Top 10 Best Sunless Tanners In 2020 (Skelt, Panvel, Avon And More)

Top 10 Best sunless tanners in 2020 (Skelt, Panvel, Avon and more)

That long-awaited trip has come and you are with the appearance colorless and dull? So bet on self-tanning, true allies to keep the tan and beautiful skin without the need to sunbathe. Yes, after a few hours of application you already can see the color difference!

Be mousse, gel, spray or lotion, there is a perfect self-tanner for your skin type. Popular brands Skelt, Australian Gold and Avon offer great options to ensure the golden tone and still take care of their hydration. Check out the top 10 autobronzeados and say goodbye to pale skin!

They work as the self-tanning?

Top 10 Best Sunless Tanners In 2020 (Skelt, Panvel, Avon And More)

The self-tanning products are indicated to leave the skin with a beautiful golden tone without the need to sunbathe. For this, they have a substance called dihidroxiactona (DHA) which reacts with the surface skin cells, promoting the tan body. Even in the winter!

With an average length from 5 to 12 days depending on the product, sunless tanners can be used for all types of skin, from the dry oil. But be sure to use sunscreen on a daily basis! Even with tanned skin, you should protect it from the damaging effects of sunlight.

How to Choose the Best Self Tanning

To hit the choice of this produtinho amazing for the summer, you should consider the appropriate texture for your skin type. It is also very important to invest in products with moisturizing ingredients in the formula, after all no good having a beautiful bronze, with dry skin, is not it?

Choose texture Ideal for Your Skin Type

With options gel, creamy, mousse or spray, hit the best product for your skin type was easy. You should bet of thick and moisturizing options if your skin is dry. But if you have oily skin, or mixed, invest in more light and refreshing product.

Top 10 Best Sunless Tanners In 2020 (Skelt, Panvel, Avon And More)

The autobronzeadoras lotions with creamy texture are ideal for normal or dry skin, so they are more dense and moisturizers. The textures are perfect cream to apply to the parched areas of the body such as knees, elbows, hands and feet. Panvel and Clinique, for example, offer great options.

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Those seeking an option to the face, will also identify with the creamy texture, super recommended for this area. Also, the lotions are usually very easy to apply and spread, thus ensuring uniform coverage. But avoid them if your skin is oily or acne-prone.

Top 10 Best Sunless Tanners In 2020 (Skelt, Panvel, Avon And More)

Who have oily skin should get away from the full-bodied texture and invest in lighter and softer options. Both products spray with liquid texture, as the self-tanning gel and mousse are a good choice. Two of the best brands of self-tanning gel and mousse are Skelt and Avon.

These types of texture are super cool and also the easiest to apply. With them, you can reach all parts of the body with ease. However, note in the time of application, to make sure that the product was used uniformly across your skin.

Check Autobronzeador composition

Check what are the components of the product makes all the difference in choosing to hit. In addition to the DHA substance, self-tanning can be developed with moisturizing ingredients, perfect for skin care. And if you have sensitive skin, it is essential to keep an eye in the compositions.

Top 10 Best Sunless Tanners In 2020 (Skelt, Panvel, Avon And More)

Some cosmetics brands are concerned not only to ensure a beautiful color for your skin, but also provide special care. Who have sensitive skin knows very well that to pay attention to the products used is essential to not suffer from allergies and skin irritations.

If this is your case, prefer self-tanning specifically developed for sensitive skin, such as hypoallergenic. Also, check if they are free of parabens, since this is an aggressive, harmful preservative for skin health, especially the most fragile.

Top 10 Best Sunless Tanners In 2020 (Skelt, Panvel, Avon And More)

To ensure the well-being and health of your skin also worth checking if the product has moisturizing ingredients in the composition. Vitamin E, aloe vera, chamomile and panthenol are some of the components that enrich the self-tanner and contribute to hydration and nutrition of the skin.

If you have dry skin, it is even more important to make sure that the product does not further dry out your body, instead of offering the much desired brightness. Check the packaging or the product description, to check which are the agents of the formula and thus ensure the well-being of the skin.

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For a Full Tan, Invest in Featured Products Face and Body

If you want that beautiful golden tone, from head to toe, you should opt for a self-tanner for face and body. Manufacturers shall indicate on the packaging and descriptions if the product is suitable for application to the skin of the face, since it is a much more sensitive area and it needs care.

These bronzing 2 in 1 ensure more convenience and versatility for those who want to be tanned all year. For use on the face, prefer creams or gels and avoid sprays, which can reach the eyes and mouth. Keep an eye, as many self-tanning can not be applied to the face!

Top 10 Best autobronzeadores

Discover below our selection with the best market products. Domestic and imported brands, there is an ideal option for your skin type and needs. To help you make a great purchase, selected the self-tanning better evaluated the internet. Enjoy!

Comparison table of the best self-tanning

Self Tanning Mousse with Red Carpet Glow

Autobronzeador Self Tanning

Self Tanning Lotion Gel Body and Face Care Sun +

Self Tanning Moisturizer

Self Tanning Lotion Clinique Self Sun

Biomarine Autobronzeador Force Bronze Shower

Ice Autobronzeador Self-Tanning Instant Gel

Self Tanning Lotion Glow Panvel

Self Tanning Spray Bronze Sunless

Flash Bronze Lotion Spray Autobronzeante

Tips to Ensure Outstanding Tan

To achieve the desired effect, some skin care are essential before and during the application of self-tanning. Check out the following step by step so that your body is with lovely shade of gold, but also healthy and hydrated:

Also check out our selection with the Best Tanning

Purchase a sunscreen is also a great choice for summer. This type of product helps accelerate production of melanin in the skin, and provide sun protection factor (SPF). So are the ideal choice to enjoy the warm days under the sun. Click the link below and check it out!

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With formulas specially designed to let the golden skin, self-tanning are the secret to a tanned look throughout the year. You do not have to expose to the sun and often just an application to get away from the pale skin. Amazing, is not it?

Remember to invest in products enriched with moisturizing ingredients is a great bet, because with them, you can achieve the look as desired while it takes care of the skin. If you took our advice, do not forget to share this article with friends and good shopping!

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