Top 10 Best Lg Mobile Phones

Top 10 Best LG Mobile Phones to Buy in 2020

LG is one of the oldest brands in the smartphone industry. The South Korean company has been innovating every year with new models such as the K12, the K40S and K50S, and new technologies such as digital recognition, artificial intelligence in the camera, and many others.

So it is important to know the key features and better understand the portfolio of products to make the best choice. For this, we have prepared this article to give all the necessary tips. At the end check the ranking of the top 10 best LG phones to choose from!

How to Choose the Best Mobile LG

Every year LG announced new models of smartphones with new technologies and innovations to bring a better experience for the user. There are several models to suit different customer profiles, so check out our tips below to be able to make the best choice!

Choose Series Ideal for Your Profile

LG’s smartphone portfolio is divided into series of products have different features and target audience. Currently there are a total of three series: K series are the entry models, Q series which are intermediate products and G series are top of the line appliances.

The K series are LG’s entry-level models. In this series are the most basic products of the brand. It is more focused on the public who want a functional appliance that meets the communications needs without requiring a high investment.

However, the latest releases of this series showed gains with many features that in previous years were only available in high-end devices. There are already models with main camera triple and artificial intelligence to improve the photos, for example!

Q family is composed of the intermediate models of LG. Products in this category are more sophisticated and therefore have a higher price than the K. Your target audience series are those people who want a more modern smartphone, but without paying the price of a top of the line.

It is worth noting, however, that for the 2019 portfolio, LG has not released any new model in this series of smartphones. Instead, most products were launched in the K series with more sophisticated specifications.

In G family are the LG high-end smartphones. Are devices that bring the most advanced technologies. One of the latest models of the series, The G8S thinq, has the Air Motion technology for you to give commands only with hand gestures in the air without touching the device.

In addition, the G8 thinq brings modern features like Multi ID, which allows you to unlock the phone by three means: face recognition, biometrics and the unprecedented recognition of the veins of the hands. It is the first smartphone in the world to use the unlock vein by hand! This series is amazing!

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Check the Camera Resolution and Additional Functions and Make Amazing Photos

LG invests enough in camera technologies and each year brings something new to please the photo lovers. Already have models with cameras and two to three lenses and artificial intelligence to optimize the photos. Amazing is not it? Check out more details below!

Logically, cameras with more megapixels can take more detailed pictures, because they produce images with higher pixel count. But please note that the picture quality does not depend only on this. Lighting conditions, size of the lens and other technologies employed contribute to better pictures.

Among the models from LG, you can find devices with main camera of 8 MP to 16 MP resolution. To the front camera models ranging from 5 to 13 MP MP. Also check the recording quality videos, some models already do video in 4K.

The phones from LG have several technologies that help you take pictures of landscapes and incredible selfies. Meet below the key and choose a smartphone with features that most appeal to you!

Already made to realize that there are several camera features that can optimize your photos, is not it? Importantly, they are not privilege only top of the line models. The input models also have really cool features worth taking advantage of!

To High Performance, Octa-core processor Prefer

Top 10 Best Lg Mobile Phones To Buy In 2020

The processor is responsible for the tasks execution speed. Search processor with 2.0 GHz clock for faster processing. Also check the number of cores, octa-core processors are better for multitasking and even help save your device’s battery.

It is worth noting that current models of the G series, have the famous Snapdragon processor. They use the 800 series processors is the most sophisticated of all the Snapdragons. So outperform. As for the other brand series use Mediatek processor.

RAM 4GB or more are best for games and Multitasking

Top 10 Best Lg Mobile Phones To Buy In 2020

The RAM is connected to the device response speed and is directly responsible for smartphone performance, for each application that you run requires the use of part of that memory. As more applications are used simultaneously, more RAM will be demanded.

Among the models of LG, there are options with up to 6 GB of RAM in the G family which is the top of the line. But do not forget that this will also influence the price of the product: the more memory, more expensive. Therefore, consider the use you will make of your mobile phone. Oh and do not forget to close the applications you are not using!

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Choose models with At Least 32 GB Internal Memory

Top 10 Best Lg Mobile Phones To Buy In 2020

For those who want to download many apps, shows and movies on mobile is recommended to invest in a model with more internal memory. LG has internal memory models ranging from 16 GB basic products up to 128 GB on top models.

It is worth noting that you can expand the storage capacity of the phone via memory card. Almost all the latest models of LG allow expansion up to 2TB via memory card, but K8 +, for example, which is a more basic model has 32 GB expansion only.

Prefer Large screens with Full HD resolution to Watch Movies and Videos

If you use your smartphone to watch movies or to play, choose models with larger screens. LG has devices with up to 6.5 “in size. In addition, technologies such as Full Vision (reduction of unit edges) and Notch (cut on the screen) help maximum screen utilization of devices.

The LG screens are optimized with some technologies like IPS that expands the viewing angle for you to see clearly the mobile screen even looking aside and OLED that provides images with more contrast and richer colors.

Among the models of LG screen with higher resolution is the G7 thinq which is QHD + (2880 x 1440) and the lowest resolution of current models is the HD (1280 x 720). For good imaging experience we recommend, at least, Full HD screens, as many media are available at this resolution or even higher.

Non Stick No Battery Select Models with 3500 mAh or More

The phone provides many facilities to the bustling modern life. Therefore, more and more people can not stand even a minute without their handsets. Which means that they need a smartphone battery that lasts all day to not have to worry about!

The batteries of current models of LG range from 3000 mAh to 4000 mAh. So if you use the phone all the time, prefer battery with 3500 mAh or more. Note that battery durability will also depend on the frequency and how the device is used.

More resistance with IP68 certification and MIL-STD

Some models of LG comes with IP68 certification, which indicates that the device has resistance to water and dust. But that does not mean the unit is waterproof, but which has resistance when immersed to a certain depth (usually less than 3 meters) and for a limited time.

In addition, most models is certified MIL-STD-810G, which was developed by the US military. This certification indicates that the device has a battery of high-resistance tests and low temperatures, humidity and even impacts.

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Top 10 Best Mobile LG

Now that you are inside the cell that LG can offer, it’s time to choose your and enjoy all the amenities that a smartphone brings modern life! To facilitate even more your choice, selected the 10 best LG mobile phones available in the market. Check out!

Comparison table of the Top LG Phones

Top 10 Best Lg Mobile Phones To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Lg Mobile Phones To Buy In 2020

Smartphone LG G8S ThinQ

Smartphone LG HQ Tinja

Smartphone LG K12 Max

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The choice of the best LG phone should consider not only the technical aspects of the product, but also, their needs, as each model is focused on meeting a different user profile. Now that you understand better about them, it is much easier to choose!

So enjoy the tips in this article and we invest in the best model for you! If you have questions about other products, take the time to explore our website and read other articles on various products.

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