Top 10 Best Holders Monitor

Top 10 Best Holders Monitor to Buy in 2020

The supports to monitor are essential products for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer. After all, it is necessary to ensure the minimum of comfort, especially in the time of writing. There are several types of support in the market and brands like Souza and Co., Elg and Brasforma bring great products.

However, to purchase a support is necessary to choose between modular and articulated type. To help you, we have prepared a tutorial with all the details that you should consider when buying. In addition, we selected the top 10 holders monitor market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Monitor Support

Before buying a monitor stand, it is important to check the size, weight, material and have features. If purchasing an articulated product, choose the model based also on their movements and installation. Find out more below!

Choose the Agreement of Media Type to Use

There are two types of supports for monitors: modular and articulated. Each must be chosen in accordance with the day to day user. Check out!

The modular supports are products that act as a “ladder” to the monitor, leaving it higher. The monitor is only placed on the stand that is on the table, without any installation. They are much more simple and cheap compared to the other.

The greatest advantage of the modular support is that it can be easily transported. So, if you need to make a change, there will be difficulties. However, some products may slip depending on the surface of the table. So always opt for non-slip products!

Moreover, some products have modular drawers or compartments as well as carriers for tablets and mobile phones. These details can make it easier, and much, the user’s life. Another difference is the wire organizers.

The articulated supports offer incredible possibilities for the user. They are secured to the table and have a vertical hook, where the monitor is fixed and can be moved. By the same token, they provide greater stability to the monitor. Some models also have wire organizer.

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This type of product is recommended for anyone who uses the computer a lot and will not carry it. They are much more expensive products, but have models that support up to three monitors. So if you are a person multitasking and need a lot of monitors at work, this type is the most suitable.

Make sure the support dimensions are Compatible with Monitor

Typically, modular supports can withstand 10-29 inches products. For this, they must have at least 30 cm wide and 24 deep. Already articulated brackets are for larger monitors from 13 to 35 inches.

As for the height, most modular and articulated products enable adjusting the height of support, which can vary between 11 and 38 cm. The most appropriate is horizontally align the top of the monitor with the user’s eyes. So keep this in mind when buying your support.

Note that the product supports the Monitor Weight

It is also necessary to note which the load supported by the support. This is because if the monitor is too heavy, the support may end up not holding and generate accidents. A monitor has at least 6 kg, while some articulated modular supports and supports up to 25 kg. Be sure to check!

Choose Product Agreement with Material

The articulated supports are produced with more resistant and durable materials such as steel and carbon fiber, aluminum, and others. As for the modular supports, we can find them in three materials: plastic, MDF and glass.

Supports for monitors that are made of plastic are more fragile, but lighter and cheaper. Since the products that are produced in MDF are heavier, but are more resistant and beautiful. Finally, glass holders are much more fragile, but can offer an air of sophistication to the site.

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To Articulated Support, Check the Operation and Installation Options

In the case of articulated supports, it is important to pay attention to specific details such as handling options and compatibility with VESA standard, to ensure the right product and the ideal installation. Check out below.

For those who have already decided on the swivel bracket, there is a detail that should be noted: the movements of the arms. Most products only move vertically down and up the monitor. These products are simpler and cheaper.

However, there are products that move up horizontally and vertically, thus more expensive. Some of the pivotal supports use gas piston technology. Thus, the movements carried out by the support are made effortlessly and smoothly.

In the case of articulated supports, most also allows the screen 360 to rotate. In addition, the screen angle can often be altered, leaving it face down or up. Each bracket has a standard angle, which may vary from 20 to 90 °.

Another important point to note in the working model is your installation mode. There are two ways: by means of screws or by means of a vise. In both cases it is necessary to note the thickness of the table and the maximum aperture of the support fitting so that it fit perfectly.

In the installation by means of screws, the board must be drilled so that the bracket is seated. If you can not stick to the table, it is best to use the brackets fixed by a vise. Are rarer products on the market, but ensure that the table be intact, without holes or holes.

The Standard VESA is a model that should be followed by all of articulated supports manufacturers. It states that every support must have four attachment points on its front, so that the socket of the displays occurs perfectly.

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But what must be observed even by the consumer is the distance of these points. There are several standards, but the most common are 50×50, 75×75, 100×100, 200×100 and 200×200 mm. Thus, it is necessary to verify the standard of your monitor to buy a stand in which it can be fitted correctly.

Top 5 Best Modular Stands

Now that you know all about supports for monitor, check below our ranking with the top 5 modular supports available on the market!

Comparison Leaderboard Modular Stands

Top 10 Best Holders Monitor To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Holders Monitor To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Holders Monitor To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Holders Monitor To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Holders Monitor To Buy In 2020

Support for Monitor Black Piano

Monitor Stand Black Glass Fume

Support For Monitor Modular Double

Support for Monitor and Notebook Prime Black

To support Square Monitor 4 Set Levels

Top 5 Best Stands Articulated

Prefers working models? Do not mention it! Check now our selection of the top 5 articulated supports to monitor available in the market and enjoy to choose your own!

Comparison Leaderboard Mounts Monitor Articulated

Table Articulated support for Monitors

Articulated support for 2 monitors and LED LCD 13 “to 27”

Table Holder With Claw To 3 Monitors

Articulated table stand with height adjustment

See Our Supporters instructions for Notebook

How about also know the supports for notebooks more efficient? Prepare a selection of the top 10 holders of this type available. Access the link below and check it out!

We separate the best media to monitor the market and now just choose your own! A professional who uses the computer a lot and requires several screens, for example, will prefer an articulated monitor. Already a member you need only adjust your posture, you bet on the modular.

So, choose a good monitor support will depend on the needs of each customer and style. So, if you need, read our tutorial again and get all your doubts. And if you found it interesting, do not forget to share with your friends who also need a monitor stand!

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