Top 10 Best Repellents

Top 10 Best repellents to Buy in 2020 (Exposis, Off and more)

One of our greatest villains in heat times are insects. Only the Aedes Aegypti, for example, brings risk of transmission of various diseases. And to avoid problems caused by these animals, it is very important to use the right repellent for adult protection, children, babies and pregnant women.

Brands like Exposis, Off! and Johnson’s are among the most sold. To help you choose the best repellent for you, made a buying guide and also ranqueamos the 10 best repellents on the market. More security never hurts, right? So check to the end! Check out our Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller  Post

How to Choose the Best Repellent

There are so many options repellents for sale that is normal to have doubts when buying. Factors such as the composition, duration and the formulation should be considered. But rest assured that we will explain now!

Natural, icaridine, IR 3535 or DEET? Check the Active Ingredient!

The active ingredients are the substances that act to expel insects. Mosquitoes, for example, attack people with the help of sensors that have the antennas. The function of the repellent is precisely to make these pests end up being expelled by the effect of these assets. The options are:

Top 10 Best Repellents To Buy In 2020 (Exposis, Off And More)

One type of repellent far fetched is the natural. With a quick search you can discover that there are a lot of plants that are natural mosquito repellents. Among the natural repellents longer found in the market, citronella, mint and lavender are the most common.

However, these repellents usually last less than two hours on the skin, which is very little compared to other repellents. Although they are natural, pregnant women and children should not use these products without medical advice. In addition, excessive use can cause skin irritation.

Top 10 Best Repellents To Buy In 2020 (Exposis, Off And More)

Among the common active ingredients in repellents sold in Brazil icaridine, also called hydroxyethyl isobutyl piperidine carboxylate or picaridin, it is offering longer on the skin, 5-10 hours. As lasts longer, requires fewer applications, which makes the product has better performance!

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Repellents with lower icaridine concentration than 25% are recommended for children over 2 years. Anyway, in children, the ideal is to use only products that indicate on the label that are suitable for children’s use.

Top 10 Best Repellents To Buy In 2020 (Exposis, Off And More)

Whether a repellent for small children? Products with the active ingredient IR 3535, also called Ethyl Butylacetylaminopropionate, usually suitable for babies from 6 months and are also effective in adults. However, this may vary according to the product so always check.

Recalling that, according to the Ministry of Health in babies under 6 months is not recommended to use any repellent. Babies of this age should be protected with thick clothes Musketeers and long sleeves. The duration of the skin products IR base 3535 is approximately 4 hours.

Top 10 Best Repellents To Buy In 2020 (Exposis, Off And More)

DEET active, also called N-dimethyl-meta-toluamide or N, N-diethyl-3-methyl, is the most easily found between brands. Products with this ingredient are often recommended for pregnant women, but never forget to consult your doctor. The average duration on the skin is from 2 to 8 hours.

Just as icaridine, it can also be used in children over 2 years. However, if DEET is necessary that its concentration is 10%. So, prefer products that indicate on the label that are for children. Any repellent should be applied no more than 3 times a day.

The Packaging and Aerosol Spray are more Practices

Top 10 Best Repellents To Buy In 2020 (Exposis, Off And More)

At the time of purchase of a repellent, you will find 4 product formats: spray, aerosol, gel and lotion. The way lotion, generally has odor smoother. The gel is quick drying and does not flow to pass into the skin.

But the spray and aerosol are the most practical easy to apply, since it can be applied directly on the body part you want to protect, without the need to spread hands. Despite the similarity, the aerosol spray and have some minor differences.

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The spray usually requires several sprayed to get the right amount of product. Since the aerosol releases the product for as long as necessary, pressing it at length just one time. Moreover, the aerosol works even with the overhead product down. Facilitating the application in the legs, for example.

Children Should Use Agreement with the composition and Age

Always know, to avoid passing the wrong repellent on children. Players to watch: even if the active ingredient is safe for children, other elements of the formula can not be. Therefore, use only products that indicate on the label that are suitable for children.

Moreover, as we said before, from 6 months already repellent options, but for smaller babies is indicated protect them with a musketeer. Never let children pass the repellent themselves up to avoid accidents.

Search Options with Increased Duration of Effect

As you see, each active substance has an estimated time of duration, but the exact amount is necessary to provide the make on the product label. The longer, less reapplication will be required making the product last longer.

Also, remember that in case of excessive sweating or if you get wet, it will require the immediate reapplication.

For if sensitive to odors, Prefer Repellents without smell or fragrance Soft

You look for some repellent odorless or mild fragrance? Rest assured, these options can be found. The odorless option is a little more rare compared with the fragrance. While these options are not on all products, it pays to look for them.

However, it is important to know that the repellent as indicated without fragrance is different from odorless. The product without fragrance is one that has no scent in the composition, but that does not mean it has no smell. Even you may even have an unpleasant odor. Be careful before purchase!

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Choose the Agreement packaging size with the need

Before purchasing your repellent, consider what would be the ideal size for you. The smaller containers typically range from 40 ml to 90 ml. They are suitable for those who want to test a new repellent or for those who want to use the product in a timely event, such as a camp or a walk.

On the other hand, if making frequent use over several days or share the product with many people prefer the 200 mL containers.

Top 10 Best Repellents

Now that you know how to choose the best option, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 repellents. See which one is best for your needs and keep the bugs away!

Comparison Leaderboard Repellents

Advanced Repellent Lotion

Repellent Lotion Antimosquito

Spray Insect Repellent

Tips to Avoid Attacks of Insects

As you just saw in this article, the use of repellent is essential for you to have more security. When using the product, pass over all unprotected area of ​​your body, avoiding sensitive areas such as eyes, nose and mouth.

In addition to the repellent is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothes in places with the highest concentration of mosquitoes. Use curtains and protective screens also helps a lot in this prevention. Come home full of injuries, no one deserves! Therefore, it is important to always be prevented with a good repellent.

Now you know how to choose the best repellent. Before buying, be sure to observe the composition of the product and also the length of time in the body, as explained above.

If you have any questions on the subject, be sure to revisit our article. The MyBest will always be here to help you!

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