Top 10 Best Liners

Top 10 Best Liners to Buy in 2020 (Gel Pen, liquid and more)

Everyone loves a well made and make that perfect outlined, is not it? The liner has become a national darling, but he still scares a little, since applying it properly requires precision and practice. Fortunately brands like Kade Von D, Benefit, Lancome, the Apothecary and Vult have a wide range of products developed to facilitate this task.

To make it even easier, we’ve created this guide with tips on how to choose the perfect eyeliner and also ranqueamos the 10 best eyeliners on the market. In addition, at the end of this article you can check out tips on how to make a kitten outlined perfectly. Be sure to check!

How to Choose the Best Eyeliner

Because of the many eyeliner options in the market, choose a product that fits your skill level and meets your expectations might be a little difficult. Therefore, it is important to define the ideal type, the best tone, refer to the resistance that the product has when exposed to water and, of course, know to remove it. Now see our tips on how to choose.

Select Type to Get You Handle with Ease

Today, in the market, you can find eyeliners of different shapes, textures and consistencies, each with its specific characteristics. Before taking the first liner in front, it is important to know what is wrong with you greater security in the application and which type is right for the result you are expecting.

Top 10 Best Liners To Buy In 2020 (Gel Pen, Liquid And More)

Also known as kajal, the eyeliner pencil is ideal if you are starting out and does not have much skill in time to make the outlined. To be in a format that we are already accustomed to using, your application can be made intuitively.

But to have the edge over grossinha, this type of eyeliner does not give much freedom to more elaborate outlined. Therefore, it is most recommended for daily life and for those who prefer a more natural look use. In addition, such products tend to smudge more easily.

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Top 10 Best Liners To Buy In 2020 (Gel Pen, Liquid And More)

Despite being one of the most common types in women makeup cases, the liquid eyeliner requires a little more practice in use. Its format does not give much stability in the application and therefore practice enough is essential.

The liquid eyeliner allows greater control of the stroke thickness and also provides a more intense route, giving greater emphasis to the eyes. Being a liquid product, it is important to allow it to dry well, because when wet sludge with ease.

Top 10 Best Liners To Buy In 2020 (Gel Pen, Liquid And More)

Currently, eyeliners formed pen have been gaining quite adept for its ease of application and also by having different varieties of tips. This format allows more freedom when carrying out the outlined.

The eyeliners that have the most tip thin allow outlined more delicate, fine and detailed. Have beveled tips create a thicker line and provide greater stability for the hands.

Top 10 Best Liners To Buy In 2020 (Gel Pen, Liquid And More)

Considered the most difficult to apply eyeliner, the eyeliner gel is the preferred choice of people who have enough practice. Typically, the product comes in a little pot and you need to use a brush for your application.

Despite having a harder texture manipulation, many people choose this type to be a product that has a higher pigmentation and duration. Preferred Occuptional of the gel eyeliner is used in much more dramatic and makes it must remain intact for longer.

Bold or traditional? Choose the Best Color for You

Top 10 Best Liners To Buy In 2020 (Gel Pen, Liquid And More)

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about is that eye eyeliner well marked in black, is not it? But the liner is not limited to black. Nowadays you can find products with a wide range of colors on the market. If your intention is to make a more modern outlined, perhaps a colorful eyeliner is a good option.

Although it is classic, black eyeliner can leave make heavier and dramatic. professionals recommend brown eyeliner or lead for everyday use, since they possess a weaker nuance. In addition, brown eyeliners are good for people who are starting as mitigate any little mistakes and leave more natural look.

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For day-to-day, Prefer Liners Water Resistant

Everyone hates being with blurred makeup or have to keep touching up all the time, right? Therefore, the ideal is to look for products water resistant or waterproof. Understand the difference between them.

Product with water resistance prevent the own skin’s natural moisture ruin her makeup. But they are not the best option for situations like beach and pool, or when you need a makeup intact for a long period of time as a wedding party.

For these specific situations is the ideal eyeliner waterproof. Its formula is heavier and requires a deeper removal, with oils or Cosmetic Removers specific to the eye area. Therefore, they are not as practical. For day-to-day eyeliner prefer water resistant.

Before you Buy, See How Remove Product

We hear always talk about the importance of removing all facial makeup before bed and keep the skin clean. Because of this, it is ideal researching how to remove the liner, as the eye area is very sensitive and more prone to signs of aging.

As already mentioned, some eyeliners are not removable with just water and facial soap. Others, not with the common makeup remover. Some products are more intense only completely removed with special Cosmetic Removers for the eye area. So it is good to consult how to remove the product properly.

Who indications tested and approved

The following are eyeliners favorite bloggers and professional partners MyBest. All these products have been tested and approved by them, so it is worth checking out!

Top 10 Best Liners to Buy Online

Now that you have all the information needed to define the liner that best suits your needs, why not check our ranking down to the 10 best products to buy online? Come with me!

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Comparison Leaderboard Liners

Ink Well Long-Wear Matte Eyeliner

Make B. Liquid Eyeliner for Eyes

Liquid Eyeliner for Eyes

Eyeliner Gel Diva

Pen delineating HB090

Pen delineating Slim

Tips for Setting the kitten Outlined

The outlined kitten is a classic makeup. Most people love this format, but to do so it is quite necessary to have precision and practice. To help you out, let you spend three tips on how to make the ideal outlined and rock the make.

Tip 1: Start by External Area

The first step is to make the dash that is outside of the eyelid. As the base, imagine a line connecting the outer corner of the eye with the end of her brow. Now just draw a thin line of the desired size. After that, fill in the rest of the eye.

Tip 2: If not Feel Safe, Use a Tape

One of the tricks for beginners is to use a tape to guide the end of puxadinho outlined. Cut a small piece of tape (micropore may be), the paste between the end of the outer corner of eye to the end of the eyebrow and use it as a basis for the trait.

Tip 3: Use a cotton swab to Fix Small Failures

If you miss or shake a little, need not despair and withdraw all outlined. Put some makeup remover on a cotton swab and gently remove the failed part and redo the outlined.

Whether you are beginner or skilled in the art outlined, now you know how to choose the perfect eyeliner for you, is not it? Return this article every time paint some question about the product.

Moreover, you will be able to consult our ranking with the 10 best products of the market, and choose your rock the outlined!

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