatives to get around on a daily basis. They are environmentally correct vehicles, practical and very economical. There are several models on the market, with power, autonomy and different formats. It even has folding electric bicycles. So many options can end up generating doubts when buying.

But do not worry, you’re in the right place! We prepare a complete guide with everything you should consider when choosing your electric bicycle. In addition, we have prepared a ranking of the 10 best bikes on the market with names such as Lev, Sousa and Sense. To learn all about e-bikes and know the best, accompany our article and choose safer!

Understand How They Work the Electric Bicycles

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes To Buy In 2020 (Lev, Sousa And More)

Electric bikes or e-bikes are hybrid vehicles, ie work with both pedaling like an ordinary bike, and with the propulsion of a motor. They are powered by batteries which can be recharged at any outlet. This varies from model to model, but in general, the electric bicycle motor will be started after some pedaling, giving you a good help along the way.

Electric motors make much difference and rather save your effort, allowing you to travel for longer stretches without sweat. On the slopes, the power of pedelecs is even more useful and felt: it’s easier to follow through rough paths with an electric bike. He became interested, right? Then see our tips and then buy your e-bike!

Know the Rules for Driving Electric Bicycles in Brazil

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes To Buy In 2020 (Lev, Sousa And More)

The movement of electric bikes follow the same rules as ordinary bicycles: preferably on bike paths or lanes, and failing that, the shoulder or the edge of the track. But be aware that this rule applies only to models with up to 350 watts of power engines, and reach a maximum of 25 km / h.

The e-bikes, also called pedelecs, necessarily require speed indicator, horn, front signage, rear and side mirrors and tire in safe conditions. It is compulsory to wear a cycle helmet. On the other hand, it is not necessary that the driver is enabled or of age, as well as license plate is not necessary.

There are some models that mopeds are sold as electric bicycles. So be careful not to be confused: these have more powerful engines, 400-4000 watts, which operate without the need to pedal and reach 50 km / h. To direct them you must be over 18 years and bear license, and topple the vehicle and collect all taxes.

How to Choose the Best Electric Bicycle

Let us now review the most important features to consider when choosing your electric bicycle. Set the use you intend to give her, like going back and daily work, or laser trips on the weekend or short distances on a daily basis, such as going to the bakery or supermarket. Thus, you get more easily choose among the options we present below.

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Choose Model Suitable For Your Daily Life

There are three types of e-bikes on the market, each directed at an audience, designed to meet different needs. Learn about the types available and choose the best for you.

Urban electric bikes are perfect for those who want to make short trips and seek alternative transport for the things of everyday life, like going to the market to the bank or to walk around. Robust, they most often accompany the classic front basket to carry small objects and luggage rack.

Some even bring baggage upholstery and backed on to take a hitchhiker, which are perfect for those with children. These bikes are heavier and are not folding.

If you have little space to store your electric bike or even go use it as a complement to public transportation, consider buying a folding electric bike. Functionality typically present in the most compact models, it can really make your life easier at the time to park or take a subway.

If you choose this model, keep an eye on the weight of the bike: the ideal is that it has an average of 10 kilograms, so that transport is not difficult. Some of these electric bikes are specially designed for those who need a supplement to public transportation, and transform into banks when folded and can be pushed like wheelbarrows.

Versatile, the Mountain Bikes face from the dirt tracks to the dry asphalt. Who is the speed fan gears of mountain bikes provide can now also have a power to call her. Lightweight and stable tires, these bikes are perfect to go easily rough and increases soil.

The electric motor boosts the strength of these remarkable, giving that help for those who want to go a little further without overtaxing the body.

As More Powerful Motor, Best! Prefer Model 350 Watts

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes To Buy In 2020 (Lev, Sousa And More)

The engine power will influence the performance of your electric bicycle. The indicated is to get bikes with engines from 250 watts, which now offer good speed and performance while you pedal. For those who want a more in forcinha the steepest paths, the 350 watt motor gives that essential power on the climbs the slopes without requiring a lot of legs.

Auto and Multiple levels of pilot make the course Easier

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes To Buy In 2020 (Lev, Sousa And More)

Most electric bikes come with at least three levels of care: is a command where you control how much use of engine power at that time. Thus, you can use less power on flat tracks where your bike will not be as required, saving battery for the most difficult paths.

For example, on flat stretches, you can use less power and get the same result that would get up a slope at full power. It’s a smart way to save battery and still enjoy good results in different road conditions.

Some bikes even offer the Autopilot Mode, or cruise. When triggered, it keeps the bike at a constant speed without pedaling. It is a great help for times when you get tired of pedaling, but remember q this mode requires a lot of battery, so be sure how long you can use it before running out of energy.

