Top 10 Best Folder Tooth Kids

Top 10 Best Folder Tooth Kids to Buy in 2020 (Tandy, Colgate and More)

An efficient brushing is essential to maintain oral health at any age, but when we talk about children, that care should be taken. After all, that this is where we learn the importance of brushing. Therefore, a good children’s toothpaste is very important in this process.

After all, should I invest in a toothpaste with fluoride? What is the best? To help you in this choice, we prepared a full report, as well as a ranking of the 10 best children’s toothpaste market, with brands such as Tandy, Colgate and Oral-B, among others. Check out!

When to Start Using Toothpaste Children?

Top 10 Best Folder Tooth Kids To Buy In 2020 (Tandy, Colgate And More)

The Ministry of Health indicates that the child tooth paste should be used as soon as the first teeth appear. What differs from the use in larger babies and children the amount is: babies less than 10 kg and up to 8 teeth in the mouth should use a half equivalent amount of raw rice grain.

Have babies over 10 kilos and who do not know spit, they must use the equivalent of a grain of raw rice by brushing, or 0.1 g. From the moment in which the child learns to spit, the amount can be increased to the equivalent of a pea, or 0.3 g.

It is important to note the correct amount to the stage of your child. This will ensure that your teeth will be protected and at the same time prevents fluorosis, which are those white spots on the enamel of the teeth caused by excessive fluoride intake.

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How to Choose the Best Children’s Toothpaste

Learn now how to choose child toothpaste most appropriate for your child. Issues such as the presence of fluoride and pleasant taste are important to make efficient brushing more pleasant and attractive.

Children’s Toothpaste with Fluoride is the Most Suitable

Top 10 Best Folder Tooth Kids To Buy In 2020 (Tandy, Colgate And More)

There are several options in the market of children’s toothpaste without fluoride. This because in the past it was believed that fluoride was more harmful than beneficial to children because of the risk of small swallow the product in excess, causing fluorosis.

However, after several researches, it has been proven that without fluoride products are ineffective in the prevention of cavities. Therefore, the World Health Organization began to recommend that the child tooth paste has about 1100 ppm of fluoride.

This amount is small, is sufficient to prevent the risk of fluorosis and help protect children’s teeth. The information must be included on the product label, so be sure to confirm before buying.

Opt for Nice Flavors for Children

Top 10 Best Folder Tooth Kids To Buy In 2020 (Tandy, Colgate And More)

Children normally repel very striking flavors, so it is ideal that the folder has a mild and sweet flavor. There in the Brazilian market a wide range of options, from the most traditional, such as strawberry, tutti frutti gum and even more exotic flavors such as pear, apple and licorice.

It is important that the time of brushing is enjoyable for the child. Thus, we offer toothpaste of various flavors until you find the most attractive for your child. Have products of various flavors at home is also a valid strategy for brushing is always interesting and fun.

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Child Resistant Brushing? Characters can be an Incentive

His son walks resistant to the idea of ​​brushing your teeth? How about offering a dental gel with your favorite character? In addition to many flavors, you can find licensed products with virtually all children’s characters most popular of the moment.

The classic Mickey Mouse, through the superheroes we love, to characters from current animations such as Frozen and Cars. You’re sure to find a product with the character that your little like both, giving him incentive to maintain oral hygiene in day.

Check out the Product Quantity in Packaging

Top 10 Best Folder Tooth Kids To Buy In 2020 (Tandy, Colgate And More)

In calculating the cost-effectiveness of the chosen toothpaste, be sure to check the amount of product in each package. It can vary greatly, from 50 to 130 grams depending on the brand, so it is worth staying tuned.

Who indications tested and approved

Before going to the ranking of the top 10 children’s tooth pastes, see the indications of MyBest partners. They are professionals, experts and bloggers that indicate products tested and approved by them. It is worth checking!

Top 10 Best Children’s Tooth Pastes

Now meet our ranking of the top 10 children’s toothpaste available. They were selected considering important criteria such as the presence of fluoride in their formulation of flavor options, presence of licensed characters on packaging and product quantity.

Top 10 Best Folder Tooth Kids To Buy In 2020 (Tandy, Colgate And More)

Comparison table of the Best Children’s Tooth Pastes

Folder Tooth Children Bitufo Cocorico

Toothpaste Children Bring There There Kids Total Protection Antiacucar

Creme Dental Crest Kids Cavity Protection Sparkle Fun

Folder Tooth Children Tandy

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Tooth paste Colgate Smiles Children

Folder Children’s Tooth Pro Health Stages

Folder Tooth Children Vegan Boni Kids Ultra Action

Folder Teeth Smile Child Kids

Folder Children’s Tooth Bring Kids La-La

Children’s Toothpaste Fruchtli Kids – DOKI and Powers Rockers

See Also Other Indications for Kids Products

Now that you know which toothpaste to buy for your small, how about also choose other products related to children, such as solar and shampoos protectors? Visit the articles below and see!

When you have the necessary information to choose the best child tooth paste is very simple. Check the presence of fluoride in the formulation, choose the flavor that most please your little ones and opt for characters to make brushing more fun!

Consider the product of our ranking, they were selected among the best in the market. If you know anyone else searching for good children’s tooth pastes, share this article and help others to make the best choices. We wish an excellent buy and brushing time more fun and enjoyable!

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