Top 10 Best Protein

Top 10 Best Protein to Buy in 2020 (albumin, casein and whey)

When you’re in search of the ideal physique, it is very easy to get frustrated for not being able to progress in the results. But the problem is not always in practice, but in power. How can end up being difficult to maintain a balanced diet, the use of supplementation is essential. Especially protein, nutrient that helps maintain firmer muscles.

That said, so you do not suffer from a loss of muscle mass between a workout and another, we decided to help you choose your ideal protein. Brands like Spartans, Optimum Nutrition and Protein Pure, has great products with high protein content. Apart from these, you can see other more in our ranking with the top 10 proteins to buy online. Check out.

How to Choose the Best Protein

When choosing the best protein, you should take into consideration some essential points. This is because the protein content of each brand, can vary greatly, not to mention the rate of absorption, which leads us to the types of protein. Just take a look.

Whey protein, casein or albumin? Understand the Difference and Choose the Best for You

It may seem confusing, but I guarantee that after this topic, you will understand better what are the differences of these three types of protein.

Top 10 Best Protein To Buy In 2020 (Albumin, Casein And Whey)

Obtained from whey, the whey protein is the type of protein best known to those who practice bodybuilding. Rapid absorption, it is possible to take protein for muscle quickly, to achieve retain as much muscle volume achieved in that workout. So it is a very suitable supplement for those who are looking for hypertrophy.

However, this article will give a greater focus to albumin and casein, which are slowly absorbed proteins used especially for reducing the effects of catabolism in muscle wasting. But do not worry! We articles talking only of the best whey protein market. Check out the links at the end of this text.

Top 10 Best Protein To Buy In 2020 (Albumin, Casein And Whey)

Albumin, a protein extracted from egg white is considered one of the most effective supplements for use in weight, since this protein has a higher nutritional value than milk protein, with the benefit of having no cholesterol or fat.

Due to its slow absorption, it helps the anabolic process, preventing catabolism. The catabolic process is one in which the body uses muscle protein to maintain its operation in fast times. Ie, catabolism makes all those muscles you have acquired in training are spent to maintain the body.

As lasts up to 4 hours albumin in our body it is super suitable for consumption during the day as supplement to the hours of fasting. However, please note that the product is not there a smell or a very pleasant taste, which is difficult even in disguise flavored models. Moreover, it does not last all night as casein, of which we shall speak below.

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Top 10 Best Protein To Buy In 2020 (Albumin, Casein And Whey)

Considered the holy grail of proteins, casein joins business with pleasure, because it is a protein with even slower absorption than albumin, nourishing muscles for up to 7 hours and also to be palatable, since its composition is made through the milk.

However, the filtering process is different from casein whey protein for example, since it is extracted from the milk as a whole and not just the serum. And despite the controversy around the high quantity of milk in its composition, as well as the albumin, the benefits also extend to people with hyper gastric acidity, since the product keeps satiety for longer periods.

Furthermore, as the albumin and whey, casein also enriches the amount of amino acids in our body, which helps in the recovery of muscle fibers and proteins contributes to reach a more effective way in muscle tissue.

For Best Cost-Benefit and durability, Favor Packaging 1 kg

Top 10 Best Protein To Buy In 2020 (Albumin, Casein And Whey)

Albumins and casein available on the domestic market can usually be purchased in packages of 500 g or 1 kg. However, since the recommended daily intake can exceed 35 grams, even a 1 kg packet would last less than 1 month.

Therefore, prefer to buy products of a kilo or purchase more than one package on the same purchase. Thus you ensure that enough protein will not need to interrupt your supplementation.

Check the Product Concentration Protein Percentage

Top 10 Best Protein To Buy In 2020 (Albumin, Casein And Whey)

To know the amount of protein you are ingesting each dose supplementation of choice is very important to check the product label. There manufacturers usually indicate the exact amount of protein and other components such as carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, contained in each portion of the product.

It is very important to pay attention to this because some products have a very low concentration of protein in each serving. But rest assured that in our ranking we select only the best protein, and you can check the concentration of protein in each dose of the product in the table below is the description of each item ranking.

To avoid imbalances in your diet, check the Total Carbohydrates per serving

Although we are talking about a protein supplementation in many products there is a considerable amount of carbohydrates, which can somehow achieve negatively to your diet, especially if you are on the cutting phase, the nursing care for a better definition of the muscles and loss lean mass.

Therefore, always check that the amount of carbohydrates per serving is according to your diet. Another factor important to consider is whether or not gluten in the formula. As gluten is a protein it takes to be digested, its consumption may cause gastrointestinal discomfort even in people who have no intolerance. In addition, consumption of gluten before training should be avoided.