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Check the battery type, his autonomy and Ability to Remove It

Batteries are the lifeblood of your electric bicycle. They are feeding the engine and determine the time you get to run with him fired. There are two types of batteries, and each has a different comportamnto relative autonomy and its e-bike. Furthermore, some batteries can be removed, facilitating loading. Learn all about the batteries from your Pedelec following:

Before you buy your electric bike is important to check the type of battery it uses. There are two types in the market: lead-acid and lithium. Lead-acid batteries are heavier and less durable, but end up being cheaper.

On the other hand, the lithium models are lighter and have a lower recharge time. Also, while the lead batteries have a lifespan of up to 500 cycles or loads, the lithium can last twice that. For this reason, many models with lead battery have been discontinued, but if you want a bike a little cheaper, you can still find a few options in the market.

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes To Buy In 2020 (Lev, Sousa And More)

Autonomy is the time that your e-bike will run with the engine fires every battery charge. The market average is 30 to 40 km per charge, which is enough for those who do not usually ride for long journeys, with over 10 km. But if you plan to ride more than that this is an important item to consider.

For example, if the battery life of your electric bike is 30 kilometers, but you use by 35 km, including round trip, then a charge will not be enough. Make sure there is time and availability of an outlet to charge the battery of your bike between paths, the ideal is that you can charge it while it is idle. If you can not, consider having a spare battery not to stay in the hand.

Some electric bikes have the ease of removable batteries. They allow you to leave your e-bike parked and remove the batteries to charge them elsewhere. This functionality is especially useful if you need to charge the bike batteries at work for example, or somewhere with limited space.

Before Buying, Check How many Kilos the Bicycle Supports

Not to lose in power and autonomy, always check that the load capacity of your electric bicycle. The e-bikes support from 80 kilos, so it’s always good to check, noting that beyond your weight, your luggage also counts as load on the bike.

So if you weigh 80 kilos and takes three kilos of luggage, one bike that supports 90 kilos leaves a very small margin of extra weight. Taking into account that the closer to the full charge capacity, the more the bicycle is losing power and autonomy, ideal in this case, it would be a bicycle with a capacity of 100 kilograms or more.

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Some accessories are Required by Law, Check if they are included and there Extras

Under Brazilian law, electric bike are required to have a speedometer, bell or horn, front night signage, back and side and rear view mirrors. Many e-bikes do not come standard with all required accessories, so it is important to check that you have to install some of them separately.

There are also some extra accessories that can optimize your experience with your e-bike, as the front basket to carry small objects, the luggage and even upholstered seats to ride with or without backrest. Many models offer these factory pre wired facilities.

Non Skip Sufoco, Select Model with Technical Assistance in Your Region

Before opting for an e-bike, keep in mind that they require more maintenance than conventional bikes. After all, they are motorized they have a much higher wear parts off the electrical part, which also calls for constant revision of specialized professionals.

Experts indicate at least a monthly review, to ensure that your electric bike run perfectly, delivering 100% capacity. So check if the bike has chosen next service to you.

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes To Buy Online

Now we present the top ten electric bikes on the market. Tions are sought after models and well avialiados by users. Check the specifications of each and evaluate the most appropriate for your needs. We hope this ranking will be useful in your selection process!

Comparison table of the Best Electric Bikes

Bike Folding Pliage

Electric bicycle – ECO 350w

Electric Bicycle E-bike S

Electric bike Gioia

Tips for Caring for Your E-Bike

There are a few small precautions you can turn into routine and extend quite the life of your electric bicycle. The first relates to the care of the cleaning. Electric bikes are resistant to rain, but can not be washed with hose.

When an electric bike is exposed to an excessive amount of water, what can happen is that it stops working. Bicycles electric with good provenance and guarantee not offer electric shock.

To clean the frame, use a damp cloth. The currents can be cleaned with a toothbrush dipped in kerosene. Use a brush with kerosene and wipe the crowns. The turnstiles, only use WD40 and petrolatum finish in chains.

To ensure long life to the engine and not to overload the tires, avoid free riders or constant overweight. Every six months, look for a point with authorized personnel and conduct a general review of the electric bicycle. Probably the shop where you bought it offers this service.

Now that you know all about electric bikes and knows the best available in the market is ready to get yours! Electric bikes are a growing trend in big cities, and perfect for those seeking a means of sustainable mobility and practical for day to day.

Assess your usage needs and size of the paths you want to go and ensures now a healthier mobility routine and more economical!

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