Top 10 Best Sand Boxes For Cats

Top 10 Best Sand Boxes For Cats

Top 10 Best Sand boxes for cats to Buy in 2020

If you have or want to have a kitten as a pet, buy a litter box is essential for your amiginho make your needs without making dirt around the house. Opt for an open sandbox, closed or sieve will make all the difference to your pussy. But how to choose?

In this article we explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of each model and set up a top 10 with the best litter boxes for cats. And in the end we also count on the best seat in the house to put his new sandbox. Check and ensure the comfort of your kitty!

How to Choose the Best Sandbox for Cats

It may seem simple to choose a box for your cat, but details such as the model and the size of the box can make all the difference in the comfort of your kitten. Opt for a model that is also practical for you, because your pussy always prefer the clean box.

Choose Model for Convenience

There are different types of litter box for cat, with advantages and disadvantages to each other. Therefore, we explain the differences between the models to choose which is best suited to your routine and will be ideal for your kitten.

Top 10 Best Sand Boxes For Cats To Buy In 2020

Looking for the best litter box for your cat? Consider an open model! Being an animal coming from a wild family, the cat may not like to do his business indoors. It is also easier for them to check if everything is pretty clean if the box is opened.

The problem with this box is that cats digging the sand to bury the pee and poop and lots of sand ends up being thrown out, making the mess! Cats like good clean sand and this model makes cleaning easier by having fewer parts. Closed boxes will charge you an effort more!

Top 10 Best Sand Boxes For Cats To Buy In 2020

A great model to avoid the mess is closed sandbox. Thanks to the cover, the sand is not thrown out when the cat digs. The bottom is a tray, as the open box, and the top has an opening for the cat in. The parts may be disengaged to facilitate cleaning.

If you think that the closed box will stifle and worsen the smell, relax! Many have an activated carbon filter that eliminates these odors. But make sure you have enough space in the box so the cat can move and rotate freely.

A very popular model is the model box with sieve. It has a bottom compartment, requiring less cleaning. Wood-grain sand, contact the pee, it becomes a powder. There is only screening, the powder drops to the tray located beneath the screen and you play the dust off.

This model is ideal for use with wood pellets by the facility. The clay or silica sand, for example, to coalesce moisture and may stick to the grill, complicating cleaning of the sieve. But these can also stick to sand without sieve boxes, then it is a matter of preference.

More models Simple Facilitates cleaning and washing

Top 10 Best Sand Boxes For Cats To Buy In 2020

Cats like to pee and poop in the clean sand. It is easy to clean the sand in open boxes, just use a shovel. closed litter boxes have an easy cover to take, but it can be tiring to do this every day. Grooves and slots where the dirty sand may be trapped difficult cleaning.

As much as the sand absorbs most of the needs of cats, you need to wash the litter box at least once a month, preferably once a week. So try to choose boxes without much detail or has many detachable parts, so that the washing is good practice.

Make sure that the case has the size suitable for your cat

Top 10 Best Sand Boxes For Cats To Buy In 2020

The size and height of the litter boxes are extremely important. It is advisable that it has at least one and a half times the size of your cat, so he can get comfortable time to move and rotate inside the box before you make your needs.

Moreover, it is important to think at the time, which must be between 15 to 20 cm. So the cat can get comfortable, and not much sand falls to the outside when he wants to cover their feces. Maybe it’s good you try out some boxes, to find a suitable.

Top 10 Best Sand Boxes for Cats

Now that you have an idea of ​​how to choose the perfect litter box for your cat, let’s check out the top 10 models on the market, and the best: at the best prices too!

Top 10 Best Sand Boxes For Cats To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Sand Boxes for Cats

Cash Sand Litter Box

Cash Sand Bathroom Rectangular Basic Blue Cat

Sandbox Kit Cat 3×1

Sandbox Bathroom Toilet

Sandbox Round Cats with Big Screen and Spade

Cash for Hygienic Cat Sand

Cash Sand Sanitary Furba for Cats

Sandbox for Cats

Sandbox Closed Portinha, filter and Blue Spade

Closed Sanitary Sand Box

Where to Put the Sandbox Cat?

It may seem simple, but cats care enough to where they do their needs. Try to choose a quiet place, you do not have a lot of noise. Also avoid areas such as near the washing machine, which may end up scaring your kitten.

The ideal is to put some options in corners near the wall, the house, so the cat will have options to choose from, and you will feel safe. How to know which is the area chosen by your cat? Simple! Is he more use. The same goes for the sand, do tests to see which he is best suited.

See Our indications of Sanitary Sands also

There is no point buying a functional super litter box if the sand used is poor. Thinking about it, evaluate and select the top 10 health market sands. To give just click the link below.

When choosing the best litter box for your cat, options in all price ranges and styles will appear, but do not delay! Remember that your pet needs comfort, ease and you need to live day by day. So, give preference to open boxes, simple to clean.

In addition, high edges, but the cat can jump, will help the sand to always stay inside the box. In our Top 10 Best Sand Boxes for Cats has several models with all this! Do not forget to put the new sandbox in a nice place for the kitten.

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