Keep an eye: the Addition of Other components affects the purity of protein

In an attempt to make a tastier supplement or even more complete, many brands choose to saborizar their products and also by adding amino acids and vitamins. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but know that any addition to the supplement formula will decrease the concentration of protein per serving of the product.

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Also, many times the concentration of these nutrients further ends up being too low to bring the effects promised by them. Thus, the ideal is to opt for pure, by supplementing protein part of nutrients such as BCAA, arginine, vitamins and others.

Another warning that must be done is for the addition of artificial coloring and flavoring to product formula with the sole purpose of saborizar protein. The daily intake of these artificial chemicals can bring harm in the long run. So, prefer brands that use natural dyes and flavorings or simply not use.

Variety of Flavors Brings Versatility to product

Still talking about flavors, it is interesting to see if the brand offers a good range of flavors, so you can only change flavor when the current ad nauseam. Moreover, by choosing the vanilla flavor or neutral proteins, can give a versatility other supplements for mixing with fruit flavors, such as maltodextrin, fairly suitable for taking in conjunction with the protein supplementation.

Top 5 Best Fibers to Buy Online

Finally, we come to part you expect more of the article, the ranking! And not to get confused, we decided to separate it into two parts. This is the first, in which you can see the best albumin to buy on the internet. Look.

Comparison Chart of Top Fibers

Albumina Egg Dyn Protein 100% Pura


Top 5 Best Casein to Buy Online

Next, check out excellent choices of casein available on the internet. Note that although the product is a little more expensive than albumin, precisely because of its longer duration in the body, there are great flavors and options that the benefit cost ends up being even better.

Comparison table of the Best Casein

Micellar Casein Whey Strawberry Mousse

Gold Standard 100% Casein

New Dyma Caseina 100% Micellar

Micellar casein cream

Tips Use of Albumin and Casein

Now that you’ve chosen your ideal protein supplement. still worth a few tips to further leverage the investment. And as albumin and casein are versatile supplements, many people opt for the use of one of them only in place of whey protein. So, you will like to know some tips to optimize your supplementation.

Add a Little Maltodextrin to Assist in Muscle Recovery

As you may already know, link the consumption of proteins with some simple carbohydrates, those rapid absorption, can be a good one. This not only helps in muscle recovery, if you take your protein powders in training or at bedtime, but also facilitates the absorption of the supplement by the muscles.

Thus, the use of maltodextrin, or even dextrose is a considerable option. But of course, that if you have no risk of diabetes, otherwise the palatinose can be an excellent substitute in a carbonic supplementation.

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Consult a nutritionist to set the dose Ideal for You

Unlike other types of supplement, err on the side of protein is something that can make your body can claim immediately and may even harm your performance in training. Kidney problems, dizziness and dehydration are some early symptoms that abuse of proteins can bring.

In general, the calculation of the daily requirement is 1.2 g of protein per kg body weight, or an individual of 85 kg requires about 100 g of protein on. How we ended up eating a good dose of protein in our normal diet, consult a nutritionist to make the correct calculation of the amount of protein the more you must eat through the supplement is ideal!

So stay tuned because the dose recommended by the manufacturer is not always the right dose for you. Also be sure to balance all this amount of protein including carbohydrates in your diet, it also helps the body better synthesize the protein.

You Can Also Use casein and albumin on the Day of course

You can use casein and albumin normally throughout the day. This includes training post in the slow protein absorption, helps those who will get long periods without eating at work for example.

On the other hand, the pre workout, this kind of protein is recommended for those who often feel weak or even for those who have gastritis and often feel stomach discomfort during exercise.

With this, you can take advantage of these and other ways to enjoy far more greater sustenance of benefit that both of these proteins have. Just remember to perform the calculation of the daily amount you need, dividing that use between day and night in the right way.

Check also the Best Whey Protein to Buy Online

If you are looking for a quick absorption of protein to give that gas during the day, the whey protein is the best choice. Here are the articles we write with the selection of the best whey protein market.

Did you see how the versatility of albumin and casein can help you to arrive at its results more effectively? To prevent muscle catabolism, which takes place over long periods without eating, you avoid the loss of muscle protein, and consequently progresses to get faster to your goal.

In this article, you can also find in our ranking, which is not always the packaging more striking brings the best supplement. And rest assured that you can come back here whenever you need to change your supplementation, or even to review and indicate this article for that friend who knit for years and goes nowhere.

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