Top 10 Best Imported Perfumes Men In 2020 (212, Calvin Klein And More)

Top 10 Best Imported Perfumes Men in 2020 (212, Calvin Klein and more)

For modern man, a good perfume is the final touch to make an impression. The good news is that it is possible to find great imported perfumes to buy online! Brands like Armani, Ralph Lauren and Carolina Herrera are quite successful in Brazil. However, whether to give a friend or for personal use, it is quite difficult to decide which ideal perfume.

Therefore, we will show you everything that is important to choose the best perfume for you. Also, we did a ranking of the 10 imported perfumes that men are more successful. At the end of the article, we will also show the best way to apply perfume. So, you will never be lost, either to give a friend or shopping for yourself. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Male Perfume

Before presenting the ranking of the best men’s perfumes imported for sale in Brazil, we will teach you how to choose a good perfume. There is much more to consider than just the aroma. So stay tuned!

For Work or for a Date? Choose Thinking on Purpose

Top 10 Best Imported Perfumes Men In 2020 (212, Calvin Klein And More)

Is to make a good impression at a job or negotiating to leave that meeting even more romantic, it is important to think carefully before choosing the perfume.

Perfume with woody fragrances, musk or Eastern awaken sensuality, so are the best options for romantic occasions or for conquest. For the business environment, bet in citrus fragrances. Already fresh or marine fragrances tend to combine with the more adventurers and athletes.

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Do not forget that in hot weather, excessive sweating can ruin the fragrance of the perfume. So in the summer, prefer fresh and marine and avoid sweet scents fragrances, including musk and vanilla.

Meet Notes Aromatic Before Choosing

Top 10 Best Imported Perfumes Men In 2020 (212, Calvin Klein And More)

Probably you have already applied a perfume and a few minutes later realized that the fragrance has changed a lot. This is because good perfume fragrances have complex made of several aromatic notes having different times of evaporation and dissipation. So after a few minutes some scents are far less present and others intensify.

Therefore, when choosing a perfume, it is important to wait a few minutes after application to feel all the aromas. Keep in mind that they are constructed in three layers: the top notes or output, the core or heart notes and base notes or background. It is what we call the olfactory pyramid.

However, this is just a reference, even notes that evaporate faster, help make the fragrance as a whole and influence the aroma end of the perfume. Anyway, it is especially important to know the central and base notes to see if the fragrance is sweeter, woody, smoother and so on.

Now that you understand how the smells of a perfume, find out the notes that compose it before purchase and not be fooled by the first impression!

If you do not want to risk it, Prefer Smaller bottles

Top 10 Best Imported Perfumes Men In 2020 (212, Calvin Klein And More)

As we said before, when choosing a perfume it is important to know the top notes, and central base. Therefore, it can be difficult to know if a perfume is appropriate or not before using it for a few hours. Not to mention that your impression of the fragrance can change after a few days of use. Who ever found an incredible scent and then ended up getting sick, is not it?

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So, to get to know the scent before making a larger investment, it is better to opt first for smaller bottles. Some brands offer different size options for the same perfume. Take this to test a new fragrance or even have several options perfume at home!

Top 10 Best Imported Perfumes Men

Now that you know enough about perfumes and aromas, we will present you the best and best-selling men’s fragrance! We chose the most popular perfume among Brazilian and have many imported perfumes of great quality in our list. Consider everything we say here and choose what suits you more.

Top 10 Best Imported Perfumes Men In 2020 (212, Calvin Klein And More)
Top 10 Best Imported Perfumes Men In 2020 (212, Calvin Klein And More)

Comparison table of Best Imported Perfumes Men

Invictus Eau de Toilette

Pour Homme Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette Masculino

For Men Eau de Toilette

1 Million Eau de Toilette

Water Gio Pour Homme

Learn the Best Way to Apply Perfume

Many people have the habit of applying perfume on her neck. However, as the neck is very close to the nose, you will quickly get used to the fragrance and this can make you end up applying a much larger amount than needed.

Also, there are those who rub the perfume immediately after application. By doing this you destroy the aromatic notes causing the fragrance not exhale properly.

It may seem strange, but the best place to apply perfume is in the belly area. Thus, the people around you feel better the smell of your perfume. Always apply at a distance of at least 20 cm so that the liquid reaches a larger region. Avoid applying perfume to the body warm or after the bath, so it does not evaporate too much and miss the smell.

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One or two sprinkled a good perfume is enough! Do not apply an excessive amount not to disturb people around you.

It was much easier to choose the right scent after all these tips, is not it? Always remember to check all the olfactory pyramid of perfume before choosing. If there is any doubt, come back and revisit this article. Thus, you will ensure good choices for you and even your friends.

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