Top 10 Best Palettes Shadows In 2020 (Luisance, Ruby Rose And More)

Top 10 Best Palettes Shadows in 2020 (Luisance, Ruby Rose and more)

There is no woman who does not have a pouch makeup at home. Among the items that can not miss, palettes of shadows are a real wild card, offering colors for a complete make without you having to handle several estojinhos as it gets. There are palettes for all tastes and pockets, and so many choices can leave you confused when choosing.

I choose to large pallets or compact? color palettes will be useful to me? To answer these and other questions, we have prepared an article with all you should know before choosing a palette to call his own. In the end, there is an incredible ranking of the top 10 market with brands such as Ruby Rose, Ludurana, Luisance and many others. Let’s start?

How to Choose the Best Shadow Palette

Choose a palette of shadows is not a difficult task as long as you stay attentive to some details, such as the colors that best suit to your skin, which will be most useful in your day to day, or the finishes commonly used at the time of compose make. Now look at the tips apart to choose without fear of error:

Identify the Best Colors for Your Skin

Top 10 Best Palettes Shadows In 2020 (Luisance, Ruby Rose And More)

You can use any shade of color to makeup, but some will favor you more. To do that mighty eye, neatly, just know a few simple rules of thumb and choose according to your skin tone.

Palettes with tones that go great together Facilitate Make

Top 10 Best Palettes Shadows In 2020 (Luisance, Ruby Rose And More)

When choosing a palette of shadows, regardless of their size, make sure that it has coordinated colors, ie, that can be used together. Thus, you eliminate the risk of having that wonderful shade, but can not use because it simply does not match any other to make a composition.

Matte, Glittering, Pearly & More: The More Finishing Types, Best

Another tip is to prefer palettes with colors with different finishes: mattes, opaque, shimmering and pearly are the most common, but some palettes still bring gliterinados and metal for bolder compositions.

Among the glittering and pearly, favoring the tones in white and nude, the illuminating calls. They are excellent to light the corners or the area below the eyebrow and give that up in his eyes. This will ensure a complete make with the same palette, but may differ in effect and compositions.

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Opt for neutral colors and finishes Discrete The Day the Day

Top 10 Best Palettes Shadows In 2020 (Luisance, Ruby Rose And More)

Before choosing your eyeshadow palette, keep in mind the use you give to it. For daytime make-up, go to work, for example, opt for lighter and discrete tones such as roses, nudes and earth tones, matte-finish or slightly sparkling. Remember that it is important to consider your skin tone.

But if the search is for a palette for the night, invest in dark colors like black and wine, and most striking, bold colors and finishes striking as the metal and glitteres. There are also very versatile palettes, with combinations that can be used day and night.

Choose the size Agreement with Your Needs and Abilities

There are many eyeshadow palettes sizes in the market. The smallest have five or six shades, but there are options with over 100 colors, arranged in various displays in the same palette. To determine the ideal for you, review your needs and skills make. So you avoid investing in a product that does not correspond to what you expected.

If you have mastered the art of makeup for eyes, you can play in a palette of large shadow, commonly called professional. They may have over a hundred colors in various finishes, which come in different colors arranged for displays. With so many options, you hardly will miss some color to compose different looks, from the most sober to festive.

The downside is that because they are large, these palettes are restricted to use at home. Moreover, of all colors, some inevitably will be unused, since not all will match your skin tone or your personal taste. Even so, the cost-benefit of a large shade palette is great and worth the investment.

If you have not mastered the techniques of makeup for eyes and feel insecure to mix colors and finishes, the tip is to invest in smaller palettes, with five or six colors. These palettes are devised so that shadows can be used together without risk of error.

If you search the largest palettes and more color options, keep in mind that the ideal is that your palette has light colors as white or a shimmering nude to light, dark tones to the outer corner and marking the concave and midtones to the center eyelid.

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Top 10 Best Palettes Shadows In 2020 (Luisance, Ruby Rose And More)

If you need to touch up the makeup on the street, either during the day or at night, a compact palette is right for you. easy to carry in the bag, compact palettes allow you to take your shadows to give that up visually at any time. Even if you have a large palette for special makes, always worth investing in a compress to take their shadows when needed.

Accessories Facilitate the Use Out of Home

There are a number of brushes suitable for eye makeup, and each has its function. It is not always possible to load an arsenal of accessories in the bag and it is not necessary, since the aim is to facilitate a possible retouching the make ready. For this, ensure that the palette chosen accompanying accessories like brushes and mirror.

The most popular come with the famous sponge brush, great to deposit the shadow on the eyelids and enhance the color. Other, more sophisticated, they can accompany brush bristles with different features such as smudge or outline. They are excellent to give that beautiful finish, even with limited resources.

Who indications tested and approved

The following palettes of shadows favorite bloggers and professional partners MyBest. All these products have been tested and approved by them, so it is worth checking out!

Top 10 Best Palettes Shadows In 2020 (Luisance, Ruby Rose And More)

Top 10 Best Palettes Shadows To Buy Online

Now meet our selection of the top ten palettes available. They range from the most colorful and the most sobreas neutral, selected for quality, practicality and versatility in composing many styles of makeup. Certainly you will find here the ideal for your needs! Check out:

Comparison table of the Best Palettes Shadows

Shadow Palette 30 Colors

Nude’tude Shadow Palette Palette

Mariana Saad Shadow Palette 9 Shades

The Shadow Palette New Nude Palette

Shadow Palette Matte Diva Eyes

Cool Eyes Palette Shadows 88 Colors L612 Color B

Shadow Palette Naked 3

Amazing Shadow Palette

Quintets Shadow Palette 11 Nude

Shadow Palette 18 Colors

See How to Make a Black Eye Smudge Powerful

All makes for the night, the favorite of women is no doubt that dramatic black eye, which leaves no super powerful production. The beginners may have difficulty with the black shade, which can stain or not quite reach the desired tone, but with a little practice soon arrasarao. To speed up this process, follow our tips and bump in smoky black eye:

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Ready!! devastating eyes as well ask for a nude lipstick, so the highlight stay with them all. Do not forget to perfect the preparation of the skin with concealer, base, compact and discreet blush, but prefer to do this after eye makeup. Illuminators just above the cheekbone will also further highlight its powerful eyes!

After so many tips, we are sure you know what is the perfect palette of shadows! Do not forget to evaluate the use you give to it and the versatility of tones chosen. Colored, neutral, large or compact, shadow palettes are that produtinho that can not miss in your necessaire, fundamental to compose any makeup style.

If you have questions, come back here to check out our tips. If some friend is looking for a good palette, share this article with her! We wish an excellent buy, and your new palette is your best friend when composing that devastating look for day or night!


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